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reducing the suffering of farmed animals
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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  September 21, 2005


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Notes from Vegan Outreach

Where Does the Money Go?

Vegan Outreach members have donated $1,085.50 of the $19,000 needed for the next printing of Even If You Like Meat. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!

Adopt a College activists continue on their record distribution pace, having handed out 65,382 -- over 12,000 in the past week alone! This is is over half the total handed out last Spring!

Because of this, we will *run out of booklets* sooner than originally expected.

We need your support if we are to continue reaching new people with the animals' plight.

Simply put: Your money will put more booklets into the hands of college students!

You can donate securely on-line (please state that your donation is for the EIYLM printing -- we'll continue to post running totals), or send a check or money order to:

Vegan Outreach | P.O. Box 38492 | Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Vegan Outreach is dependent on donations from you, our members, to be able to print and distribute these booklets. We can't print more until we have raised the money. Please don't let us run out.



Where Did the Money Go?

The new Guide to Cruelty-Free Eating has gone to the printer (see a full pdf here). We'll announce as soon as you can order copies -- hopefully, it will be ready by early October.

Vegan Outreach is also going to press with the next batch of Why Vegan. We wouldn't be able to print Why Vegan or the new Guide if it hadn't been for your donations. Thanks!


Your Group's Logo on Why Vegan

In the past, some groups have printed a batch with their logo printed in the "Distributed courtesy of" box on the back cover. This time, there are two options, starting at around $125 plus shipping for 1,000. If you are interested, let Jack know at as soon as possible.


Notes from Our Members

I was initially hesitant to hand out Why Vegan, because I didn't think I was "that kind of AR activist." I avoided leafleting for over a year until one day I was driving on Highway 99 in California's Central Valley and I passed a chicken truck. I had seen chicken trucks plenty of times, living in the Valley, but this was the first time I saw live chickens in the cages. Many of them were not moving, eyes closed, most likely dying or dead. Many that were alive looked in pitiful shape, feathers missing and emaciated. Then just a few moments later, we passed a single chicken lying in the middle of the road. Its body was mangled and bloody. It had been run over by vehicles on the highway, probably after falling off one of the trucks. These disturbing close-up images were all I needed to motivate me to leaflet. [Picture here of an "Animal Care Certified" layer hen courtesy of Mercy for Animals] Once I did, I found it to be an empowering, positive experience and not one person reacted negatively. I realize I may someday get a negative reaction but that's okay because I now have the confidence to stand up for farm animals.
-ME, 9/13/05

At Princeton today, a nice amount of professors took the Even If You Like Meat booklet from me, and I could see a good many of them reading it as they continued walking. I also noticed quite a few students pausing to read it -- many of whom will have some clout one day in life, and will now be more keenly aware of the plight of farmed animals.
      One nice woman came up to me about an hour after receiving the booklet and mentioned that she had absolutely no idea that eggs and dairy were ethical issues until reading the booklet. She seemed really moved by what she read, and asked for an extra copy. She had always thought of veal as the sole issue of concern in animal agriculture, and saw our emphasis on the mistreatment of chickens and pigs as eye-opening.
-Jon Camp, 9/16/05

I was really impressed by the new Even If pamphlets; they were very well received. I had some nice conversations and I tried to stress to everyone that I talked to that even if they didn't want to go totally vegan, they could still make a difference by just reducing the animal products that they use. I had a great time and there are several more events coming up in my area that I plan on leafleting.
-Erin Stathis, S. Hadley, MA, 9/7/05

At Sonoma State, I handed out just over 600 EIs, several to a professor who wanted to use them in her class. While there, I met one woman who told me she was a vegetarian, and that her daughter is now vegan after reading a copy of Even If You Like Meat.
-Suzanne Haws, 9/12/05

I read your brochure, and found it all cruel and shocking. It turned a lot of people against eating meat. Please send me more copies.
-AB, Hawick, MN, 9/12/05

I am an RN in the recovery room at a County Trauma Hospital. I saw you booklet Why Vegan 10 weeks ago and have been unable to eat any animal product since then. I recycle a lot of magazines by bringing them to the waiting room and I place a booklet in each one. I am just getting started and trying to find my rhythm. I would like to eventually adopt a college.
     It is amazing what people ask when they find out that I am vegan. I am getting better at answering questions as the weeks go by. My favorite thing to say is, "Let me show you a few pictures" I then whip out Why Vegan or Even If You Like Meat, and I know they will be thinking about their choices after that.
     I am currently trying to get our hospital cafeteria to provide healthier food and more vegan choices. They now have a vegan burger and the staff will cook it for me. They are changing slowly!
-MG, TX, 9/12/05

This Friday, 4 members of Compassionate Action for Animals handed out 1200 Even Ifs at the Green Day (a punk rock band) concert in Minneapolis. The crowd was the perfect age group, and very receptive for the most part. I received several high fives and even one hug from people when they saw what I was handing out. One of the high fives was from a mother waiting for her children outside of the concert! If Green Day is coming to anyone else's town out there, I highly recommend leafleting! (See for dates.)
-Benjamin Acaso, 9/18/05

I went vegan in 1992. At first I was active, but soon shied away from all discussion because it seemed people only wanted to pick a fight. Three years ago, a close friend sent me your web link. In the time since, I've been invigorated by your writing and pragmatism and feel emboldened to discuss the subject more. So I've been sending people to your site. Many thanks for doing what you do.
-Susan Rattenbury, Pacifica, CA, 9/13/05


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865