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Vegan Outreach Special Enews  •  November 19, 2012
This issue is sponsored by The Vegetarian Site:

Your pamphlet helped turn me vegan 11 years ago. I have absolutely loved Vegan Outreach’s work since then. I’m in a position right now to give [to the matching], so I want to help you guys help the animals.

Together for Better Thanksgivings

Photo courtesy of Animal Acres.

Every month or so, a new investigation comes out, exposing a specific new case of cruelty.

But we all know that for every atrocity exposed, there are almost countless others that go unseen.

We are obviously outraged when we see the latest example of the barbarism animals suffer on factory farms and in slaughterhouses.

But outrage isn’t enough!

The animals need our action – effective and efficient advocacy to create real change.

This is why we give the animals our voices every single day.

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Luke McCullough at SDSU

Your doubled donation today will lead to more of these stories:

South Dakota State was ag school #3 this week, and it went as expected: amazingly!
     Favorite quotes of the day:
     “What is it? Church?” Me: “It’s info to help animals.” Him: “Help animals? You bet!”
     “I got one and I’m proud to say I haven’t eaten meat today.” Me: “Here’s a Guide with vegetarian recipes, meal ideas, and health tips if you want to continue with it.” Him: “Thanks, I might take you up on that!”
     “Stuff like that will put me out of business.”
     One of those ag students, Spencer, was actually great to speak with – he knew his stuff so it made for good conversation. After walking in circles around him (literally, leafleting every student who walked by), while having a 15-minute conversation about factory farming, he shook my hand and thanked me for “having a calm, educated discussion about this.”
     I actually met several vegetarians at this ag school in the middle of nowhere, including Luke [McCullough, above], who has actually been vegan for a week and helped me leaflet two class changes. He was a natural and is interested in keeping this up at this school, as well as possibly joining up for some Warped Tour-ing! I met two other people who are interested in getting active, and I’ll be putting them in contact with each other.
     At Augustana College, two women [below] were sitting behind a fenced-off area outside an academic building and called over to a guy I had just leafleted, asking, “Hey, what’s that guy handing out?!” He replied, “It’s about stopping animal cruelty.” One yelled back, “Oh, that’s awesome!” On my way out, I asked if she and her friend would like booklets. They gobbled them up, and Kadyn [on the right] told me she’s actually vegetarian on her way to becoming vegan. She THEN informed me that she’s a senior, and she was originally thinking about going to grad school, but now she’s considering doing non-profit work and is really interested in the work that Vegan Outreach does. I gave her (and her friend, Mariya) a copy of A Meaningful Life, got her contact info, and parted ways with the school. This was a result of chance on a leafleting outing that I thought was nearly a waste.
     Important lesson learned: No matter if we hand out or donate for 2,500, 250, or 25 booklets, the impact each of us can have is astronomical.
—John Oberg, 9/12/12

Mariya Pabst and Kadyn Wittman at Augustana College

Yesterday morning at my alma mater, Case Western Reserve University, I leafleted my undergraduate advisor, and he seemed interested in the issue, though he did not recognize me. A staff person walked by with a high school group following her. She told me not to give them leaflets, but I did offer them and most of the students wanted them. She was mad, but I just told her they had the right to the information if they wanted it. A couple ladies also pulled their cars over to see what I was handing out and took leaflets. I love curious people!
     Today was my last day of vacation leafleting, so I got up at 4:30 am to get to Bowling Green State by 8:50. Lots of students stopped with questions. I spoke with three Obama campaigners, and they were all veg. One student came up and said, “Oh yes, you guys are the only people that hand out things that are right.” Two girls took the leaflets and asked about it. After I explained how the animals are treated they were upset and were happy to take Guides. I heard other students saying the leaflets made them sad, so I knew my goal was accomplished for the day.
—Leslie Patterson, 9/13/12

Stacy at Morgan State
Stacy (above) received a VO booklet when Aaron Ross and Kate St. John leafleted Morgan State two years ago, and has been vegan ever since!

Susan and I had many good conversations at Western Connecticut State. We met a student who received a booklet from me last year and cut his consumption of animal products in half. Another said he received one last semester and cut out all meat. A third also said he received one from me and is working toward vegan! A woman from administration stopped to talk – she is marrying a vegan in the spring. I gave her a Guide to get her started, and she was very grateful. Gathered 13 names and emails of students who want better veg options in the cafeteria and want to start a group on campus.
—Karen James, 9/12/12

I’m still in shock from all the great conversations I had at Southeastern University, and how excited several people were to accept a booklet when they heard what it was about. In fact, the words “factory farming” didn’t really get students as excited as “vegetarian” or “vegan” did, as the “v” words caused several students to stop in their tracks to get a booklet. Talked to a nice woman who was tabling on behalf of her church, and while not vegan, she eats a lot of veg foods since her son got a Compassionate Choices at Polk State two years ago and was really affected by it. Also, talked to an English professor who is supportive and has been integrating animal issues into his assignments. After our conversation, he is now thinking about showing some animal films and may invite us to talk to his classes.
     Early on, a handful of students told me that dining services just expanded their vegetarian and vegan options in what they classify as an herbivore station. And best of all, they said the food is tasty and actually includes seitan. Knowing this early on helped when students expressed an interest in eating more veg*n options or wanting to go veg, because I reminded them that they can easily eat vegan on their meal plan. Not surprisingly, this seemed to further solidify their commitment to making dietary changes. For example, one woman came back to tell me that she read the booklet and is going vegetarian; her friend seemed to be on board as well!
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 9/13/12

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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865

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