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From the Compassion Company website:

Animal rights activist owned and operated, Compassion Co. provides shirts that allow people to announce their cruelty free lifestyle to the world. We believe that the best way to affect social change is to lead by setting a positive example and creating opportunities for conversations with others.

Please leave a nice comment for Compassion Co for generously donating this awesome shirt to a lucky winner! You can also visit their website at: and make sure to sign up for all of our other amazing giveaways:

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5 thoughts on “Compassion Company Giveaway

  1. I love that your T-shirt design ‘gets right to the point’ and want my partner to wear it proudly at the gym! He is finally leaving dairy (the final vegan frontier) out of his diet. We spent Thanks Giving at Rikkis Refuge, no-kill sanctuary in Va., and met some Emus, goats, cows, extra large pigs
    and turkeys, ducks and chickens that would surely be on a humans plate if not rescued. I am so tired of promotions of Free Range, Organic, and the idea that any of these ‘treatments’ will make an animals life or the environment better is just plain dumb.

  2. I love this vegan shirt! I have been vegan for 1 and a half years and love my new healthy lifestyle. It made me sad when I made vegan thanksgiving and my family didn’t try ANY of it. I usually keep my beliefs to myself and share with the ones I love, but after watching #racingextinction I decided it is time to represent my beliefs on my clothing because the world needs to change NOW. I am going to be transforming my current wardrobe by sewing “vegan” on my shirts. This shirt would be an awesome start for me to wear clothes that represent veganism. Please pick me to win your t-shirt give away contest!!!

  3. Hope I can ask something here. The VO T-shirts in your shop (black with a chicken), do they have a backprint and if so what is it? I’m asking since I want one but I know you earlier had a “we do it for the chicks” tagline on some shirts. I get the joke but I’d rather not have it on a shirt. So, is there anything printed on the back? Cheers


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