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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  October 28, 2001


There is enough violence;
Go Vegetarian




Meet Your Meat

Thanks to Ross Strader and Bruce Friedrich, we are now carrying the 2-hour looped version of Peta's Meet Your Meat video. These are copies we make of the master (with permission), so we are able to keep the price the same.


Why Vegan?

As the presses run with the new version of Why Vegan?, Lauren Panos, The Greatest Graphic Artist In The World®, has completed the pdf edition of the updated version. This version has thumbnails, bookmarks, and links galore!


Why Why Vegan?

People often ask us why we don't produce a one-page sheet covering the highlights of vegetarianism. There are a number of reasons.

When tabling or leafleting, we often do not get more than one chance to reach a given individual. Because of this, we want to ensure we are giving them enough incentive for them to act. We think this takes a spread of color pictures to really capture their attention. The second reason is to be able to have both quotes and cited facts. Finally is to be able to have a decent introduction to nutrition. Although it would be nice to assume that anyone who sees something about vegetarianism that interests them would then go on to request further information, this is generally not the case. We want to make sure that people have the best info they can available whenever we have the chance to reach them.

In general, people who receive a Why Vegan? booklet – either from a table, from a leafleting person asking, "Would you like info on vegetarianism?" or from a display rack – will be willing to look through it. People can glean more from a quick glance through Why Vegan? than they could from a shorter booklet / pamphlet. We want to use every opportunity to get them the most complete case for veganism / vegetarianism that we can.



Another Open Rescue

In a previous issue of Spam, we discussed Compassion over Killing's recent open rescue at ISE. There has been another open rescue – this time in Ohio. Mercy For Animals has just launched a website detailing their investigation at Ohio's two largest egg farms.

The following links show a bit of the media coverage this action has received.


Studies Find Resistant Bacteria in Meats

From the New York Times (free registration required)

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are widespread in commercial meats and poultry and can be found in consumers' intestines, researchers are reporting. The findings suggest that many food-borne illnesses will not respond to the usual treatments… (read more)


Playing Chicken

From Time magazine, October 29, p 91

The routine use of antibiotics in livestock may create healthier – even fatter – animals, but it may take its toll on humans. New research shows that the same antiobiotic-resistant strains of bacteria found in meat and poultry are turning up in our intestines. As a consequence, food-borne illnesses, from eating undercooked meats or drinking water contaminated by animals droppings, may become more difficult to treat.

Source: New England Journal of Medicine.


Capitalize on Recent Events?

Paul Shapiro of Compassion over Killing passed along an interesting article which shows how animal exploiters really are trying to capitalize on recent attacks.


If you can, please spread the word to our veg friends and neighbors to do everything they can to patronize local veg restaurants. Over the past few weeks, we've been hearing from veg restaurants around the world, and as we'd expect, many have seen significant drops in their business since the terrible tragedy of September 11th. In these very difficult and uncertain times, it's the fully veg restaurants that are the first ones to close up, as their clientele come from an admittedly small part of the population.



The 4th Annual Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition will be held at Loma Linda U next April. See here for more information.


Travel Meals – For the Vegan Dog on the Run!

We received the following information for dog owners:

Travel Meals is the first affordable, convenient, and healthy solution for pet owners on the go who enjoy taking their beloved dog along for the adventure. Whether driving a few hours to visit a family member, hiking for a day along the back woods, or jetting to far off lands, the Travel Meals‘ mobile feeding station provides a protein rich meal with fresh purified drinking water, tasty biscuits, and a scoop bag for easy clean up for convenience.



This is a reprint of Jack Norris' letter which appeared in the September 2001 issue of the trade journal, Egg Industry:

Dear Editor:
I'm writing in response to the article "Animal Welfare Will Not Go Away," by John Todd. The article discusses some things that animal rights advocates are doing to change or eliminate the egg industry. Todd states, "Could more resources be assigned to fighting the adverse activities and publicity of the 'Vegan' groups? We would hope so." In the long term, this strategy is bound to fail.

Various sources indicate that the average hen lives in less than one-half square foot of space. On many farms, this space is much smaller. A great deal of the non-vegetarian public intuitively finds this amount of space unacceptable. There will be no way to "educate" them that their intuitions are wrong.

The American public is not against killing animals for food so long as they are raised humanely. However, the egg industry makes the job of vegan groups as easy as possible by keeping hens in obviously cruel conditions such as those exposed by Compassion Over Killing.

Would it not be better to keep hens in conditions that the public finds acceptable, thus disarming the case vegan groups can make to the average person? This would include taking hens out of cages, eliminating forced molting, giving hens true access to the outdoors during favorable weather conditions, and giving them enough space that beak trimming could be eliminated. This would win the great majority of the public's sympathy. If you supported the making of these standards law in the US, then all US egg producers would be on a level playing field.

In the end, this may come to pass whether the industry fights it or supports it. But if you bring it about sooner rather than later, you may be able to prevent the vegan movement from convincing millions of people to quit eating eggs for the rest of their lives.

Jack Norris, Vegan Outreach


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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