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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  April 16, 2008


Notes from Vegan Outreach

Jon Camp's Spring Tour Roundup

Last Friday night, I returned from my 68-day college leafleting tour. With the help of 49 volunteers, 45,804 booklets were handed out in VA, TN, AR, TX, OK, NM, AZ, CO, WY, KS, MO, IA, IL, WI, KY, and WV. What I saw on the road was similar to what other VO leafleters continue to see on a daily basis -- scores and scores of individuals sincerely considering the plight of farmed animals and making changes.

But seeing the tangible results of leafleting also left me longing for what could be if more were to get involved with this outreach. How great it would be if we had even a weekly presence in every major metropolitan region and college town in the US and Canada! And for the regions where one or two individuals were active, what if 5 or 10 or 20 were to leaflet regularly?

As vegans, we see that by simply abstaining from meat, eggs, and dairy, we can reduce a great deal of needless misery with one fell swoop; we are sometimes dumbfounded that others don't grasp this. But the same holds true for activism. By getting out for even one hour a week, we have the potential, over time, to spare millions of animals a lifetime of suffering.

Cesar Chavez once stated that, "Talk is cheap...It is the way we organize and use our lives everyday that tells what we believe in." It's often easy to get daunted by the prospects of making substantive change for animals. But I see on a daily basis that change is not only possible, it is inevitable when -- and only when -- we make it happen. Each one of us, through our time and/or financial contributions, can help significantly push the ball forward for animals. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you get involved in doing this important work that needs to be done.


Rockin' for the Animals

Consider adopting a concert this summer and continuing to reach new hearts and minds with the message of compassion. Please take a look at our ‘veg-friendly’ concert list, and let us know which concert(s) you can cover. We’ll supply the booklets and the helpful advice. Rock on!


Evil Product of the Week

Matt: Trader Joe's vegan chocolate chip cookies sit in the cupboard, taunting me all day, calling out that I should just give in and eat the entire delicious bag. Bad cookies! Bad!

Send your nominees for Product of the Week to info (at) veganoutreach (dot) org; previous products can be found here.


Notes from All Over

Egg Industry Update

The egg industry in 2007 saw the "largest single year decline in per-capita consumption in the last 10 years. Expectations for 2008 per-capita consumption are for levels to once again be historically low." Page 8 of pdf.


In Vitro Meat Update

Wired: "To produce the meat we eat now, 75 to 95 percent of what we feed an animal is lost because of metabolism and inedible structures like skeleton or neurological tissue," Jason Matheny, a researcher at Johns Hopkins and co-founder of New Harvest, a nonprofit that promotes research on in vitro meat, told "With cultured meat, there's no body to support; you're only building the meat that eventually gets eaten."

New York Times: My colleague Mark Bittman wrote a fine piece recently about the greenhouse-gas consequences of conventional meat production. Others have explored the environmental and ethical impacts of factory and feedlot farming. Manufactured meat, in theory, provides an end run around these issues. ... [O]ne could envision someday a model, say, of a solar-powered facility in southern California or Singapore basically turning sunlight and desalinated seawater into growth medium and then tons of cruelty-free, sustainable nuggets of chicken essence.


Lightning Round


Notes from Our Members

It was great leafleting at Kent State University. More than half the students thanked me for the booklet, and there were several who said they had received the booklet in the past and were now vegetarian or vegan.
-Steve Kaufman, M.D., 4/7/08

At Dalai Lama "Seeds of Compassion" events in Seattle, Jessica Dadds, Anu Garg, Yvonne LeGrice, Emily Pepe, and Adrienne Youmans joined us in distributing over 10,000 Vegan Outreach booklets! Dave Bemel and Action for Animals were there (they handed out 3,300 on Friday!), as well as Rachel Bjork, David, Debbie, and Chuck from NARN. What a great experience! We highly recommend future Dalai Lama events, especially if he's speaking in a big arena. We'd also like to plug participation at these big events. While we did great yesterday, with five more volunteers and 5000 more leaflets, our total would have been that much higher.
     As exciting as it was to hand out so many brochures in one weekend, the very best aspect of this trip was our camaraderie and the knowledge that we are part of a positive movement that is larger than ourselves. It was wonderful for those of us in Oregon to finally meet the Seattle folk and spend time bonding with them over our shared concerns for the animals.
-Nick Lesiecki, Emily Pepe & Anu Garg, 4/13/08

Above, from L to R: Nick Lesiecki, Emily Pepe, Jessica Dadds, Anu Garg, Adrienne Youmans, Yvonne LeGrice. You can attend an upcoming conference to meet with other Vegan Outreach folks!

Today was a fun day of outreach, with lots of high school students from a nearby high school coming through John Jay Square on their lunch break. I could tell that the school has been leafleted heavily before, because I heard from students who had leaflets from the last time someone (Jenna) was there! A teacher from Beacon H.S. stopped by and was excited to see that I was leafleting, and said that after the lunch break, many of his students were showing him the leaflets. He wants to order some for his classes!
-Eileen Botti, 4/10/08

It was Agriculture Awareness Week at North Carolina State University, where they displayed live animals while grilling dead ones, and had many signs promoting the meat, dairy, and egg industries. The NC Farm Bureau, local Farm Bureaus, industry trade associations, and others sponsored the event. Unfortunately, but not surprising, very little of the event was devoted to plant agriculture. After initial resistance from NCSU, our campus animal rights group, Students Promoting Animal Rights Collectively secured a table in the brickyard for the event. We tabled from 9am-5pm each day to present the viewpoint of the animals -- the victims of these exploitative and profit-driven industries. We displayed posters on sandwich boards around the brickyard to expose the reality of animal agribusiness and promote veganism. Thousands of Vegan Outreach pamphlets were handed out, and media coverage was surprisingly positive!
-Brandon Becker (at right; photo by Loren Hart), 4/11/08

A few days ago, I helped our mail carrier unload a huge shipment of leaflets. He was curious, so I gave him an Even If. I saw him again today, and he told me, "I read your booklet. It was thoughtful and well written. It didn't scare people off in the first two pages like the old animal rights info, and it presented some good solutions to the problem. I'm going to pass it on to one of my kids."
-Fred Tyler, 4/7/08

Kurt Mantheiy leaflets at the University of North Texas; photo by Jon Camp.

At the University of Pittsburgh, one girl ran up to me saying "You are right! You are so right! You are right! You are so right!" She had read through the booklet and was blown away and was intent on going veg. She also took booklets to share with friends. We had other good experiences too: one woman said she would try her best to go vegetarian; one teacher took a bunch of booklets for his class; etc.
-Nick Cooney, with Vic Sjodin, 4/9/08


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865