Attention All Burger Lovers—Vegan or Otherwise

By Steve Ann Chambers, President

Range Free Burger Ruben's

I recently tried Hungry Planet’s Range-Free™ burger, which was an unforgettable experience—unforgettably good that is!

For starters, it’s 5.3 ounces of juicy deliciousness with a very meaty texture, yet it’s completely plant-based. It’s a much healthier option, is low in calories, gluten-free, non-GMO, with a hefty 27 grams of protein, and best of all—it doesn’t include any animal suffering.

For anyone who misses—or still eats—animal meat, this will be a very welcome surprise, as it has the most beef-like texture and taste of any vegan or vegetarian burger I’ve ever tasted. In fact, it’s the best burger I’ve ever tasted! I can’t recommend it highly enough!

After having the privilege of speaking with Hungry Planet’s co-founders, Todd and Jody Boyman, I learned a lot about this admirable company and the plans they have in store for the future.

Right now, the Range-Free™ burger is available in about 40 restaurants in the U.S., in red states and blue states, in rural and metropolitan areas. However, the ultimate goal is to get this plant-based, meaty-tasting burger into the hands of as many omnivores as possible, whether that be at a local burger joint or in the neighborhood grocery store. The mission is to reach beyond big metropolitan areas, high-end restaurants, and pricey health food stores.

Hungry Planet stresses the importance of inclusivity. That is, not forgetting about the folks outside of big cities who have just as much interest in consuming foods that are beneficial for the planet, their health, and other beings. The target price is the same, if not lower, than what meat-lovers pay for animal meat—putting an end to the “meat alternatives are expensive” argument.

Range Free Burger

Too good to be true? You may be asking yourself, “What makes this company think they’ll have success outside of extremely profitable restaurants and grocery stores?”

The answer—evidence.

This St. Louis-based company placed their products on the shelves of Dierbergs, a local grocery store chain, where it has become a local favorite. And they’re serving it up at a local St. Louis burger chain called 5 Star Burgers. The feedback from consumers has been nothing but positive. Check it out for yourself.

In fact, randomized phone calls to Dierbergs yielded non-vegan customer service employees excitedly proclaiming Hungry Planet’s premium plant-based meats as their favorite vegan meats.

Please keep your eyes on the Hungry Planet website as the list of restaurants serving the Range-Free™ burger continues to grow! Soon you should be biting into one of the scrumptious, juicy Range-Free™ burgers even if you don’t live in a big city or have access to a fancy health food store.

The Range-Free™ burger will eventually be available in grocery stores across the U.S. And guess what? We’re making it our job to keep you updated as that happens, so stay tuned to the Vegan Outreach blog for those announcements!

3 thoughts on “Attention All Burger Lovers—Vegan or Otherwise

  1. When is this going to be available in the uk there are lots of people here who would love to have good vegan alternatives or is it just for the usa only.

    1. Hi Annette,

      Hungry Planet is working hard to increase distribution both in the US and abroad. There is keen interest in many parts of Europe, and the company is working on distribution channels. Please stay posted to for updates!

  2. The problem with restaurants is that they serve these on buns that have egg or dairy. Cannot count the number of times this has happened. Even the picture used in this article looks like the bread has an egg wash on it!


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