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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  February 20, 2008


Notes from Vegan Outreach

Product of the Week

Similar to Morningstar's Meal Starters, Trader Joe's has introduced Chicken-less and Beef-less Strips; in the refrigerated (not frozen) section.

Send your nominees for Product of the Week to info (at) veganoutreach (dot) org; previous products can be found here.


Notes from All Over

Recent reports on the industry:


Notes from Our Members

Today I met a man who was really upset that he hadn't received his Even If You Like Meat 20 minutes before, because he had just eaten chicken. He said that he wouldn't have had it if he'd seen the EI. I told him he had many more meals ahead of him to make a different choice. He seemed happier thinking about that.
     A man stopped to talk with me who had just received an EI. He said that he'd gotten it several times before, and felt guilty. He made a resolution to start eating vegan every Monday and then try to increase the vegan meals from there.
     Last week, one of the last people I leafleted took his Even If and stood nearby reading the whole thing. He came to me after a few minutes and said:
     He: This can't be real.
     Me: But it is. This is the truth.
-Miranda Robbins, 2/17/08

A student contemplates the truth at Truman College; photo by Leslie Patterson.

At the University of Arkansas, three separate individuals came up to me mentioning that they read the entire booklet. One guy walked by and said, "I already got a booklet from you. It's convincing." I spoke with a man who lives next to a Tyson operation and he said it's the most inhumane thing he's seen in his life. He said the ammonia stench from the outside is horrific and can only imagine what the inside is like.
-Jon Camp, 2/14/08

It was great to be back in action after a month-long hiatus. One person said (when they saw the EI), "Oh, I already have one... it's on my fridge." Another said he remembered getting a booklet last year: "I was on the Atkins diet at the time, but look at me now." He then pointed to his backpack, and that's when I saw that many of the buttons had pro-vegetarian sentiments. "Veganism rocks my world," he said.
-Jessica Dadds and Emily Pepe, 1/29/08

Marley Daviduk leaflets at the University of British Columbia; photo by John Bowers.

During the last five minutes leafleting at San Joaquin Delta College, two girls approached me and asked about getting involved. They told me that after reading the booklet that they are definitely going vegetarian.
-Brian Grupe, 2/11/08

Eileen [Botti] and I both had great acceptance rates from students at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, many of whom went on to read the materials as they walked to and from class. Lots of groups were discussing the brochures and expressing their revulsion at the pictures and the horrible reality of farmed animals.
     One male student came back to me after receiving a brochure earlier in the day and said, "I had no idea what I'd been eating." He was really sincere and disturbed by the fact that truth had been hidden from him for so long, so I gave him a GCFE and some encouragement. We all ate meat once, I assured him. [Not everyone! -Ed.] It's never too late to stop.
-Jenna Calabrese, 2/15/08

Last month, the waitress at a local vegetarian restaurant told me that a lot of new customers come in telling her that they became vegetarian because of a pamphlet they received. Today, I had a long conversation with a cattle rancher. He also told me how upset he is about how horribly chickens are treated by the poultry industry, and how everyone is afraid to speak out against it because the lobby for the poultry industry is so powerful and backed up by such big money.
-Eugene Khutoryansky, 2/16/08

Thanks for configuring a pdf of the French version of Why Vegan for our printing [translations here]. I printed 200 copies in early January, which are slowly making their way around Quebec. They're getting a positive reception.
-MS, 2/16/08


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865