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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  January 14, 2004


Feature: Why Adopt a College?

Membership Page Now Live!

Thanks to everyone who has donated already this year! We hope everyone else can join today!


One Week Left for Matching Donation

A member has informed us that they will make a $500 donation to Vegan Outreach if we raise $500 to match it by January 21. If you would like to help bring this about, you can donate securely on-line -- please note "For New Year's $500 matching donation" with your donation. We have currently received $110.


Planning for a Record-Setting 2004

Vegan Outreach is obsessed with maximizing the impact of every dollar donated, as well as every hour worked. One of the main expenses is shipping; each year, tens of thousands of dollars go to getting booklets to activists.

It is most efficient to send boxes of 300 copies of Why Vegan and/or Try Vegetarian straight from the printer, rather than have the boxes sent to the Pittsburgh office, and then out to activists. Of course, it does no good if the box sits in a closet gathering dust, but if you will be leafleting multiple times over the course of 2004, or are stocking several displays in your area, it is best to order a box.

(Note – for people who haven’t ordered from or donated to Vegan Outreach before, we require some level of donation, to avoid fraud.)

Please please please look carefully at your calendar for possible outreach opportunities, and order accordingly. Orders that need to be sent Priority Mail (instead of book rate) cut into our ability to print more booklets each time.

With your help, we can all work smarter, instead of just harder.

Let's make 2004 the best year ever for the animals!


Why Adopt a College?

-Jon Camp

This fall and winter, as part of Vegan Outreach’s Adopt a College campaign, I along with others, have been tramping onto local college campuses giving out Why Vegan? brochures.

The basic reasoning behind the Adopt A College campaign is: The number of animals factory farmed and slaughtered each year increases substantially while the amount of time and financial resources available to vegan advocacy remains limited. In order to bring about as much reduction in animal suffering as possible, it makes sense to gear our campaigns towards those who are likely to listen. Young students are generally more receptive to information on vegetarianism than are adults and therefore it seems reasonable that we spend our time, financial resources and energy preaching to the potentially convertible, namely students.

The amount of preparation needed for leafleting is definitely minimal; just throw however many leaflets you wish to give out in your backpack and head towards an area dense with foot traffic. Busy intersections and entrances to student dining halls have proven to be successful locations for me. In just one hour, you can give out a few hundred brochures, giving many students perhaps their only glimpse into the dismal existence of today’s farmed animal.

Top Leafleters of Fall 2003

  • Josh Balk with help from Kaya Hansen
  • Gabe Quash with help from Jennifer Austin, Julie Ahern, Dawn, and Veronica
  • Joe Espinosa with help from Marsha Forsman
  • Jon Camp with help from Danielle Marino and Kaya Hansen
  • Eugene Khutoryansky
  • Julie Eyrich
  • Jack Norris and Lauren Ornelas

See the Adopt a College page for details.

Ellen Green at CMU

Ellen Green @ CMU

Many individuals who leaflet on a regular basis witness firsthand the positive effects of such. A couple weeks back at Columbia College in Chicago, a young woman came out of the dining hall to let me know that after reading her Why Vegan? brochure she couldn’t order the chicken salad that she went in to purchase. While I was restocking literature at a local record store last week, a young man behind the counter told me that he went vegan after reading the brochure. These are just a few of the success stories that I and other leafleters have had.

If there are any leafleting suggestions that I think should be emphasized, they are to dress conservatively and to smile. When dressing similarly to that of the individuals we are leafleting to, we send a message that we are like them. When smiling, I have found many to smile back and take a brochure. This might be their first encounter with a vegan and perhaps unconsciously they equate friendliness with veganism. Lastly, don’t waste energy with those who wish to debate. Leafleting deals with statistics so if you give X amount of brochures out, there will be some who are not receptive but there WILL be those who are. Accept that some will disagree and spend your energy towards the potentially convertible.

So, enough talk. The plight of today’s farmed animal is extreme and must be met with a sense of urgency on our part. If at the very most, we all went out once a month and leafleted for an hour or two at a local campus, there would be a great many animals spared a life of suffering. Imagine if we did this once a week! Each person we get on the path to vegetarianism probably galvanizes another to do the same and so on and so on. When we are on our deathbed, it would be nice if we can say that because of our existence, there is less suffering in the world. Adopt A College gives us the means to make that statement an honest one.

Editor's note: The top ten leafleters between now and June 1 will receive special prizes!


Dr. Willett: Going Beyond Atkins

"Robert Atkins deserves credit for publicizing the perils of refined carbohydrates, but the centerpiece of the original Atkins diet—eating unlimited amounts of beef, sausage, butter and cheese—is a bad idea. Although such a diet may be good for short-term weight loss, it's not a prescription for optimal health."



I saw a picture and small article in our local Catholic paper: picture of a billboard with the Virgin Mary holding a dead chicken with the caption of "Go Vegetarian. It's an Immaculate Conception." To quote the article "The advertisement was bought by the national animal rights group, Peta after Vegan Outreach, a program within the national group, initiated the campaign." The billboard was vandalized and then taken down.
-JB, Tucson, AZ

Editor's note: Although a blatant attempt by PETA to capitalize on Vegan Outreach's vast popularity and prestige, PETA's vegan outreach campaign (headed by Bruce Friedrich) is not affiliated with the ONE TRUE Vegan Outreach.


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865