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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  February 1, 2012

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Gardein Tuscan breast

“Meatier” – The Key to Animal Liberation

Erik Marcus has an excellent post in reply to this WSJ article. His conclusion catches the simple key to a vegan future:

My parents always turned up their noses at the prospect of eating meat alternatives instead of the real thing, until Gardein came along and changed everything. It’s nice to know that competition in this niche is intensifying: it’s threatening the #1 reason that Americans continue to eat animals.

For more detail, please read One Possible Future: A Roadmap to Animal Liberation.


Kenny Torrella

Activist Profile: Kenny Torrella

Continuing our series of activist profiles, we meet Kenny Torrella! Here is an excerpt:

Why do you leaflet?

I leaflet because it’s a cost- and time-effective way to directly inform people about the routine cruelties inflicted upon farmed animals. The average person isn’t going to seek out this information, so it’s up to us to get out on the streets and inform people about what’s going on and how they can prevent cruelty to animals.

What was your most positive leafleting experience and why?

Every time I meet someone who says they went vegetarian or vegan because of a booklet, and every time someone stops to talk to me, is a positive experience. To know that I’ve helped someone make choices to reduce violence in the world, or even getting someone thinking about this issue, is very rewarding.

What would you say to individuals hesitant about leafleting?

I would say, “Go for it!” The first time is the hardest, but after that it just gets easier and more rewarding. It’s important to know that pretty much everyone will either take the booklet and say “thank you,” or they won’t take the booklet and say “no thanks.” Occasionally someone will say a rude comment, but it’s rare, and I’m willing to take a rude comment now and then if it also means I’m able to inform thousands of people about this important cause.

Full interview here.


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs


Jokerz bar

Product of the Week

Kenny: “Go Max Go bars – vegan versions of your favorite childhood candy bars – are my favorite. I’m partial to the Jokerz bar, the Mahalo bar, and Cleo’s peanut butter cups.”

Please submit your favorite products; you can view previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

New vegetarian Daniel
Daniel went veg after getting a booklet at Cal Poly Pomona last semester.

Tyler, Jenna, Frank, Mike, Austin, Steve, and I reached 700 young people in only 45 minutes at the Chinatown Parade. Even telling people it was a booklet about animal cruelty, I know we could have reached a lot more people if we had brought more booklets.
—Kenny Torrella, 1/29/12

I spent my lunch in front of John Jay College. One woman stopped dead in her tracks halfway down the block and read the whole thing right there. I brought her a Guide and spoke to her a bit. She seemed very surprised and concerned about the implications of her food choices. Another woman doubled back after receiving her booklet, asking for several more to give to the young people in her life.
—Lisa Hines, 1/27/12

At Portland State, Cobie, Nettie, and I met a ton of veg students who are excited to get things moving on this campus, including two women who hope to work with the school’s animal rights club, and others who would like to get leafleting for Vegan Outreach. I also met briefly with the campus environmental group, and gave them each an Even If You Like Meat, and left a stack of Guides for them. I also met the amazing Jessika, who has been using the 30 minutes between her classes to hand out booklets at PSU regularly.
     Cobie met a man who wondered out loud how anyone could eat meat after reading our lit. We agreed!
—Caleb Wheeldon, 11/9/11

CSUEB student
Another CSU East Bay student is engrossed in learning the truth, after getting a booklet from Brian.

Good interactions at Oklahoma State, where I reached over 1,000 students. One woman told me the booklet would probably push her to being veg. Reached almost 1,000 again today at the University of Oklahoma, with loads of good conversations. Met two soon-to-be vegetarians!
—Jeni Haines, 10/18/11

Cabrillo College was great! I met Macie last time there, and she ditched some class to help out. I presented to Jasmin’s high school animal rights group a few years ago and now she goes to Cabrillo. She also got out of class to help. There are tons of vegans / vegetarians, but more importantly, there are lots of students who are not yet veg but who are very interested in the material. Definitely had some great conversations.
     Before hitting American High School, I had lunch with my friend and great VO supporter, Keyur. We are both nuts about being as productive as possible and like to read a lot about the subject. We chatted about this at lunch and I have since been motivated to develop a new strategy to be as productive as possible with my time.
     Today at Cal State East Bay, I handed a VO booklet to my 300,000th person. It was an awesome feeling. I like that if someone asks me what I’ve been doing the last four years I can point them to my Adopt a College profile and they can see where I’ve been and what I’ve accomplished.
—Brian Grupe, 11/4/11


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865

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