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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  May 20, 2009


Notes from Vegan Outreach

Attention: Midwest!

  Ellen and Anne Green get a jump on their Team Vegan training

On Sunday, June 7, Anne Green, Vegan Outreach's Director of Operations, and Matt Ball, Vegan Outreach's Co-Founder and co-author of The Animal Activist's Handbook, will be speaking in Chicago. Details here.

Jack Norris, RD, VO's President, will be speaking and tabling at Their Lives, Our Voices in Minneapolis, June 12-14.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Team Vegan = Vegan Outreach

The 52 members of Team Vegan are now several weeks into regular training. Team Vegan is run entirely by Vegan Outreach, and your donation to the team or any runner goes to Vegan Outreach. What's more, your donation is matched — up to $75,000! This is our only fundraiser for the summer; we are sending out NO PAPER. Thanks for your support!


Book of the Week

Looking for a change of pace after Handbook? Ruby Roth's That's Why We Don't Eat Animals is now available!

Send your product of the week to info (at) veganoutreach (dot) org; previous entries here.


Notes from All Over

Future Fillet

"Jason Matheny envisions the day when beef and chicken grown in labs will help prevent heart attacks and protect the environment — if enough people swallow the concept." Full story.


Attention: California

From Farm Sanctuary: Soon the California Assembly will vote on AB 1437, a bill that would prohibit the sale of battery-cage eggs from out-of-state farms in California. Act now to help ensure that no eggs from hens confined in battery cages are sold in California!


Lightning Round


Notes from Our Members

  Jen George exposes factory farms to another student at the University of Massachusets, Amherst.

I received a VO pamphlet at a Morrissey concert and it struck a chord in me. I have been meat-free for over a month now and am surprised at how easy it has been. Thank you for your logical way of expressing yourselves. It's far too easy to write off the activists as fringe groups when they are yelling and screaming. I would never have accepted that pamphlet from an angry person. The non-threatening and non-judgmental way it was presented enabled me to read it. I really appreciate your organization.
-DM, 5/15/09

I have been very impressed for a long time with what Vegan Outreach accomplishes and was moved to make a donation after reading the wonderful Animal Activist's Handbook. I live in an area that is not vegan-friendly, and thinking about what you do inspires me and gives me hope.
-CB, 5/16/09

I have finished the book and I have posted my 5-star review on tonight. It is an absolutely fabulous book — exactly the kind of book I've been looking for since I became vegan. I literally keep it in my purse and am committing several passages to memory.
-BS, 5/17/09

Vic Sjodin (at right) and I handed out 2,062 booklets at CUNY Laguardia — not bad for a semi-rainy Friday! Super friendly people today with a lot of positive feedback from people who were truly affected by receiving this literature. At least four people came back to ask for extra leaflets for their friends. One student told Vic she was going vegetarian, another told us she wants to get involved and leaflet with us, and an extremely kind janitor did not mind picking up discarded leaflets and even asked for a few extras for people he knows. He was not veg but was so upset by the fact that pigs cannot turn around, and kept cheering us on all day, which was so great.
-Eileen Botti, 5/1/09

I got a lot of cheers while running the Cincinnati Marathon because of my Vegan Outreach shirt. I even had a runner catch up to me to say he has been vegetarian for 13 years, and that he raised his son as a vegetarian. He said it was nice to see my shirt and thought it was an awesome idea to wear one at races. I love it because it's simple and creates awareness — people also see that we are active, healthy, and social. I always give people thumbs up, thank them for being out there, and smile as much as I can. Definitely not a substitute for leafleting, but a great way to do something that I love and share the message about something that I am passionate about.
-Dan Kuzma, 5/3/09

At Dakota County Technical College, one woman said "Don't start me on that. I grew up on a farm, but I worked on one of those nasty a-- places. I know." I also talked to an older gentleman who took a group of boy scouts to a turkey farm. He said he had to leave within half an hour because it made him sick they way they treated the animals. He said, "They acted like they weren't even living beings."
-Fred Tyler, 5/4/09

Tabling at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst was very successful. I feel empowered and excited to do more. Thanks for your great work and materials — I went vegan two years ago after I picked up some VO leaflets in Cafe Evolution in Florence, MA.
-Hannah Smeltz, 5/5/09

  SUNY Stony Brook students get a message of compassion from Heather Kramer.

At the University of Maryland, College Park, Rob Gilbride had a great interaction with a student who has been veg for 5 months after receiving an Even If You Like Meat brochure. The student said he could not set aside his moral beliefs anymore so he went vegetarian. I had the following interaction:
     Student: I'll never be a vegan and I love chicken. But I don't support cruelty, so you can keep the brochure.
     Me: Do you pay other people to create the cruel conditions shown here?
     Student: I can't give up chicken and be vegan though.
     Me: It isn't about labels. Can you start by eating less chicken? They are some of the most abused animals on the planet. This Guide can help you.
-Eleni Vlachos, 5/5/09

Within the first five minutes at San Jose State, I met a young lady who told me she went veg from receiving a VO leaflet previously. She said she had no idea how anyone could NOT go veg once the information is in front of you. Later, one person angrily threw a booklet down, but before I had the chance to say anything, the guy behind the jerk picked up the thrown leaflet and began reading it as he continued on to class.
-Brian Grupe, 5/5/09


Every Donation Prevents Suffering

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865