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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3)
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reducing the suffering of farmed animals
by promoting informed, ethical eating.

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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  March 31, 2004


Office Closing

The Vegan Outreach office will be closed from April 3 to April 8. You can email Jack during this time if there is an emergency. If you want booklets for an April event (such as Earth Day), please order before Sunday, April 11 (we'll collect and fill the orders by April 12). Thanks!


April Events

Jack Norris will be speaking at the 5th Annual Compassion for Animals Action Symposium in Orlando, FL, being held April 3-4.

Matt Ball will be speaking in Tucson, AZ on Monday, April 5, at 7:00 p.m., at Bookman's Bookstore, which is located at 1930 E. Grant Rd.

On April 22, Jack Norris will be speaking at Youngstown State University, after leafleting at Kent State and University of Akron. The next day, Jack and Matt Ball will be leafleting at Grove City College, Slippery Rock University, and Allegheny College.

Jack and Matt will be at the Animal Liberation Conference in Syracuse, NY April 24-25. Jeff Jenson is organizing an Ithaca gathering with Jack and Matt for the evening of Sunday, April 25; if you would like to attend, please e-mail Jeff for more information.

You can find colleges in your area to leaflet at the Adopt a College homepage!


Matching Donation Reached!

We've met the $800 "Match our tax refund" challenge! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!!

With these donations, Vegan Outreach is only $3,600 away from reaching our Winter Fundraising goal that will allow us to print more copies of Why Vegan!

We need your help to be able to print more! If you can, please donate today, so we can get more copies of Why Vegan to interested people. You can donate securely on-line (donations through Give Direct have no fees subtracted), or send a check or money order to: Vegan Outreach | P.O. Box 38492 | Pittsburgh, PA 15238-8492

Please designate your donation "Winter Printing." Thanks!


UPDATE: National Day of Leafleting

Remember, the deadline is April 9. You can see events already scheduled here.


Vegan Outreach Web Banners Available

General (such as the above), Adopt a College, and National Day of Leafleting. You can get them here.


Message from SARA

"We tend to think of national elections as remote affairs, immune to the influence of an individual vote. But consider: the 2000 presidential election was decided by a mere 537 votes -- that was the margin of victory in the decisive Florida election. The final margin in New Mexico was a mere 366 votes.

"The 2004 presidential race is shaping up to be just as close--and just as critical. Each and every vote will be vital in determining the course this nation follows in the future.

"The Student Animal Rights Alliance has partnered with Working Assets to register voters for the 2004 election. Just go There you can register to vote or change your registration address. Just fill out the form, print and mail. It’s easy and quick. If you’re already registered, please forward the link to friends and family."


Hog Hell

"The fumes, diseased animals in manure-fouled pens and rotting corpses assault the senses at a facility in Nebraska.

"The odor knocks visitors off balance the moment they walk in the battered front door of HKY Farm. It’s not so much a barnyard smell as a noxious combination of manure, ammonia and death that intensifies as one moves toward the barns."

Free online registration required.


Donation Opportunity

If you work for the federal government, you can donate pre-tax dollars to Vegan Outreach via the Combined Federal Campaign (our ID number is 1825). VO also participates in similar programs for some state governments.


Feed Me, Sacramento!

"I'm a vegan. I'm not a waif. I'm not in a punk band. I don’t throw red paint on people... I’m just a girl who’s read far too much about factory farming’s effect on our health, the environment, world hunger conditions and animal welfare to feel at all comfortable consuming animal products."


Bruce Friedrich Runs for President

You can vote for him on-line!
This is not an endorsement.



I'm a senior at Dover High School in Dover Plains, NY. Earlier this year I started my school's first animal rights club: Dover's ARC. One of our first acts was to organize a rock show, which took place March 6th (the bands that played include: My Safe Haven, Apathy Season, One Bullet Theory, Choking Faith, Killtacular, and ASC). We charged 5 dollars at the door, and we served vegan drinks and snacks. All together we raised $1,000. Part of the money is being sent to Vegan Outreach. The show was a lot of fun, and we'll be putting on another show later in the school year.
-Chris Garnett (at right)

This past Saturday, Jon Camp was out with a team of activists to leaflet the anti-war rally here in Chicago. On a major TV station here, I saw 3 separate interviews of people that had attended the rally. Two of the three people had Why Vegans in their hands. When I asked Jon, he indicated that they had given out over 1,000 Why Vegans; the news stated that there were about 5,000 people at the rally, so the acceptance rate was very high!
-Joe Espinosa, Chicago, IL


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865