8 thoughts on “Annie’s Mac and Cheese

  1. Just tried it. Seriously disgusting, and that’s saying something because I love (vegan) Mac and cheese. I would never buy it again. Earth Balance reigns supreme.

  2. The worst. Stick with Road’s End, Earth Balance and Daiya. I just heard So Delicious has a new vegan mac ‘n’ cheese too!

  3. Sometimes it is a brilliant idea to go check reviews before buying something even as piddly as mac and cheese. This stuff is so ghastly that I think they should’ve paid me to eat it!

  4. Really awful! We bought 2 boxes, a vegan one for daughter and a vegan and GF one for me and hubby. Daughter wouldn’t touch it so I rinsed off the cheese and used up a packet from an unopened box of Road’s End (she likes that kind). The smell from the other one still lingered in the noodles and she wouldn’t eat it so it all went in the trash, what a waste. I should’ve just cooked up the box of Road’s End and used their noodles, I was just trying to save time. We cooked up the vegan and GF ones for ourselves and could barely eat it. I had to have something else afterwards to get the taste out of my mouth. I’m thinking they just used the pumpkin and sweet potato for color, but just because it’s orange doesn’t mean it goes well with the food. I wish I’d checked reviews first. The clerk at the store said it was really good so I took a chance, unfortunately.

  5. My family tried it this afternoon and it literally tasted like we boiled the noodles in bug spray. We aren’t picky by any means, but it took brushing our teeth to get rid of the chemical-bug spray taste. One billion thumbs down.


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