Beyond Burger Distribution Update!

By Lori Stultz, VO Rocky Mountain Outreach Coordinator

Photo: © Beyond Meat

For those of you who follow this blog regularly, you may remember when I interviewed Beyond Meat’s founder, Ethan Brown. Ethan was in Boulder, Colorado for the debut of the Beyond Burger—the revolutionary vegan burger that cooks, looks, and tastes a lot like cow’s meat.

At the time, the Beyond Burger was only available at the Whole Foods store in Boulder. Well, not anymore! Beyond Meat has made some serious headway, and now you can find the Beyond Burger in 200 stores across the country!

To see if the Beyond Burger is at a store near you, check out the this list.

Beyond Meat will continue to update the list as the Beyond Burger becomes available at even more stores!

4 thoughts on “Beyond Burger Distribution Update!

    1. Hi Mariane,

      Thank you for reaching out!

      Are you referring to the Beyond Burger or Vegan Outreach coming to Canada?

      We do have a Canadian Outreach Coordinator, Jev Martel. Her email address is Feel free to get in touch with her if you’re interested in volunteering!

      If you were referring to the Beyond Burger, I am not certain when it will be making it’s way north. I’d imagine you could visit the Beyond Meat website and send an email via the website’s Contact page.

      Thanks again for reaching out!

    1. Hi Laurie,

      We are updating this post as Beyond Meat updates their website. You will need to contact Beyond Meat to have your question answered.

      Thank you! 🙂


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