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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  November 4, 2009


Jon Camp
Jon Camp reaches out for the animals at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

One of the many reasons I like Vegan Outreach so much is because of the way your organization incorporates and responds to feedback, learns from experience, and continually fine-tunes its approach to teaching the convertible about how they can eat and act with compassion.
      Additionally, I like the tactile and personal approach of leafleting, and, of course, I love seeing how a small group of exceptionally dedicated people with a singular purpose can create change – especially when it is outside of the media limelight.
      To see subtle, but powerful, changes taking place with little attention from the media is truly fascinating and inspiring to me.
—Joanna, Vegan Outreach supporter in North Carolina


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Every Wednesday, the Vegan Outreach Enewsletter brings you a few examples of the work we are accomplishing together – activists taking the animals’ plight to thousands of new people, feedback from people whose lives have been changed because of this work, stories of how society is changing.

Because of your contributions, millions have learned the hidden realities of modern agribusiness and have received honest, detailed information about pursuing a cruelty-free life.

Because of you, every day brings us closer to the compassionate world we all desire.

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Impressed by Vegan Outreach’s concrete results, a number of dedicated members have pooled their money to create an end-of-year matching challenge.

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Notes from Our Members

Sarah Brammer Shlay
Sarah Brammer Shlay and Sen Holiday (below) take part in CAA’s Outreach for Animals Week at the University of Minnesota.
Sen Holiday

Today was a very successful day of outreach at CUNY LaGuardia Community College, where Jeff LaPadula and I reached over 1,900 new people. We both had great conversations with interested students. Two guys asked Jeff about going veg and had questions about protein, nutrition, etc. A mother stopped to talk to him, and was almost crying, she was so upset about the booklet. She wanted to go vegan, so Jeff gave her some advice and information.
      One student wanted to know about my personal experience in making the transition to a vegan diet – she was anxious about the possibility of failing to be completely vegan if she tried. I reminded her that sometimes it is easier to do gradually and not to give up – better to cut out big things like meat first, rather than be completely overwhelmed about checking the ingredients in a box of cereal. Another student asked how to get involved, and said, “Thank you for this, I read the whole thing and am seriously considering changing my diet now.” Another woman said she was thinking of going veggie.
—Eileen Botti, 10/13/09

During my eight weeks on the road, I heard, over and over, individuals mentioning how eye-opening the booklet is, how they were discussing the booklet in class, how it really made them think. And of course, it was great connecting with others, seeing more and more new people leafleting, etc. We are indeed pushing the ball forward and reaching those who need to be reached! I’m incredibly grateful to all of you who make this happen.
—Jon Camp, 10/16/09

Everyone was really receptive and the take rate was better than expected at the University of Central Missouri. I had a wonderful conversation with a member of the grounds staff who’d been watching me leaflet while he was mowing nearby. He came at me with a bit of an attitude, demanding to know “What about human rights?” I explained to him that by supporting animal rights we are not sacrificing human rights. I also came across five vegetarians. One who thanked me for being there and shouted, “She rocks!” loud enough for everyone around to hear. It made me smile.
—Eva Helsel, 10/5/09

Roger Clarke
Roger Clarke provides the animals a voice at the University of British Columbia.

It was nice to be back at LSU. I ran into a very enthusiastic vegan right away who I heard telling her friends to “go get one of those.” I heard from a student who told me she went vegetarian after receiving an Even If You Like Meat booklet one and a half years ago; she got a Guide. One guy said he was vegetarian previously and was thinking about going back. He also got a Guide.
—Twila Hoyle, 10/13/09

Today at Suffolk Community College, Farmingdale University, and St. Joseph’s University, Drew Winter, Jennifer Greene, and I reached over 1,500 students. Drew veg-anized a whole posse at Suffolk CC – four at once. After one girl said, “I’m never eating meet again,” he engaged the whole group in dialogue, and the others seemed deeply affected by the booklets and his interaction.
—Vic Sjodin, 10/19/09

It went really well at Thompson Rivers University, where two students came back to talk about Vegan Outreach, get booklets for friends, etc. Another woman ran back to me and gave me a high five. She was excited and said she was totally supportive of what I was doing there.
—Kelly Bergen, 10/15/09

Bonnie Goodman

Before the vegan Spay-ghetti fundraiser here in Montana, I got many warnings and complaints about how I would offend people and ruin both the spay-neuter clinic AND the fundraiser. In reality, we raised more money than we have since 2005, everyone LOVED the food, and there was ZERO negativity! One of the rancher ladies called the clinic coordinator and told her that the Compassionate Choices leaflet she picked up at lunch changed her life. The clinic coordinator asked if I would mind doing all the food from now on – she thinks it would be great if we continue to share vegan food and information! This is the same lady who was so upset by my “offensive vegan propaganda,” and said I would start “fistfights in the streets” if I didn’t serve meat.
—Bonnie Goodman (at right, leafleting MSU), 10/19/09

It was a chilly night with a little bit of rain, but leafleting at Loyola’s Lake Shore campus went pretty well! Got a lot of, “Already veg!” Positive feedback included a man who said he loved vegetarian food, but wasn’t a vegetarian. He then took a booklet and told me there should be more of us out on the street doing this good work. It was a nice to hear the support!
—Alexis Scherba, 10/14/09

A Mizzou student studies a booklet while Rachel Stevick waits for the next opportunity.

Good interactions at RMIT University, Melbourne (Australia). I had one person take one and say he had been trying to go vegan over the past few months; I hope today’s leaflet gave him the prompt to make that final effort. Two other people came and took five leaflets each for their friends. One girl came over and was very interested. I saw her cross necklace and asked if she was Christian, saying yes, I told her about the Christian Vegetarian Association.
—Roy Taylor, 10/9/09

It was the first really cold day this fall at Minnesota State Mankato, but the acceptance rate was higher than normal. One guy said he was interested in human cruelty. I replied that it’s all related, why not think about both. He said that animal cruelty wasn’t something that enraged him. Upon further discussion, he conceded that I didn’t look enraged, and he would consider this issue. I watched one woman looking at the Even If You Like Meat a ways down the sidewalk, and I heard her say, “Oooh, I’m going to be a vegetarian now.”
     At the University of Minnesota Duluth, one guy was very hesitant to take a flyer, saying, “I don’t know, this stuff makes me so sad.” He came by later in the day and took a Guide, saying he would try to be vegetarian. One former vegetarian, who stopped because he didn’t feel well, said he would try it again. I gave him a Guide to help make sure he was eating right.
—Fred Tyler, 10/15/09


Prevent suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865

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