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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  October 10, 2012

Notes from Vegan Outreach

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  Kassy Ortega

Activist Profile: Kassy Ortega

Continuing our series of activist profiles, we head to SoCal and talk with Kassy Ortega. Interning for Vegan Outreach with Nikki Benoit, Kassy has reached over 14,000 students already this term! Here are some excerpts:

What was your most positive leafleting experience and why?

So far, I cannot say that I have only one positive experience that trumps all, but about every time I leaflet at a school I have at least one student who comes up to me with questions about the information that I am handing out, wanting answers and wanting to make a difference in the lives of animals. All the individuals who come forward wanting to change their lives in some way to better the animals, the world and themselves, makes leafleting a positive experience in general. This work is life changing to the individuals that you reach and also to yourself.

What would you say to individuals hesitant about leafleting?

Anyone can leaflet! Being nervous is completely normal. A crowd of people racing around at a class change can be intimidating if you are leafleting on your own for the first time. If you want to get involved in leafleting and have never done it before, have a friend join you the first couple times around to ease the butterflies. Once you become comfortable with approaching others with a booklet, you will find out how easy it really is!

Full interview here.


  Milena Esherick
Design Specimen

From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” Blog


Products of the Week

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Sophie’s Kitchen  

Sophie’s Kitchen makes amazing vegan “seafood” products, and are also supporters of Vegan Outreach!

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

  Crystal Love at Irvine Valley College

At Cal State Los Angeles, Chuck and I heard from numerous veggies, and watched the blinders get blown off numerous others. It’s crazy to think folks are still in the dark on this issue, but inspiring to see that all it takes is one flip of the switch. Shazam.
     At UC Riverside, I hooked up with Kassy – friend of The Oberg himself – she’s a superstar advocate, we’ll see lots of sparks outta her efforts. Steve, Lacey, Taylor, and Charlie joined us. Melissa and Martin also joined me at CSU San Bernardino – all told, we reached over 2,600 students!

Amir Mirzaei at Irvine Valley College  

     Over 1,550 students today at Irvine Valley College. Today’s encounters were so rad, I was looking for the camera crew all day. For example, Crystal [above] got a booklet, asked for a few extras for her sustainability club. Comes back ten minutes later, puts her stuff down and starts leafleting with me. Later, Sonja stopped and asked for ways to get involved; we exchanged info. Amir [left]…this cat comes back to me with the booklet saying, “What do I do to help?” I say, “Help me leaflet.” He says, “Ok. What else?” I say, “Stop eating the animals and their parts.” “Of course, that’s done as of the second I glanced through that booklet. This is disgusting. And horrible.” And he’s a natural leafleter! He’ll be joining me at many more colleges going forward.
—Nikki Benoit, 8/20/12

  Robyn Gillette at Contra Costa College

Diane, the leafleting rock star, was back in action on her two-year veganversary – congrats Diane! We reached 898 students at De Anza College – amazing for summer session!
     Diane joined me again at City College of San Francisco, along with Ashley, Rashmi, Danielle, and Kitty. We more than doubled the previous record, reaching 4,652 students! Take rate was really good, and we met plenty of interested students.
     Kitty, Jonathan, and Robyn joined me to set another record at Contra Costa College. It was Robyn’s first time – she was nervous, but a total natural [right]. We met several people who said they’re going to try veg now, and another who is now going to try vegan for two weeks.
     Todd and Darren [below] joined me for a very eventful day at Solano Community College and Napa Valley College, where we chatted with lots of interested students. Was thanked a number of times for spreading the word. Talked at length with a guy who had no idea factory farming even existed. He left with a Guide and some movie recommendations – I know he’ll be eating differently. Gave a booklet and a Guide to a nutrition professor who said he would definitely read them. I then met a guy who said that after reading the booklet, he is determined to go veg.
—Brian Grupe, 8/22/12

Todd Smith and Darren Roth at Solano Community College

Pam and I reached 300 people at Navy Pier. We both had great conversations. One person took booklets for friends; another gave Pam a big hug, and one woman yelled out of her car how much her son loved the magazine we had given him. Another lady said that she had gotten a booklet the week before and that she was making changes to reduce farmed animal suffering. Her boyfriend remarked about how extreme the cruelty is that we subject them to and then said, “And we call them animals.”
—Mikael Nielsen, 8/15/12

  Karen James at Farmingdale State

Receptive crowd at the farmers’ market. I was pleasantly surprised by the heartfelt reactions I got! Watched many people reading the booklet. One person came back to tell me they plan to go vegan over the next few months.
—Barbara Bear, 8/18/12

Good to be back! Great conversations at Suffolk County Community College, where I reached over 1,000 students. Conversations about starting a group on campus, and met 11 vegetarians, 4 vegans. Also received the emails of a few people who want more info, and one who wants to get involved in leafleting.
     Jennifer and I blew the socks off Farmingdale State, reaching nearly 1,600 students! We met 5 vegans and 9 vegetarians. We also got the emails of 2 vegans we met, to keep in touch and get them in contact with each other. I met a student who said he had been vegan for two years, but had returned to eating meat. We discussed his reasons for the change; I gave him a Guide; he said he was very glad we were there, and was going to try going vegan again. Yippee!!!
—Karen James (above, leafleting Farmingdale State), 8/28/12

  Cynthia at Irvine Valley College
  Another one of Nikki’s rad encounters at IVC: “Cynthia got a booklet 2 years ago at OCC – vegan on the spot. She veganized her boyfriend AND his parental units.”

Good conversations at Willamette University and Linfield College. Some students said they still had their booklets from last year. A young woman who has been vegan two months wondered whether she was getting good nutrition, and was very happy to get a Guide with nutrition information. A young man who had taken a booklet before approached me and said, “I just want to say, thank you for doing this.” Another young man pointed to the booklet he had taken, saying, “They feed me this stuff in the cafeteria.” I asked, “Do they serve vegetarian?” He said, “They probably do. I should probably try it.”
—Cobie deLespinasse, 8/28/12

It was great to return to college leafleting and set a new one-day record for students reached at a Virginia community college – 1,325, and six others given a Guide. Several people commented that I was a “warrior” and such for leafleting many hours in the hot sun. I had good conversations with a guy who had just celebrated his three-year anniversary as a vegan, a young woman who wants to get involved with local outreach, and a guy who told me that he’s vegan until 6pm every day.
—Jon Camp, 8/27/12

Jovan joined me to hit the All Stars Tour at the Congress Theater, where we had a very receptive audience. The doorman asked me about what we were doing and said he agreed that meat causes unnecessary suffering; then as kids were leaving, he told them, “Take a flier!” They also let us stand by the door though they shooed everyone else away. We heard from many vegetarians and vegans.
—Leslie Patterson, 8/13/12


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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

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