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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  December 27, 2002


Congratulations to all!

As of December 26, Vegan Outreach's total distribution of Why Vegan and Vegetarian Living had topped 530,000 for 2002 – crushing our previous record of 330,000 last year! This has brought our total to over two million copies distributed by our thoughtful and dedicated members!

This year's increase hints at the growth possible. With the best version of Why Vegan yet and the new version of the Vegan Starter Pack, we are in a position to make 2003 the best year ever for the animals.

Your continued support will make this happen. Please remember Vegan Outreach in your end-of-year giving (donations are tax-deductible). We will continue to do our best to help the animals as much as possible!




Humor #1


Humor #2

But remember – many a truth is spoken in jest!


Cattlemen work on animal care rules

"Producers' group drafts plan at urging of food, restaurant groups.

"Among some of the proposals:

"• Castration prior to 120 days of age or when calves weigh less than 500 pounds is strongly recommended. Heavier calves should be castrated using a bloodless castration technique such as an elastic banding device unless local anesthesia is used.

"• It is also strongly recommended that calves be dehorned before they are 120 days old. A local anesthetic must be used if the horn base is one inch or more in diameter.

"• Abuse of cattle isn't acceptable under any circumstances. Ninety percent of cattle should flow through cattle handling systems without the use of electric prods. When cattle prods are used, avoid contact with the eyes, rectum, genitalia and udder.

"[O]ther commodity trade groups for dairy, poultry and pork already have animal welfare guidelines in place."


Can we extend our rights to animals?

"I should never have read Michael Pollan's article on animal rights Nov. 10 in The New York Times Magazine. He asks us to acquaint ourselves with how food animals are raised on so-called factory ''farms'' - confined motionless in tiny indoor pens, docked, clipped, force fed, and dosed with growth hormones and antibiotics. At least take a look, he wrote, before making your trip to the market.

"I took a look. It's not a pretty sight...

"I recall once hearing anthropologist Margaret Mead define civilization as the ever-expanding circle of those whom we do not kill. At first, anyone outside of the extended family was fair game. Then we allied ourselves in nation states. Now, for many of us, the circle includes everyone of our own species. Animal-rights advocates urge us to expand the circle to embrace other species.

"Does that mean letting domesticated animals become extinct? Shutting down the fishing fleets? Denying the poor farmer in Mozambique the right to eat his cow? At the very least, it seems to me, an affluent, civilized society should outlaw the barbarisms of industrial agriculture."


Exploring Dominion

"One problem with some animal-rights and 'liberation' advocates is that their arguments fail to speak to the average person. They venture off into various theories which sound far removed from actual, everyday life, and so are easily dismissed as eccentric, irrelevant, or, worst of all, hostile to the religious and moral convictions most people still hold."


Olá amig@, sê muito bem-vind@ a!


Sleeping with the enemy

"Many people know that McDonald's was successfully sued in a class action by a group of vegetarians. The vegetarian plaintiffs alleged the burger chain concealed the presence of beef product in what McDonald's had represented as being meat-free French fries. As part of the settlement, McDonald's made a public apology and agreed to pay $10 million to various groups representing the class, including $6 million to 'vegetarian organizations.'

"What most vegetarians don't know is that the settlement is more offensive than McDonald's original deception of its vegetarian customers – because McDonald's is attempting to steer millions of dollars of the settlement monies to animal researchers and anti-vegetarian organizations by simply calling them 'vegetarian organizations.'"

Read more!


No meat, please: More and more Americans opt to refrain from animals as food



I just read the 'Vegetarians rejoin carnivores' article in the latest Vegan Spam. I live in Rochester, NY, and found it interesting that the article cites a couple of different people from my town – both with diametric attitudes. I have gradually been exposed to the facts about the meat and dairy industries over the years and even experimented with vegetarianism for a while, but gave up for basically the same reasons the rochester man quoted in the article did. But someone gave me one of your pamphlets about 6 months ago, and it finally gave me pause to think that I was purposefully blinding myself in this one area of life for the sake of convenience and pleasure. It was sickening, and I went vegan that very week. I still have a lot to learn of course, but your practical materials have been a great help in planning a healthy diet, and it has gotten me back into the kitchen. It was difficult at first, but it's gradually gotten to the point where it feels very natural, and I don't feel like I'm missing out anymore. Thanks for the work you do.
SB, 12/19/02

Thank you for that eye-opening, life-changing experience [Why Vegan]. Now I’m vegan, and I want to spread the word! You are phenomenal – don’t lose hope! Humanity will come around, and we’ll finally have peace.
MR, Duluth, MN, 12/19/02


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865