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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3)
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reducing the suffering of farmed animals
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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  May 29, 2003


Do You Believe... the work of Vegan Outreach?

With activists and organizations distributing thousands of copies of Why Vegan and Vegetarian Living at concerts and other events over the summer, Vegan Outreach has been sending out large quantities every day – over 60,000 in the past month alone!

We are currently out of copies of Vegetarian Living, and at this rate, our current printing of Why Vegan will be depleted in a few weeks.

We are dependent on the generosity of our members to be able to reach new people. Your support is the only way for more copies of Why Vegan and Vegetarian Living to be distributed.

To help us print more copies and not miss another outreach opportunity, please send a donation!

You can donate securely online via, or send a check to:

Vegan Outreach
211 Indian Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15238-1222


Office Schedule

We'll be speaking at various gatherings and conferences this summer, so the Vegan Outreach office will be staffed sporadically. Be sure to contact us well in advance if you need materials. You can order directly at


News and Updates

Animal Rights Conferences

Vegan Outreach is a co-sponsor of both AR2003 East and AR2003 West; Jack Norris will be participating in a plenary session at both, and we will have a table at both. Please stop by and say hi!

Jack Norris will also be a featured speaker at United Poultry Concern's Fourth Annual Forum: Promoting Veganism, which will be held at the University of Colorado's Boulder Campus, August 16-17.


New Meet Your Meat

Thanks to Bruce Friedrich, PETA's Director of Vegan Outreach, a new, narrated version of the video Meet Your Meat is now available. It is even more powerful than ever! You can learn more at the video's website, and/or order a copy from Vegan Outreach.


Vegging Out

"Jennifer Surrette rarely hits a fast-food drive-thru, but the other day the 28-year-old Halifax schoolteacher found herself rushed and in a lunch-time lineup at Burger King ... keen on a meatless burger as she idled behind a pickup truck loaded with four ravenous, male construction workers.

"'I totally expected to hear 'Whopper, Whopper, Whopper, Whopper' from their window, and I thought I was hearing things when they all ordered veggie burgers,' she says. 'It was unbelievable and wonderful. I was sitting in my car cheering.'"


Burdened Beasts

"In the introduction to Dominion, Matthew Scully relates the story of the foot-and-mouth plague that swept through Great Britain and then Europe in 2001, beginning with 'one pig at a British slaughterhouse.' It eventually resulted in the slaughter of 10-million animals — pigs, cows and sheep.... Nobody in Great Britain then, or in Canada now, is talking about the impact on the animals. It's as if the animals that will have to be killed are not living beings, only 'commodities.' Their value is solely economic; no worth is given to their life.

"In his book, Matthew Scully says that a change took place in England and Europe when the actual slaughters began. The scenes left those who watched on television or read about them in the press 'sick and sad and empty.' He writes: 'One knew that something had gone terribly wrong. Something deep and serious and beyond the power of vaccines or borders or cullings to contain. We saw, in all their simplicity, the facts of the case. Here were innocent, living creatures, and they deserved better, and we just can't treat life that way.'

"[I]f the slaughters of cows do come, will we have that flash of insight? Will that insight bring us to ask the broader question of how animals are routinely treated on our industrial or 'factory' farms? Can we possibly undertake that moral self-examination even without the impetus of scenes that make us 'sick and sad and empty?'"

Food Processing - Fast and Furious

"Last year, bacterial contamination forced America's meat and poultry companies to recall a record amount of food, including 27 million pounds from a Wampler Foods poultry plant in Montgomery County. There a strain of listeria was linked to eight deaths, three miscarriages, and more than 50 illnesses across the Northeast..

"Chicken heads are scattered across the floor. A bloody collection tank roils beneath the slaughter blades. In a trench carved into the concrete floor, a steaming current of feathers and animal fluids shoots toward the plant's $6 million water treatment facility. The warm air reeks of fresh death and feces.

"From the chiller, plant employees test fluids from one in every 10,000 birds for salmonella, a bacteria found in animals' intestines. Eating meat contaminated with animal feces transmits salmonella to people, which typically results in diarrhea or fever, and kills an estimated 500 Americans each year.

"Because salmonella is considered a naturally occurring organism, the government's allowable limit for the bacteria in animal carcasses is 21.6 percent of recorded samples.

"'The reality is that the big supermarket chains are hammering... the processors,' Sechler said. 'Wal-Mart wants 99-cent hamburgers, and people wonder why we have E. coli.'"

Chicken Farmers Reintroduce Growth Drugs Despite Public Fear

"...They say the government can no longer rely on industry to bring about change and the overuse of drugs in animals will endanger human health by increasing the speed at which bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics. They are particularly concerned that superbugs, which are responsible for huge rises in infections among hospital patients, will quickly render powerless the drugs that are meant to control them."


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865