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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  July 10, 2003


We try harder.

For those of you who are new to Vegan Spam, you might want to read this earlier edition or peruse the archives. Other news sources / enewsletters include,, and COK's Compassionate Action eNewsletter.

Feel free to forward or excerpt.


Literature Update

Our new printing of Why Vegan was recently completed, and backorders are now being filled. Copies of Vegetarian Living are currently unavailable, as the booklet is undergoing a complete overhaul. Look for more details in upcoming issues of Vegan Spam!


Attention California Residents!

Action is needed regarding SB993, which would increase trespassing on farms from an infraction (punishable by a small fine) to a misdemeanor (punishable with up to 6 months in jail). VivaUSA has details.


Urge AVMA to Stop Supporting Factory Farming Cruelty — Letters Needed by July 17



"People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said today that it would sue the KFC Corporation in Los Angeles on Monday as part of the group's six-month boycott to seek an improvement in the way 700 million chickens are raised and slaughtered every year for the fast-food giant."


Ohio Closes State's Largest Egg Producer


FYI: VegetarianPerfectMatch and VeggieDate


More Commercials

In addition to the powerful MFA TV spots, VegSeattle has a set of PSAs.


Where Angels Fear to Tread

-Matt Ball

Last time I endorsed a product, it led to a variety of problems! But I'll try again.

Based on a recommendation from lauren Ornelas of VivaUSA, we tried the new flavors of Soy Delicious. Mui bien!



-Jack Norris

In the July 5, 2003 Vegan Spam, I wrote:
"Just before AR2003, a Harris Interactive poll, commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG), said that the percentage of true vegetarians (people who never eat flesh) has increased from 2.5% (in 2000) to 2.8%. Based on U.S. Census figures, VRG estimates as many as 5.7 million American adults are vegetarian; about 2.4 million of them are vegan. It seems that we are finally seeing an impact of our efforts."

I got that information from an article posted on IVU-Veg-News. The article had no further information. It has since been brought to my attention that VRG says, "Our jump to 2.8 percent cannot indicate a trend. In our 2000 national Zogby Poll of 968 adults, about 2.5 percent of the population was vegetarian. So, we have some evidence there has been some permanent movement; however, these differences still fall within the margin of error for each poll." So, it seems that we still do not really know if the number of vegetarians has been increasing. (Note: These polls are only of adults 18 years and older.)


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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