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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  September 28, 2011

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Aaaa-dopt a College Is Coming to Town!

A failed/former vegan no more!
After meeting Nikki at Irvine Valley College,
Sasha is back on the vegan train for good!

Adopt a College activists are hitting so many schools and reaching so many new people that their reports have overwhelmed our poor data entrists! But if you check back tomorrow, you're sure to see that the team is already way over 300,000 for the term!


A whole slew of dedicated folks are on the road or will soon be touring different parts of the country. If you’d like to be in our database to contact when a VO activist is in your area – to leaflet with them, or let them sleep on your couch, or have them give a talk, etc., please email info (at) veganoutreach (dot) org.

Thanks so much!



Featured Report

Linda Bower reports:

When I handed Melody a booklet, she said “Oh, I just want you to know that I went vegetarian after receiving one of these.”

She said she got it in 2008 and that it sat on a table at home for a couple of months before she really read it, but that once she did, she went vegetarian. I gave her a Guide to check out the vegan recipes and substitutes.

Once again, thanks to VO for giving us a chance to make a difference.


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs



Product of the Week

Vitashine, the vegan vitamin D3 spray, is in stock at Vegan Essentials. Enter coupon code “D3” (minus the quotation marks) for 10% discount.

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

Deanne Thomsen
Deanne Thomsen leafleted Marquise at Denver’s Auraria campus; now he wants to get active for the animals.

I love Reed College! Many students mentioned being veg. I was able to hit the lunch rush near the cafeteria, and reached a significant chunk of the total student population. I also met a guy named Dylan who asked about getting involved, mentioning that he wanted to leaflet on his campus, and also that he had a car and would like to help out in other parts of the region.
—Caleb Wheeldon, 9/16/11

Very receptive crowd at Mt. San Antonio College’s summer session. One guy handed the booklet back, saying he can’t look at the pictures, “It’s horrible.” I thanked him for caring, reminding him that the only hope these animals have is us and our compassion. I told him it’s not all or nothing and that he could do what I did first: cut out chicken and eggs. His face shifted, now I had his attention. He took the booklet back and said he’d read it.
     Heard from another guy who read a leaflet last week (someone else is handing them out here too, woohoo!) and he’s cut his meat back significantly because “the piece of chicken on my plate was once a live chicken, and they were hurt to get here. I don’t want to eat much meat anymore.” Guided? You know it!
     Today at Chaffey College, my helper and I reached almost 1,900 new people. Tons of meaningful conversations! We heard from a girl who went vegan after I presented to her class last semester! Now she wants to help too, along with four other separate people I met, woohoo!
     I LOVE how people are on autopilot and just say “NO” when you offer them a leaflet, but when it sinks in that you said “animals,” they come back and say, “Oh yes, please!”
—Nikki Benoit, 8/17/11

Alexis Antonelli
Alexis Antonelli spreads the sunshine of compassion at Santa Monica College.

What a day! Jeni, Amman, and I made a memorable first day of school for 1,281 students at Los Medanos College. Then Lisa joined us for Diablo Valley College’s first day, where we reached an additional 1,725! Far too many conversations to mention; we met dozens of vegetarians. Great to see such progress at these schools – people seem to really view the message as important.
     Another huge day today with Kalie and Jeni at Solano College and Napa Valley College – we shattered both school’s records, reaching over 2,000 new students! At Solano, a woman walked by after getting a leaflet and said, “That’s it, I’m done.” We chatted and she said she couldn’t support this, she had to give up meat. She just had NO IDEA that animals were treated so bad. New veg, on the spot! Another young lady told me she had been veg since 7th grade after getting an Even If You Like Meat over 6 years ago – “That exact one, I still have it at home.”
—Brian Grupe, 8/17/11

Cuesta College was busy today, and Peggy and I got lots of great feedback, such as, “I read the whole thing! That’s crazy! I am definitely going to think twice about eating chicken!”
—Johanna Andris, 8/16/11

An immensely positive day of outreach at Northern Virginia Community College, where I handed a VO booklet to over 1,000 students. Lots of good questions, smiles, high fives, etc. One young woman said that she has been vegan since getting an Even If from us last September.
—Jon Camp, 8/25/11

SJSU student
Brian spies students at San José State (above) and College of Marin (below) fully engaged in learning the truth.

Although I couldn’t join John, Sean, et al. in Tucson (where they reached nearly 5,000 students at the University of Arizona and Pima Community College), I was able to get to Arizona State’s West campus over lunch. Glad I did – had a great conversation with a young student who was an editor for the school paper. She had tried being veg several years ago but only lasted a month. Now she’ll give it another shot.
—Jeff Boghosian, 9/7/11

Huge record at the University of Southern Maine – over 850! The acceptance rate was so high that I felt shocked whenever someone declined.
—Lana Smithson, 9/8/11

Team Triangle was in full force at Jonathan Safran Foer’s talk at the University of North Carolina. His book Eating Animals was chosen as the summer reading selection for both Duke & UNC, so we hope to have many more veg and veg-sympathizers here in NC! Javier, Leeanne, Amanda, John, Brenda, Rob, and I reached 650 of these soon-to-be friends of the animals!
—Eleni Vlachos, 8/25/11

Rich and I set a new record at Fountain Square. One highlight: I approached a group of three women, got shot down by the first, the second took a leaflet and, when the third saw what they were, she asked for two and said, “They need to see this,” and proceeded to chase down friend number one who had originally turned me down!
—Kevin O’Connor, 8/27/11

Went really well at the University of Toronto today, with good conversations. A middle-aged university worker took a booklet on her way outside to have her lunch; she came back and talked to me on her way back in, said she was no longer going to eat chickens as it was awful what they do to them, and asked for another booklet to give her friend.
—Alex Greenwood, 8/26/11

Cory and I reached over 1,500 folks at Northern Illinois University, and we noticed a marked decrease in the number thrown down or out. On girl turned down a booklet, saying she is already vegetarian. After explaining what was in the Guide, and that we had a local group for support, community events, and outreach opportunities, she completely changed her tune and left in a very positive mood. She also left with a few booklets to pass on to friends.
—Jon Bockman, 8/24/11

COM student

Ten of us had great outreach at Boulder’s Pearl St. Mall this evening. Several former vegans told us they were coming back!
—Barbara Bear, 8/17/11

I was in action from 7:30am–4:00pm at the University of Chicago, and heard from a number of vegetarians. One said it was a booklet she had received from us previously that led her to stop eating meat.
—Joe Espinosa, 8/16/11

From a recent batch of Guide requests:

After a Lady Gaga concert in Oakland, CA, a girl was passing out the Even If You Like Meat booklet. It has changed me and my girlfriend’s eating habits forever!!!!
—JC, El Sobrante, CA, 9/17/11

A boy handed me a booklet at Santa Rosa Jr. College – and it worked!
—SA, Occidental, CA, 9/7/11

Heard about you at Warped Tour. I am ready to make this change!
—TJ, Culpeper, VA, 9/13/11


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
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