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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  July 30, 2008


Notes from Vegan Outreach

Heroes Put Us Over The Top!

You have matched our donor's challenge of $30,000, putting a grand total of $60,000 to work for the animals! This money will go far getting booklets to over a million college students this coming school year.

As Stephen Colbert says: You are the heroes! Every week this month, dozens and dozens of you gave generously, helping more and more people learn the animals' plight. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed! Huge thanks to the original challenge donor, and a special thanks to John and Fany, who once again stepped up to make sure we met our goal.

Summer distribution (see below) is already setting records, and we are hard at work to make fall 2008 the biggest semester yet!!


Not a Lazy Summer!

Already this summer, Vegan Outreach activists have handed out over 275,000 booklets at concerts, fairs, and other venues across North America. See the full list here -- note how many individuals are already over 1,000 for the summer!

You, too, can get involved today -- just visit the AAC site for more information.

15-year-old Alysa Cortes leaflets Taste of Pinellas in Florida.


Why Vegan Printing

Vegan Outreach will be printing a batch of Why Vegan in mid-August. If you are interested in getting your group's logo on the back, please contact Jack at jack (at) veganoutreach (dot) org by August 3rd. Also, please let Jack know if you'd like to be informed about future printings of Even If and/or Compassionate Choices. Prices start at 10 cents per booklet plus shipping. Please note: we cannot do this for companies, only nonprofit organizations.


Links of the Week

A set of talks presented by Matt Ball at Their Lives, Our Voices, last month in Minneapolis.


Notes from Our Members

Too many great stories from SMART's leafleting at Warped Tour Detroit to list here. One example: Kim offered an Even If You Like Meat booklet to a couple. The man took it, but the lady said, "We don't want this," while throwing it to the ground. The man said, "Actually, I do want it," and picked it up. "Do you think it will make a difference? They are dead anyway!" He replied, "Maybe if we eat less there wouldn't be as many that would have to die." Then she went on saying to Kim that she didn't eat veal. Kim showed them the pictures of the other animals in the booklet. The lady changed her attitude completely and said, "Maybe I'll try not to eat as much meat."
-Italia Milan, 7/21/08

Jessica Dadds leaflets at the Mississippi Avenue Street Fair in Portland, OR.

The sand castle festival was one of Team Portland's best events ever in terms of numbers and interesting interactions. For example, a woman said her conscience has been tormenting her ever since she got one of our brochures at a festival in Portland last summer. Being confronted with a brochure again, she said she was finally ready to "do something about it." I offered her a GCFE, which she accepted with a big smile, because "cooking is better than being so sad." Also, an elderly man came back 20 minutes after I leafleted him, saying he wanted to go veg as a direct result of what he had just learned. I gave him a GCFE and literature about our local group, and we had a good talk.
-Emily Pepe, 7/21/08

Heard great feedback tabling at TAFA. A nice young man came up to buy a shirt, and mentioned that he came to veganism by being handed an Even If You Like Meat booklet at Northern Illinois University (by Joe Espinosa). The approach laid out in the booklet seemed feasible, so he gave it a try. He liked it and went vegan. Later, Linda came up to let me know that she had approached our table last year, and asked if she was too old to leaflet colleges. I told her that she wasn't and that being friendly and sincere mattered much more than age. Since then, she's been doing college leafleting in the Boston region. She thanked me and plans to continue on with leafleting this upcoming year.
-Jon Camp, 7/21/08

Chef Nikki Benoit and Dancing Banana Jodi Chemes brighten up Clearwater, FL.

I saw your horrific pictures showing how animals are kept to be food. I cannot forget the tortured look in their eyes. I will be eating less meat, and would like your Guide, and more booklets to distribute.
-CZ, 7/22/08

Leafleting the Niagara Falls tourist crowd, a number of people were excited about receiving a booklet. I could see people still reading the leaflets, even when they were far down the street. I saw one lady approach me, reading one I must have given her when she had passed me going the other way.
-John Sakars, 7/27/08

Thanks for the articles How Vegan and On Being Vegan. Excellent. I saw myself in the example about obsessive vegans turning others off to the whole idea of veganism. Guilty. And it's funny because I'm expecting the book of ingredient lists in the mail any day now. But you're right and I'm going to try and stop the obsessing over ingredients, and focus on the animals.
-IB, 7/22/08

I had a good reception at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, despite having been there 2X before this summer. I heard from 15 vegetarians and 4 vegans. I talked with a student who plans to do a class presentation on farmed animals, so I pointed out the strong citations in the VO booklets. I also watched two separate students stop dead in their tracks reading the booklets.
-Joe Espinosa, 7/23/08

Having reached one Warped concertgoer in Charlotte, Eleni Vlachos goes for the next.

Leafleting downtown Chicago, two different people said to us while pointing to the leaflet, "That right there! That was why I went vegetarian!" Which makes it really hit home that we are all making a difference, literally one leaflet at a time!
-Matt McEwen, 7/24/08


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865