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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  March 25, 2001


Free Samples Weekly!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Vegan Spam! We don't know what form this project will take over time, so if you hate it, don't unsubscribe yet – it might get even worse!



Editor's Notes

This may not be too organized, but I thought I would crack open the first can to test the system and give you a little taste of Vegan Spam!

I'm reading "Lives of Moral Leadership" by Dr. Robert Coles. In it, he discusses his dealings with Robert Kennedy concerning the malnutrition of children in the U.S. The main point I'm taking away so far is that moral outrage isn't enough. In his context, it was understanding how the political process worked: how the D.C. games were played, how people react to moral issues. I think the same can be said of veganism: Moral outrage is not enough. We, as advocates – moral leaders – need to understand how people react to moral issues, especially those that directly and deeply affect them. It seems to me that it would be easier to get someone to vote for funding for nutritional programs for others than it is to question the implication of their eating choices, let alone "give up" their habits and "favorite foods."


Feedback Requested

Of course, we'd love to take the best of everyone's comments and news stories and pass them along, as well as personally reply to everyone who writes back about something. But until we get that huge grant from Paul McCartney and actually hire a staff, it aint gonna happen!

So here is this issue's question: What do you *not* want this newsletter to be? (We'll worry about what it *will* be if we can get through a few issues w/o offending everyone!)

Also, please send along any pictures you have of your use of Vegan Outreach materials – leafletting, tabling, displays, etc.



Will It Be a World of Herbivores? (Wired News)

It might be tempting to feel smug about Mad Cow (sheep) and Foot-and-Mouth disease, but none of the animals – especially the chickens – are too terribly happy. While a relatively few people might go veg, if most people simply move to eating poultry instead of beef, the number of animals killed will continue to increase.

The news stories do offer an excellent opportunity to provide people with information about the treatment of *all* animals raised and slaughtered for food, as well as describe the health benefits of a well-planned vegetarian diet. What is important is to go beyond the specifics of a particular news story, and use the occasion to offer literature and/or tell a story about your transition to a veg diet.


Feature Article

Message from lauren regarding a successful Meatout event:

Dear Animal Friends,

I just wanted to update you on the Meatout event in Atlanta. Not only because this was Viva!'s first year participating as an organization but also because what we did was so successful and encouraging.

About 20 of us (thanks to all of you who participated and donated your time, cooking abilities and money), more than we had expected, handed out vegan burgers in front of Burger King along with information on vegetarianism and recipes. We handed out approximately 60 burgers (120 halves) in about an hour and a half. We didn't have much pedestrian traffic, but lots of people pulled into Burger King's parking lot to talk to us and to take the burgers.


A young girl, maybe about 14 came out of Burger King and said she wished that we had been there before she went in, because she now felt bad. She said she had tried to go veggie before and was for 3 weeks, but her mother was not supportive. I spoke to her and gave her information and she seemed to feel like she might be able to do it this time.

We had many vegetarians stop by and express their support. One came by and said he wanted his friend to try the veggie burger and read the information in hopes that he would join him in being veggie.

As we were leaving and out of veggie burgers, a man stopped and wanted more information about going vegetarian and had an interest in discussing with us what foods he should try.

These were just a few of my experiences and i am sure others had many more. This was really a positive experience for everyone and really spread the word for the animals and good vegan food!

I want to thank everyone who was a part of this and also mention and thank the organizations who helped make this possible: Animal Defense League-Atlanta, Compassion Over Killing, FARM, Lakeside Animal Rights Group, PeTA, Vegan Outreach, Vegetarian Society of Georgia, and Viva!

Information on:

For the animals,
Lauren Ornelas
US Campaigns Director


Feedback Received

One day about two years ago I stumbled upon a Vegan Outreach flyer in the University of Oregon's Erb Memorial Union Hall, the main cafeteria on campus. I'll never forget the moment. I had just ordered a meatball sandwich at Subway, with cheese, and was about to sit down and begin eating it when I noticed your flyer on the table. It definately had an effect on me. I've since completely changed my diet and my regard for animal life. I'm not Vegan yet, but I don't eat meat anymore and have cut my dairy/egg consumption significantly. I mention this just as reminder to you that your efforts do have an impact. Before I came across your literature, I would have to say that meat and other animal products made up 50% of my diet, and was blithely unconcerned about the source of my food.
WS, Eugene, OR, 3/9/01

Thank you so much for the Vegan Advocacy booklet.
     Reading some of the ideas helps me to recognize what I already deep-down know is the right way to communicate and realate with others.
     I gained from so many ideas, but please let me quote this one:
     "I believe we have an ethical obligation to recognize and set aside all of our personal baggage and to perform an objective analysis of both pros/cons and costs/benefits of or choice of focus, our choice of tactics, and the example we choose to present to the public"
     In '96, someone came to my college and handed out Why Vegans, and one made it's way to me. That's when I began my path. After graduating I decided to dedicate my life to "helping those who need the most help" and the farmed animals are at ther top of this list.
     Hopefully, you can understand how much your Why Vegan and website has helped/helps me.
JJ, Churchville, PA, 2/19/01

Vegan Outreach has been incredibly helpful to our group in many different ways. You have continually impressed me in your approach towards advocacy and inspired me to continue working for public outreach campaigns.
LF, Laurence, KS, 2/17/01

Vegan Outreach has changed my life! I hope to provide others with inspiration as well.
HK, Claremont, CA, 2/14/01

Why Vegan? helped me go vegan 3 1/2 years ago. It's so simple, yet so powerful. Quick facts, moving pictures, it's great.
RI, 2/8/01

Vegan Outreach is doing great things! You have changed my life and the lives of those around me.
KD, West New York, NJ, 2/6/01


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865