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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  July 11, 2012

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Jamie and Allesandra
Jamie and Allesandra received our Warped Tour booklets at the Denver stop – two former vegetarians back on track thanks to your donations!

You & Team Vegan: the Payoff

Even as our amazing leafleters are reaching thousands and thousands of new people at every stop of the Warped Tour (so far: 179,867 leaflets at 18 shows, between 81 different leafleters, with 15 hosts, and 9,672 miles driven), Vegan Outreach is gearing up to print 700,000 copies of the new Compassionate Choices and Even If You Like Meat for Adopt a College’s fall term.

All of this is possible only because of the stunning efforts of everyone involved with Team Vegan, who brought in a record $250,000+ to print and distribute more VO booklets!

Because of all of you who have dedicated yourselves to striking at the root, VO activists across the continent will be heading into fall semester in a position to provide the animals the most effective voice ever!

It’s been an honor to work with the Team Vegan members! They spent two months beating the bushes to raise money from friends, family, coworkers, etc. Special thanks to John, Fany, Steve & Steve, Nick, Anna, Kathryn, Brian & Brian, and, of course, Anonymous, whose matching challenge and double doubling helped increase everyone’s impact!

We’re deeply and truly thankful that you believe in VO’s work and use your contributions to help others have a bigger impact!

If we are to bring about the new world we all want, where animals aren’t viewed as mere commodities but rather are treated with the respect they are due, it will obviously require that people no longer view animals as food. This fundamental change can’t take place from the top down; it must occur from the bottom up.

Together, we are making this happen, every day.

Pomona crew
Because of your support, this amazing crew of leafleters was able to reach 13,275 Warped Tour fans at the Pomona stop! Clockwise from top left: David Coman-Hidy, T, Miguel Marron, John Oberg, Beau Broughton, Jeni Haines, Lisa Hines, Yvonne LeGrice, Stewart Solomon, Sacha Vizneau-Sweet, Nikki Benoit, Norma Sanchez, and Estela Sanchez.


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs


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Notes from Our Members

Mikael Nielsen

What an absolutely stunning day of outreach – 14,000 individuals were reached in Chicago. With a team of some of the most talented individuals around – Mikael [right], Elizabeth, Riley, Kevin, Pamela, Jennifer, Nathan, Jennifer, Vic, Kenny, Joe, Leslie, Sacha, and Tyler the security guard! – we were able to set an all-time record! ’Twas no easy task – with five different exits and an attendance of at least 20,000, we had to be on our A game for many hours. Now on to Minneapolis!
—John Oberg, 7/7/12

Wow! What a day at Manchester Community College. I met many vegetarians and vegans. After reading the Compassionate Choices, one student turned vegetarian on the spot. Another student wants help going vegan, but lives at home and has run-ins with her parents; we exchanged emails. Another guy said he would work on going vegan with his mom! Met several others who had been vegetarian or vegan, but went back to eating meat; they will work again on going veg after our discussions. The vice president of student government wants to have me come back next semester to speak. Met another student who wants to go vegan and wants to leaflet next time I come back. I gave her a stack of Even If You Like Meat booklets to give out to her friends and on campus. She will contact VO, too! The leafleting gods were with me today! I am psyched!
—Karen James, 4/16/12

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students
John Oberg snapped this photo of members of the sustainability club at RPI.

Anon and I had a fabulous day of outreach at Santa Fe College, where we reached over 1,100 polite students (a record) who gave us tons of thank yous. Heard from two students who are going to eliminate consumption of land animals and another three who are now on their way to going vegetarian. They loved the Guide. One student said she found a brochure on a desk and read it through. She couldn’t eat the ham sandwich she brought for lunch, and said she was likely going vegetarian. I encouraged her and gave her a Guide. Another guy came over asking if that happens to all of the chickens we eat; we had a nice conversation. Afterward, we dined on a scrumptious $4 lunch (they actually have a deal where your first time is free), compliments of Hare Krishnas at Santa Fe College. (They are also on the University of Florida and Florida State University campuses every day, and most of the food is vegan.)
—Jeff Boghosian, 4/9/12

Victoria, Mara, and I reached over 1,100 students at Austin Peay University and Tennessee State, although the outreach transcends just numbers. Gave a talk at Austin Peay – very powerful, eyes glued, many questions. One woman stated she wanted to go vegan afterwards; I feel a few more will come into their own as awesome people. Met one dude at Austin Peay who went vegan as a result of a leaflet last semester. At State, Mara spoke to a group of four students for a very long time; they said they wanted to go veg. Victoria met two tall athletes who went veg recently. I offered leaflets to a group of four students who initially said no; we had a long bro down and then one stated he wanted to go veg and two others that they would eat less meat, kind of amazed me. Very awesome interaction.
—Vic Sjodin, 4/12/12

JB and I visited Raleigh for a long weekend, kicking it off with leafleting NC State. The reception was outstanding! We reached 1,000 students, giving the vegetarians and vegans we met Guides.
—Darina Smith, 4/12/12

Neil Benoit

I finally got to meet the legendary Nikki on this great day of leafleting North Shore Community College. Nikki’s dad [right] was kind enough to join us, too! I handed a leaflet to a 75+ aged woman. She turned around 20 feet away, walked back to me, and went on to explain that she has a large family who are all going vegetarian because they recently learned about factory farming. She thanked me many times and took a dozen leaflets to give to her family members. She came back later in the afternoon with a friend to make sure that she got a leaflet, too! Later, an environmental science teacher took a leaflet and gave me his card so that I can speak to all of his classes next semester!
—David Coman-Hidy, 4/13/12

Jeanie’s first time leafleting today. As I was reaching down to pull out my bundles from my tote, Jeanie was already handing out leaflets. She was lively and did really great off on her own. At one point, she was talking with a Christian, and whipped out the Christian Vegetarian Association booklets. The woman got very excited; Jeanie asked her if she would want to do outreach. She was willing. So looks like that encounter will yield good things.
—Nettie Schwager, 4/17/12

Laura, who has been housing and feeding us, joined John and me at SUNY Albany, and her cooking gave us the energy to reach over 3,200 students – the biggest day of college outreach ever in New York!
     One young woman told Laura that she got a VO booklet on campus three years ago and has been veg since. A number of people told us they were “with us.” A guy told me he had just scheduled a meeting with dining services to get more veg options on campus, while another woman asked me how she could help get more veg options on campus (fortunately, I got email addresses for both and will put them in touch). A professor let John know that her students are reading Eating Animals (which explained why I saw someone with a copy of that book in her hand) and asked us to come speak to her class sometime.
—Jon Camp, 4/17/12

Nikki met Raquelle at Cal State Northridge – she’s been veg since receiving a VO booklet at LA’s Artwalk a year ago!

I spoke at the Boulder (and Beyond) vegan meetup. The talk went over well, and the organizer (the amazing Lisa Shapiro) told me that two people will be starting Meatless Mondays as a result.
     I focussed my talk on why it is so important for people to have patience with one another, especially people who are looking into eliminating meat from their diets, and to celebrate people for making better choices every step of the way. I also encouraged people to look at Facebook and other online advocacy as exactly the same as doing it in person, and to never write anything you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.
     My experience has been that some “activists” seem to take pleasure in being horrible to others, activists and the public alike (even to people they could be winning over for the animals). Because it saddens me to see activists bickering about who is the most abolitionist (or whatever the right terms are these days), or who has the best tactics, or anything at all, I have resigned myself to positively encouraging anyone who is trying to help animals, or keeping my mouth (and typing fingers) shut, and I joyfully invite others to do the same if they feel like me. (Everyone else can attack me on FB :-)
     As I have said many times, if animal people are attacking each other, they are doing the meat industry’s job for them, and the animals are the big losers.
—Caleb Wheeldon, 4/14/12


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
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