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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3)
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reducing the suffering of farmed animals
by promoting informed, ethical eating.

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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  December 12, 2012

Please Donate Now!
Photo courtesy of USDA.


This donation is to acknowledge the person who passed out leaflets at Temple University. I was inspired to start eating vegan then, a choice I feel good about every day.

Here is my donation to the matching. It really is basic: The more people who receive a booklet, the more lives are saved.


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Just One Word: RESULTS!

As you know, Vegan Outreach’s singular focus is to reduce as much suffering as possible.

Our work together may not get glitzy media coverage, but it does get results!

And as our good friend Harish has documented, the consumption of and demand for animal flesh has been in striking decline, starting when VO’s distribution first hit a million booklets in 2006.

We can literally see the arc of history bend!

This is the bottom line for Vegan Outreach: Results!

This is why activists across the continent work with Vegan Outreach: Results!

This is why donors contribute to Vegan Outreach: Results!

New vegetarian in the Bronx
This man received a Compassionate Choices from Casey in the Bronx and decided to go veg as a result!

You can see it in polls and surveys and the daily feedback!

You can see it in the numbers:

  • 19.1+ million booklets distributed since 1993.
  • 12.7+ million young people reached through the Adopt a College program since fall 2003.
  • 2.5+ million young people directly handed a detailed, documented booklet in 2012 alone!

Every one of these booklets efficiently and effectively cuts through the billion-dollar lies and deception of modern agribusiness.

Every dollar saves animals, further bending the arc of history toward justice.

Please Double Your Donation Now!  


Your contribution creates concrete results!

And today, you can take advantage of the matching challenge put together by your fellow donors to double your donation, dollar for dollar, and multiply your results!

Hundreds of dedicated members have now contributed over half of the $122,500 challenge!

With your donation today, you can help us put the full amount to work for the animals!

So please click over to our secure donation page and keep the results coming!

For the animals,

Matt, Jon, Jack, Anne

PS – Every single dollar you can give is the perfect gift: real action and real results!
So please give the gift of results right now!



VVC student Taft College student
Above: Compassionate Choices is studied at Victor Valley and Taft.

Kassy and I set new records at Victor Valley and Barstow Community College! An ag student asked for extra booklets so he could show his class. Boy oh boy, is he in for a surprise!
     Two more records today! And on the way from Cal State Bakersfield to Taft College, we were at a dead stop because of construction traffic, and Kassy [below] leapt from the car to leaflet the stopped cars! When we got to Taft, one of the first people said, “Oh, you just gave me one on the highway! Great idea!!”
—Nikki Benoit, 10/11/12

Kassy Ortega takes advantage of a traffic holdup


Still can’t believe how many vegans / vegetarians I met at College of the Redwoods. So awesome. Chatted at length with a new mother who had gone back to eating meat when she got pregnant but was now thinking of going veg again. Very productive chat. There are at least two classes on campus that are requiring students to do projects on this; many students commented that the booklet would be a good resource. An ag professor told me how important it is that I am getting this information out to students.
—Brian Grupe, 10/3/12

Charlotte Naufahu at Chico State
Charlotte Naufahu (above), Kathy McCrary, Jeannie Trizzino, Karri Sorrenti, Brian Grupe, and Roxana of CFAR handed out 2,450 VO booklets at Chico State on 9/26/12 – a new one-day record for Chico!

Four never-before-leafleted schools today: SUNY Canton, SUNY Potsdam, Clarkson University, and St. Lawrence University. Good interactions, including one woman at Potsdam who said, “I have to go veg now,” and her friend encouraged her, “Yes, I’ll help you!”
—Vic Sjodin, 10/9/12

I love Winston-Salem State. Too many great conversations to share but highlights include a conversation with a woman who is legally blind (can read leaflet very close up) and was thrilled to get a Compassionate Choices and Guide, as she is interested in going vegetarian. I recommended that she try some of the frozen Gardein chicken and she happily told me that she had tried one of the Gardein meats from Whole Foods and really liked it.
     A student with the sustainability group talked to me about helping him come up with ways to promote vegetarian eating and we exchanged contact info. Complimented the recycling worker who was emptying the recycling bins with lightning speed like I did back in the day; after chatting for a minute, it turns out that he is moving toward a vegetarian diet and appreciated the booklets.
     Central Piedmont Community College is always a great place. Talked to a woman who read the booklet and said that it was pretty compelling; after a couple of minutes chatting, she said, “It looks like you have a new convert” – a bonus, since she has two kids. Had a conversation with a future vet student who feels hypocritical since she still eats animals. I told her to start by going vegan one or two days a week and then build on that. I’m pretty sure that she’ll be at least a vegetarian.
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 10/5/12

At the University of Tampa, one religious professor was covering the topic in class, so I gave her 30 to distribute. I also heard from three students who said they discussed it in class.
—Jeff Boghosian, 10/8/12

Patti and I reached 800+ students at Augustana College. After reading the booklet, one student came back and said, “It’s good literature. I feel like it’s very accessible, even for people who might not want to think about this sort of thing.”
—Sen Holiday, 10/9/12

Kayla at Marshall University  
On 9/24/12, Jon Camp reached 1,450 students at Marshall University in Huntington, WV. A highlight was meeting Kayla (above): “She had a vivid dream about animals last night, and it led her to thinking about the way we treat animals. Getting the booklet sealed the deal in terms of how she would resolve those thoughts; she was going veg as a result.”  

Met many vegetarians and vegans at the University of Cincinnati. One woman told Phil she had a booklet stuck on her refrigerator. One told me she hadn’t eaten meat since she had been handed a booklet previously.
—Kevin O’Connor, 10/9/12

In my short time at Governors State, three students stopped by to say they remember me from two years ago, and the booklet changed the way they eat. Wonderful!
—Jesse Trombley, 10/8/12

I always have a great time leafleting Appalachian State – just a ton of great feedback. For example, a student said, “I support you fully. What a very logical and constructive way to make change.”
—Rob Gilbride, 10/10/12

Chris, Mikael, and I got lots of feedback at Oakton Community College. Sometimes we think that people already know what happens, but these students were truly shocked by how animals are treated, and many were willing to make changes to stop it. We had many great conversations with students who were at various stages of change.
—Leslie Patterson, 10/10/12

Natasha Kotey at OU
Natasha Kotey (above), Logan Narcomey, and Jon Camp reached another 2,000 students at the University of Oklahoma on 10/11/12.
Ryan at EDCC

Reached 1,750 students at Oklahoma State, and I probably spoke with more ag students than during all the leafleting over the last year combined. Some of the main points I always hit are:

  • Nowhere in our booklets do we say that farmers are bad people, and we focus on the suffering caused by certain standard agricultural procedures rather than on random acts of malicious abuse.
  • I fully realize that what we do to farm animals is done for the sake of efficiency, not to purposefully cause pain to animals. But what we do for the sake of efficiency causes pain to animals.
  • By no means do we claim to be morally pure. By living, I contribute to suffering; I’m trying to make our very imperfect world a bit less imperfect.

     I was pretty amazed by some of the constructive discussions I had. Some of these ag students gave me more respect, courtesy, and open-mindedness than I sometimes get from those in the vegan and animal advocacy community who disagree over certain tactics.
—Jon Camp, 10/8/12

At Western Washington University, Andy and I heard lots of morale-boosting feedback, like “Keep up the great work, I appreciate what you’re doing.” Also heard from a professor who yelled to us, “Because of YOU I ate a vegetarian lunch!” Another non-veg student raved about how good soy chorizo is. One student said, “My friend got one and I read it all the way through. It was awesome.” Another said, “Read it. Liked it. Thanks.” Each got a Guide.
     At Edmonds Community College, met a kid named Ryan [right] who was so impacted by the booklet that he came back and we talked for about 15 minutes, after which he seemed convinced to give vegetarianism a try.
     At the University of Washington, I leafleted Angel early in the day, and he came back and helped leaflet for a couple of hours. One woman said she had been saddened by seeing a chicken truck driving by, so was happy to see us out there; and I made sure to Guide her. Another interaction: “Oh, thanks, I got one this morning.” “What’d you think?” She replied loudly, “I think I’m gonna stop eating meat!”
     South Seattle Community College was also great leafleting. After I handed one student a booklet, she said, “I stopped eating meat because I got one of these. No more meat for me!”
—John Oberg, 10/5/12

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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach
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