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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3)
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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  April 18, 2012
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Notes from Vegan Outreach

excerpts from A Real Earth Day Ethic

In many cases, “environmentalism” in the US is just a different expression of narcissism. We want charismatic macrofauna to entertain us. We want wild spaces to use. We want clean air and water for our children and friends. We want others to change to be like us.

But true ethics aren’t a question of what “we want.” [S]tatements and sayings are superficial; intentions and ideology are irrelevant.… Actions – indeed, our very lives – matter only because of their consequences for feeling beings.

“Cruelty is wrong, whether the victim is an eagle or a chicken, a wolf or a pig.”
Photos courtesy of Gary Kramer/USFWS (wolf), MFA (pig), COK (chicken), USFWS (eagle).

All creatures – not just wild or endangered animals – desire to live free from suffering and exploitation. Cruelty is wrong, whether the victim is an eagle or a chicken, a wolf or a pig. The rest is just noise and obfuscation.…

Veganism is a statement against “we want.” Veganism is the embodiment of a consistent, universal ethic. Veganism is a real choice with real consequences. At the end of the day, we can each look in the mirror, knowing we are good people making choices that won’t lead to more suffering for our fellow feeling beings.

Being vegan is only the beginning, however. Those of us who are already vegan have many further opportunities to make the world a better place. Even if our food choices aren’t directly causing animals to be slaughtered, our other choices – setting an attractive example, optimizing our time and resources to have the greatest impact – have consequences even more important than what we eat.

Full article.


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs



Product of the Week

Gina: “Kiss My Face is the best vegan shave cream I’ve tried yet. It actually foams up nicely!”

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Notes from Our Members

Lisa Hines
Lisa Hines spreads sunshine and compassion at Rowan U.

Huge record day at Pasadena City College. Not one Tu/Th student will remain in the dark about factory farms on this campus thanks to today. I was there and rockin’ by 7:45, handing out 50 booklets in 4 minutes. Wow-ee-wow! Heard from numerous veg / vegan / veg-in-training peeps.
     Met a convert from seven years ago (was in high school then); chatted with two students I met last semester who’ve drastically cut back their animal consumption – even dairy! Great reception, even got fed vegan pizza by an appreciative student!
—Nikki Benoit, 2/21/12

So many conversion stories at Ohlone College, with Katie and Alex. Alex had also helped out last year, and has since gone vegan. A student waived me over inquiring about the recipes on the back. He said, “I might want to try this vegan thing out.” Sweet! I gave him a Guide. Alex texted me later and told me that he was watching 4 people in his English class read the brochure while class was going on. He texted again a few minutes later and said the guy in front of him had turned around to ask him about the brochure. They chatted; he was really impacted by it and said he’s going to go veg!
     Was great to have Jeni with me today; we reached over 1,100 students at Santa Clara University and Mission College. I met a veg professor at SCU who was overjoyed that we were leafleting. At Mission we met two Marine recruiters and one said he and his wife were vegan! He thinks his wife might like to help out. He was a well-spoken and healthy-looking dude and said he had been vegan for four years. It was interesting to hear about being veg in the military.
—Brian Grupe, 2/21/12

Andrea Powell
Andrea Powell (above) and Sheryl Slopey (below) make the animals’ case at The College of New Jersey.

At City College of San Francisco, we were joined by an enthusiastic volunteer, Danielle (courtesy of Brian G.). Great busy leafleting the whole time – lots of vegetarians and vegans, lots of good conversations! We reached nearly 1,700 students, and handed out at least 15 Guides, and could have used more if we didn’t run out.
—Darina Smith, 2/16/12

Cold but record day at Queensborough Community College, where Lisa, Lisa, and I reached 1,563 more students. Many thanked us for being there. Also met Emily, who received a booklet from us four months ago and has been vegan ever since! This made our Valentine’s Day.
—Katie Pryor, 2/14/12

Marine and I met a lot of vegetarians and vegans, and we also heard a few people say, “I’ve been wanting to go vegetarian.…” We also talked to a few guys who don’t live up to the stereotype of your “average vegetarian guy,” so that was nice to see stereotypes broken and people who don’t typically take an interest in going vegetarian stopping to ask us questions and meal ideas, and thanking us for our work.
—Kenny Torrella, 2/22/12

Sheryl Slopey

At the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, more students than ever expressed support for our work. One of the many vegetarians I met stated that getting the booklet from me last semester is what moved her to stop eating animals.
—Joe Espinosa, 2/14/12

Great day at Morgan State, where we reached a record 2,100 students. One student said she ate a vegetarian lunch today because of us, and another student said he was going to cut back his meat intake dramatically.
     Another great experience today at the University of Delaware, where we reached 2,500 more students. Met a ton of vegetarians / vegans. As one student took a leaflet, she said, “I’ve heard a bunch of people talking about this today.” That’s one of the great things about leafleting en masse: you completely raise the issue and spark a conversation throughout the campus.
—Kate and Aaron, 2/22/12

Wide support at the University of Mississippi. Many people mentioned the booklet was sad, or offered an approving “Thank you.” I met a vegetarian of 8 days and one of 7 months; both had many questions. I also had several great conversations with people aware of the issue from getting a booklet in the past.
—Jeff Boghosian, 2/22/12

Rutgers reader
Rutgers readers.
Rutgers reader

Over 500 students reached at Johnson County Community College. One student said that she wasn’t going to eat chicken anymore, and another student said that he was going to go back to being vegetarian again. I answered a lot of questions.
     At Kansas State’s food court, the Denny’s serves a $5 Amy’s vegan burger. For 50 cents more they made me a vegan burrito with the burger in it along with an entire avocado, mushrooms, onion, peppers, cilantro, lime, and pico – yum! It is great being able to refer students there.
—Rick Hershey, 2/22/12

Victoria and I set a new record at the University of New Mexico – over 2,000! One girl came back and said she read the whole thing, it made her cry, she is going vegan. Another male student said that he was going vegan.
—Vic Sjodin, 2/24/12

The take rate was very high at WT White High School in Dallas. One girl wanted to get involved, so I took her email. Talking to two boys, one called a friend to tell him someone was giving out info about vegetarianism and to come over to where we were; his friend came over right away to talk to me and told me he has been cutting out meat since he witnessed his grandmother slaughter a chicken and felt terrible about animals getting killed.
—Nora Kramer, 2/15/12

Big day for John, Parker, and me; reached over 1,700 students at York College and Millersville University. Many great encounters. A pair of young women stopped by to say that they read the booklet and are both going vegetarian as a result. A dude stopped by to say that he used to be veg, and the booklet was going to push him to go back to being veg. A young woman said that she would not be able to go completely veg, but, as a result of the booklet, was pledging to cut back on her meat consumption.
—Jon Camp, 2/23/12

Accompanying a donation and order for booklets:

I’m so thankful I got the booklet at my college. After I read this (and cried for a few days), I immediately swore off meat and eggs. I just had no idea about these atrocities. Now I want to show others. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
—JS, 4/15/12


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
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