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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  January 26, 2003


Please Note

Vegan Outreach's web host has been added to Spam Cop's blacklist, leading many ISPs (including mine! -Matt) to block any email that comes from that server. Because of this, orders for materials, subscriptions for Vegan Spam, signups for Leaflet Your Local School Day, and other emails that have been sent to a address have possibly not been received.

If you have tried to contact Vegan Outreach in the past ten days or so, and haven't gotten a reply email, please contact us again (Matt for orders, Jack for Leaflet Your Local School Day).

Also, backorders for display photos will be filled starting next week.


Hey, Southern California!

Jack Norris, RD, President of Vegan Outreach, and lauren Ornelas, head of VivaUSA, will be speaking in Los Angeles on February 11. See this page for more details!


Did you sign up for the National Day of Leafleting? If so, please read:

Note: This only applies to people who signed up on the web. If you sent in your form via snail mail, please disregard.

As mentioned above, we regret to inform you that our email was down from approximately 1/13 to 1/15. During that time, people may have signed up for the National Day of Leafleting on the Internet, but we may not have received your form. As of January 23, we have sent a confirmation to the email of everyone for whom we have a record of signing up. If you did not receive a confirmation, please resubmit the form. We apologize for this inconvenience.


Utah pig investigation and open rescue

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Advocates Describe Pig Farm 'Misery'

Workers Upset by Conditions at Hog Farm


New version of What Would Jesus Eat ... Today?

The Christian Vegetarian Association is pleased to announce that a revised version of What Would Jesus Eat ...Today? is now available. This 16-page, full-color booklet answers commonly asked questions and includes recipes, nutritional information, and resources. We welcome people to visit to learn more about reaching Christian audiences. Membership to the CVA is free. Booklets cost 12 cents each in bulk.


Going vegetarian is increasingly cool with teens


US colleges move to meet demand for meatless meals


Food pyramid promotes vegetarian health


McDonald's weathers "food" storm


"Steer Madness" video game announced


Stories (1, 2) about McDonald's / vegetarian "settlement"


Vegan recipe site updated with feedback

VegOhio launched

Mercy For Animals is pleased to announce the official launch of The site, which lists over 70 veg-friendly restaurants, nearly 55 health food stores, and 15 vegetarian/animal rights organizations, is the most recent part of MFA's ongoing veganism campaign.


L.A. Times commentary by Wayne Pacelle

Cruel and Unusual Punishment on the Farm
U.S. livestock agriculture is on a moral race to the bottom.

"Looking at neatly wrapped and packaged meat in the grocery, many consumers conjure up notions of happy animals peacefully afield. That is just the kind of Old MacDonald's Farm imagery that corporations want to convey to consumers: that animals under their care don't have it so bad at all.

"The reality is much less pleasant to consider. Livestock agriculture in our day has taken a harsh turn, subjecting billions of creatures to rank cruelty.

"Last year, Florida voters banned the practice of keeping pregnant pigs in 'gestation crates,' 2-by-7-foot boxes that are so small the animals cannot turn around.

"The pork industry and many pundits belittled the idea of constitutional protections for pigs. But what's most surprising is not that Florida voters approved the measure but that no other state restricts the means of confining pigs, chickens, turkeys, cattle, sheep or goats.

"Factory farmers may do as they please in the care of animals, with no standard to consult but industry norms dictated by a rigid economic calculus and a view of animals as unfeeling machines.

"By contrast, the European Union has passed regulations restricting the use of veal crates, gestation crates and so-called battery cages, the small wire cages in which six or eight egg-laying hens are crammed for their entire lives. These confinement methods are routine in the United States.

"In recent decades, livestock agriculture has seen a collapse of ethical boundaries, a moral race to the bottom as corporate farmers inflict worse privations on the animals to cut costs and intensify production. There has also been a physical redesign of the animals themselves and a forced migration from the pasture to the prison-like conditions of the modern factory farm....

"Some of us distance ourselves from the violence of meat, milk and egg production through vegetarianism. But we can all agree on this: If animals are reared for food, their lives should not be plagued by the occasional torture and the daily torments and deprivations of the factory farm."


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865