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Is Vegan Outreach Pro-Egg?

Vegan Outreach exists to prevent as much cruelty to animals as possible. Because of this, we don’t seek to glorify veganism, make vegans proud, or build up a vegan club. Rather, we focus on honest, effective outreach to new people on behalf of the animals, because nonvegans are the only people who can prevent more suffering.

This outreach doesn’t take place in a vegan world, where we control the message and are able to put our spin on everything. The people we need to reach live in a meat-eating world where the system is set up to defend and promote the status quo. We may not like this, but complaining that the deck is stacked against us doesn’t do the animals any good – we must do our best to create as much change as possible, given the world as it is.

Two weeks ago, Vegan Outreach ran a link in our enewsletter: “Better to know: Two-Egg Diet Cracks Cholesterol Issue.” In the study, two groups were put on a reduced-calorie diet, with one group consuming 2 eggs a day and the other consuming no eggs. The study concluded eggs had no effect on cholesterol levels.

Of course, vegans might try to point to the reduced-calorie diet (which both groups were on), but the vegan spin is irrelevant. All that matters is what the nonvegan public hears and believes. They won’t think, “Oh, this vegan says a restricted-calorie diet is a confounding factor, so I won't eat eggs,” but rather, “Eggs are not unhealthy! Of course a vegan is going to try to spin it.”

For reasons discussed elsewhere, Vegan Outreach opposes lies, exaggerations, and selectively choosing “facts.” We published the link to the egg study because it is important for advocates to know what the nonvegans – our target audience – hear and believe. Not so we can try to counter with our own “statistics” – whenever vegans try to engage in a “he-said / she-said” debate with nonvegans, the animals will inevitably lose. (Furthermore, as more people speak up for the animals, there will be increasing backlash like this – all the more reason to get your B12 and work for optimal health!)

We need to know what is being said so we can avoid getting into debates that distract from the real issue. If we are concerned with more than self-justification and vegan glorification, and instead seek to be as effective as possible for the animals, we must always advocate the indisputable bottom line:

  • Buying meat, eggs, and dairy causes unnecessary suffering.
  • We can each choose not to cause this suffering.