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reducing the suffering of farmed animals
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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  November 5, 2004


Despair leads to inaction, and there is no time for that. There's too much work to do.
-Dorothy Day

News from Vegan Outreach

Please Plan Ahead!

After printing, shipping is our greatest expense. It is least expensive to send boxes of 300 copies of Why Vegan? or Try Vegetarian! right from the printer, via UPS. For smaller orders, it is least expensive to send book rate. However, both of these take time -- several weeks within the U.S., and even longer to Canada.

So please plan ahead for events, leafleting, tables, etc. Look over your calendar for the next few months, and order what you will need.

Also, there have been some recent reports that checks sent to Vegan Outreach were never received. Please check if your donation has cleared (we deposit checks about every two weeks). Thanks!


Attention: Boston Area

Jon Camp will be leafleting colleges in Boston next week (Nov. 8 - 12). If you would like to help out, please email


Jack Norris Again Named Best Columnist for VegNews!


Link of the Week: Living in a Non-Vegan World


Notes from All Over

Vegan CEO Hopes to Influence Employees with Meat-Free Cafeteria

"For telephone company CEO Norm Mason, a vegan and lifelong animal lover, there was never any doubt what he'd offer at his company cafeteria. Soy steaks and soy sloppy joes, veggie burgers, nachos and other meatless, eggless, butter-free delicacies are cooked daily using heavy bags of texturized vegetable protein.

"If that doesn't sound so great, consider this: It's all free."


Franklin Twp. Site Generates Pollution, Manure and Flies

"Amid the farms of western Warren County, 14 massive cement-block structures sprawl across a broad valley.

"Inside, a million chickens cluck, peck and peer out of narrow, tiered cages. Feed whirs toward them on one conveyor belt, their eggs ride away on another. Underneath, flies breed in piles of manure that can rise head high."


Cage-Free' Eggs: Not All They're Cracked Up To Be?


From Our Members

Today at Rockland Community College in Suffern, NY, I handed out 262 Why Vegans and 8 Try Vegetarians. A group of young women walked by as I was getting ready to leave, and one told me, "I'm no longer going to eat meat." She added very sincerely, "I'm serious," and her friend next to her said "Me, too."
-Jon Camp, 10/29/04

Thank you so much for the box of Why Vegan? you sent us last month. Last week, following a Supersize Me screening, I watched a girl who had just taken a booklet walk up the street to her car. As she opened the book, she started to walk more slowly. Soon I could tell she was totally absorbed because she was barely moving -- just staring down at the booklet. It's so encouraging to see someone open their eyes to the misery endured by farmed animals. Why Vegan? is so effective!
-Kit King, Birmingham, AL, 11/1/04

Today I handed out 200 copies of Why Vegan? at s FIA (Tamiami Campus). Almost nobody turned down a leaflet. Also, my son's high school has an "International Festival" every year where food from every country is represented. He is planning to have a vegan table from "Utopia" (his idea!). I am making him the flag of planet earth to hang at his booth and they will have Why Vegans to hand out.
-Linda Bower, Miami Springs, FL, 11/1/04


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865