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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  October 17, 2012

Notes from Vegan Outreach

  John Oberg

AAC Amazing!

Nikki Benoit  


Even though it’s only mid-October, Adopt a College activists have already reached more than 525,000 students at over 550 schools!

By the time you read this, John Oberg (right) will have handed a booklet directly to 55,000+ students this term, and Nikki Benoit (left) – who has reached at least 72,000 students each of the past four terms! For reals! – will have given a booklet to 50,000+.

One of our best behind-the-scenes volunteers, Dawn Ratcliffe (below), has now quietly reached over 100,000 individuals, as well as supplying one of our favorite quotes:

  Dawn Ratcliffe

Since becoming vegan in 1995, I have distributed tens of thousands of Vegan Outreach leaflets in a dozen states (and counting). Although I started using VO literature early on in my activism, I still felt that leafleting by itself wasn’t as effective as protesting every weekend. I couldn’t have been more wrong, especially when I looked at the amount of time I spent organizing protests, calling activists to attend the protests, making signs, etc. Maybe I felt that since I had invested so much time and effort, protesting had to be more effective than simply handing out leaflets for an hour or two. Thank goodness that Vegan Outreach continues to steer activists in the right direction!

Congratulations to all leafleters and donors – you are changing the world every day!!


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs

  Silk Pure Almond  


Product of the Week

Kassy: “Almond milk is an absolute staple in our household! Like many, I am looking to cut back the grocery bill and Silk almost always has coupons that I can print off right from their website! Silk Pure Almond has calcium and only about 40–90 calories per serving (depending on which of the many flavors you choose)! Almond milk in general contains more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than cows’ milk. So delicious and full of flavor without the cholesterol and saturated fat makes almond milk the #1 milk choice in our diet.”

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

  John Oberg

After a little under three years of volunteering, today at Winona State is Day #1 being officially employed by Vegan Outreach. It’s safe to say that there is absolutely nothing I’d rather be doing in this world than engaging in some of the most effective outreach I possibly can, while getting the opportunity to explore the continent, interact with the public, and meet / hang out with some of the coolest people in the entire world. I love VO and the whole family of leafleters, volunteers, hosts, and donors.
     As for today, I set a new personal record, reaching 2,761 students with Even If You Like Meat, and handed out 20 Guides and an AML. I got in early and stayed until the 3:00 class change. The Winona students were very receptive and I was thanked numerous times for being out there in the sun (which unfortunately led to me having one of the worst farmer’s tans in my life). Heard lines such as “Keep up the good work!” and “It’s a good handout, I didn’t know most of the stuff in there.”
—John Oberg (above, leafleting St. Cloud State University), 8/28/12

Jennifer Greene  

Jayme and some friends joined me and Jennifer [Greene, left] at Stony Brook U – we reached an incredible 3,930 students! Several students stopped back to say they want to change over to veg; they each got a Guide. We gathered the names of 17 students who are interested in either starting an AR group on campus, getting veg options into the cafeteria, and/or leafleting! We’ve already heard back from one student who is going to take the lead in forming a group; Jennifer and I will back with support!
     Ann joined me at SUNY, Old Westbury – she took to leafleting really well! Met two students interested in leafleting; gave them each a Guide and AML. Also met a teacher who teaches about animal welfare / factory farming in her psych class. She asked me for a dozen Even If You Like Meat to hand out in class; I gave her six Guides to hand out as well. Two students came back to say they were disgusted by what they saw in the Compassionate Choices booklet, and said that they would cut back on their consumption of meat immediately. A man stopped to chat, and said that he does not eat red meat. We discussed the horrors that other animals experience in the food industry, and he said that he would read the Even If I gave him, and the Guide, and try to start cutting out pork and chicken!
—Karen James, 8/30/12

It was awesome of Angelo to join me for a whole day of leafleting at Millersville University!
Some highlights:

  • A young woman said, “You converted my friend last year. She’s still vegetarian.”
  • Another young woman said, “I already got that. And I already cried over it.”
  • And yet another young woman said that she recently turned vegan and was interested in getting involved. I gave her my contact info (was too rushed to get her info) and gave her a Guide.
  • A dude told me that he was in the process of opening a vegan bakery nearby.

—Jon Camp, 8/30/12

  Rashmi Abeysekera
  Rashmi Abeysekera spreads the message of compassion at the City College of San Francisco.

Leafleting the Red Line station was somewhat hit-or-miss, but one guy came back after reading the booklet and said he was going to make a change right then and there. He seemed very honest and shocked by what he had read. Just that one person made the entire time worth it!
     Jenna and I had a good day at the College of DuPage. A lot of students were really shocked to learn the truth. Several great conversations with groups, and a number were ready to make a change.
—Pam Stelmasek, 8/30/12

Reached 195 students at Fresno High in only 18 minutes! At Fresno City College, I met a woman who said she was already thinking about going vegan and was really excited to get some help. Met a couple others who used to be vegetarian and were interested in getting back to it. A beautiful day and a few hours well spent.
—Jonathan Hussain, 8/30/12

  Lillia Silva

Lois and I had an interesting time at the farmers’ market, with loads of interactions. A woman took a booklet, then laughingly handed it back to me saying, “My husband’s a pig farmer.” I said they could still read the booklet. The husband grabbed the booklet and started looking at it while his wife said, “Hey, honey, maybe you can travel like you’ve always wanted to.” One young woman said she was more concerned with humans, but after talking with me a bit, happily accepted a booklet. Two different people came back and asked for a second booklet for a friend. One newish vegan was happy to get a Guide, an invite to our video showing, and a vegan button which he immediately pinned to his shirt. Met a whole family of vegetarians who were happy to get a Guide and video invite. Lillia [right] approached me to say that she’d gotten a Compassionate Choices from me at the farmers’ market a couple of weeks ago and has been “pretty much vegan” since. And her husband, who had eaten a lot of animal products, is following her down the vegan path. Yippee!
—Barbara Bear, 9/1/12

Clayton Carr  

My mini-leafleting marathon included the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where almost exactly 20 years ago, Matt Ball and Anne Green helped me become vegan and an activist. Clayton [Carr, left] joined me for a few hours and did strong work on his half of the quad. I met him this past summer at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago and found out that he became vegan after getting a booklet from me a few years ago. He offered to help leaflet, and the rest is UIUC history!
—Joe Espinosa, 8/29/12

Awesome day at the University of Maine, Farmington! Super-friendly students. An older staff member said she was very happy to see me handing out the info. A student thanked me profusely and wished me luck with the outreach. Very sweet! A different student waved the leaflet in the air and exclaimed, “Yay vegans! Whoooo!” She proceeded to tell the person next to her that she is vegan.
—Lana Smithson, 9/6/12

  Citrus College students
  Three of the 2,200 Citrus students reached by Nikki and Kassy.

At Maui Community College, I chatted with a woman who told me she used to be vegan but switched when she got married. She felt like receiving a booklet put her in the mind to go back to becoming vegan. I also had a nursing student come up to me and ask for five booklets to share with her classmates. And, as always, countless recipients started reading the booklets moments after they were received.
—Erik Marcus, 9/5/12

The awakening is WAY underway at Citrus College, where Kassy and I reached 2,200! Students are always eager to learn more, they’re droppin’ meat / dairy / eggs like third-period French. It’s the stuff stories are made of.
—Nikki Benoit, 9/6/12

LPC veggie  

Great day at Chabot College with Leslie! Interesting chats with students; met loads of vegans, vegetarians, and people who agree this is an important issue. For example, I met a big, strong guy who has been vegan for six months now and says it’s working out good and he likes it. Nice! Also chatted with three really tall guys (rockin’ lots of sports gear and gold teeth) who were really curious about factory farming. Felt like I was able to give them some good answers and pointed out specific pictures and what was going on in the brochure. They wanted to check out some videos, and one of the guys wanted a Guide.

  SFSU student
  An SFSU student stops in her tracks to read Even If You Like Meat.

     Monday, I was joined once again by the new superstar activist Rashmi, who soon starts her senior year at Berkeley High. This day’s leafleting pushes her to 1,600 for the month of August! Eleanor, my leafleting pal from Sacramento, is now in the Bay Area, and joined us at Las Positas College. We met a number of people who are on their way to veg or who have been thinking about it. I snapped a pic [above] of a gal who has been veg a year because of getting a booklet from us last fall at Las Positas, woo! I also had a really nice chat with a fella who was shocked by the booklet, specifically the picture of the baby male chicks left in a hatchery dumpster because they are not valuable to the egg industry. He got a Guide; I’m positive he’ll be thinking about his food choices differently. Rashmi and I then stopped at Merritt College. Even though it’s a small school, the reception is fantastic and the students are always so interested. When I went inside to grab a drink, I overheard a guy order a salad because of the booklet. Also talked with a woman who wants to start getting off meat.
     Today was a huge day at San Francisco State, where Kitty, Diane, Brian, Abel, activists from the local group SAVVE, and I reached 3,616 students! Lots stopped to chat, and quite a few thanked us for spreading the word. Diane ran into a guy who got an Even If a few years back and went veg as a result. He went vegan two months ago and thanked Diane for doing the good work that changed his life. So cool! I was really happy to be there for quite a few people who were in the midst of transitioning to veg / vegan or who had been seriously thinking about the issue.
—Brian Grupe, 8/28/12


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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
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