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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  May 10, 2003


News and Updates

Dozens Dead in Meatwave!


New Printing of Vegetarian Living

Vegan Outreach will soon be doing a new printing of our booklet, Vegetarian Living (pdf). If you can donate to support this printing, you will aid activists around the world reach new, interested individuals. Thank you!


Swedish Activists Shut Down Egg Factory

"In the early hours of Sunday, April 27, 2003, a hatchery in the South of Sweden was rendered harmless. Brooding machines (setters) and other equipment used for nursing eggs, bred to produce battery hens, were put out of order. This is the most forceful action taken so far to put an end to the ongoing misery of caged battery hens - and other hens as well - in Sweden. The animal rights group 'Bye Bye Egg Industry' consisting of, Daniel Hedqvist, Hanna Ekegren and Johan Jaatinen, take full responsibility for the action. This was an act of civil disobedience, done openly, with the purpose of preventing thousands of hens being born to a life full of agony."


Letter Sent to the Editor, Los Angeles Times

Dear Editor:

I’m glad meat producers are taking steps to improve conditions for the animals they raise and kill (“Killing Them Softly,” April 29), but much work remains to be done.

For five years, I worked at a chicken slaughterhouse in Arkansas that supplies KFC. I watched my fellow employees tear the legs and wings off live birds, run them over with forklifts, and maliciously stomp them to death. Workers who deliberately abused and killed birds were never reprimanded.

One day, my supervisor instructed us to turn off the electric stun bath, which is supposed to render chickens unconscious before their throats are cut and they go into a vat of boiling water to loosen their feathers. Because the line moves so quickly, the knife misses many birds—all of these went into the scalding water fully conscious, screaming and kicking. Birds came out the other end with broken bones and disfigured and missing body parts because they struggled so much in the tank.

When the plant slaughtered bigger birds, some workers simply broke the chickens’ legs in order to force them to fit into the shackles instead of adjusting them. Chickens awaiting slaughter were routinely left without any water and died by the hundreds.

I decided to speak out because I wanted to see something done about this cruelty. It’s not pleasant to think about, but people need to know that if they eat meat, this is what they are supporting.

Virgil Butler


Chicken Takes Pups Under Wing

"Malinda and Shannon Scott's dog, Shannon, gave birth to the pups in a spacious, blanket-lined wooden box on the family's covered deck. Last Friday, the Scotts were floored when they found one of their pet chickens in the box with dog and her puppies. At first they tried to shoo the chicken away, but they all seemed to be getting along just fine, so the Scotts decided to leave them alone." Video available.


From a Diver:

I wrote "Go Vegan" on the underside of one of my fins. While diving, it was visible to others, and it prompted questions from several people. I ended up giving Why Vegan pamphlets to them. I already got an email from one of them, a self-professed total carnivore. He said he read the literature, then went to the grocery store and bought several veggie-meat products to try!


Four Legislative Updates (aka, your legislature matters to the animals)

Proposal Would Ease Rules of Livestock Farm Pollution

"The Environmental Protection Agency has been privately negotiating with large industrial livestock farms to offer them amnesty from the Clean Air Act and existing Superfund laws, people involved in the talks say."


Oklahoma Farm Shield Bill Advancing

"A legislative committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would shield farms from being sued over stench, dust and other nuisances."


State Likely to End Local Agriculture Rules

"State lawmakers are expected to pass a bill to prevent any local government in Florida, except Broward County, from regulating agriculture. Some Tampa Bay area lawmakers Thursday failed in their attempt to exempt Hillsborough County from the bill. The sweeping measure, which affects cities and counties, is pushed by lobbyists for Florida's citrus, timber, vegetable and cattle industries. They say local regulations are threatening their businesses."


Bill Banning Crates for Pregnant Pigs Pulled

"A bill to ban gestation crates - small, individual pens for pregnant sows - was put on hold in the [California] Assembly."


Texas Action Alert: Horse Slaughter


Note to Yahoo Mail Users

"...I discovered that yahoo's filters had been sending the Vegan Spam to the "bulk mail" folder (which is where REAL spam goes. Any yahoo users should go to their bulk mail folder and click on a vegan spam message and use the drop-down menu to select "This is not spam". doing so will report the error to yahoo staff and will make sure future VS goes to the inbox."


Vegan Nutrition Chart Available, a British organization, has created a vegan nutrition chart which is now available for order in the United States.


A Brief Statistics Primer

To help in critical analysis of claims.


Models with Conscience

is an international group of fashion models radiantly representing cruelty-free products. Visit for more information.


Eatopia to Open Second Restaurant


Meatless Mondays URL Corrected

Apologies for the wrong address for this program we listed last week.


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865