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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  February 6, 2013

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Tamara Hubbard & John Oberg at UNM
Above: John with Tamara Hubbard, who not only found a host for him near UNM last week, but also recruited the seven volunteers who helped them reach 3,250+ students! Below: Vic with Lebsabe, who was rescued by Israel Arriola, the amazing activist who hosted Vic in Mexico last year.
Vic Sjodin & Lebsabe in Texcoco

Hotel Vegan Outreach Needs You!

Help Vegan Outreach devote more resources to the animals by being a branch of the Hotel Vegan Outreach chain!

On his current tour, John Oberg needs housing in or near:

  • Iowa: Des Moines and Iowa City
  • Nebraska: Kearney and Omaha
  • Michigan: Houghton, Marquette, Sault Sainte Marie, and Traverse City

Vic Sjodin is also looking for housing:

  • Louisiana: Lake Charles, Lafayette, and Monroe
  • Indiana: Evansville
  • Kentucky: Bowling Green
  • Tennessee: Chattanooga
  • Ohio: Dayton and Toledo

If you have a spare bed (or couch) for John or Vic, or would like to sign up to be a contact in your area in the future, please let us know: info (at) veganoutreach (dot) org.

Thanks so much!


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs


Beyond Meat at Whole Foods

Beyond Meat Report (and bonus)

Office: We have seen the future!

A week ago, Tucson’s new Whole Foods had Beyond Meat on the salad bar and in a curry dish in the deli. Although it has been 25+ years since Matt has had actual chicken flesh, just a straight, unseasoned, uncooked piece seemed…spooky. Anne (who generally didn’t like eating animals, even before she went vegetarian) said, “Oh, that’s realistic. Too realistic.” (She also won’t eat Field Roast.)

This week, Beyond Meat wasn’t on the salad bar, but still in the curry dish, and now in a sesame chicken salad. Amazing. Anne even likes the chicken salad, with the excellent sauce and all the veggies. We think if we took it to a gathering of meat eaters, they wouldn’t believe it was vegan.

StarLite tacos & taquitos

You can see if Beyond Meat is in a store near you.

Bonus: We had these StarLite rolled tacos watching the Big Game.

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

Barbara Bear at UCSB

At Oxnard College, one booklet recipient loves piggies so much she kissed the booklet. Yes, it’s true – why would I make that up?? Her friend used the opportunity to tell her how ignorant it is that we’re so powerful and then we use our power to abuse animals (which is why he went veg a long time ago). Her dinner will look different from now on.
     Was so great to leaflet with Barbara [Bear, right] and Johanna [Andris, below] at the University of California, Santa Barbara. We met TONS of students wanting to get involved, including a fine young chap “Danny,” who actually cried a bit when he saw the pictures. A “big meat eater,” he eagerly took a Guide. Great to know so many hearts with feet are walkin’ around out there! :-)
—Nikki Benoit, 11/8/12

Johanna Andris at UCSB

Johanna, Peggy, Lois, and I leafleted and tabled today at the Save Our Seas Music Festival. We thought we’d share our own version of saving, to help bridge the gap for those who are still eating animals. It was such a great crowd to hit! I’m sure we opened many hearts to the animals’ plight – new people are definitely on their way now!
—Barbara Bear, 11/11/12

Over two dozen Aggies took a booklet at New Mexico State before the first rejection. At one point, a tour of high school students came by – they actually stopped to wait for booklets, and squealed with delight at the pictures of the chick and the pigs. Can really see what a difference our efforts have made – the student union had a vending machine with only vegan snacks!
—Matt Ball & Anne Green (below), 11/7/12

Anne Green at NMSU
Kim Barber at MCC


Jovan and I noticed the progress at Marquette University, in the numbers of vegetarians and vegans we met, and that the cafeteria was featuring “plant based” eating. Also discovered they now have a student group for the animals!
—Leslie Patterson, 11/7/12

Great conversations with interested people at Manchester Community College. Kim [Barber, right] asked about how she could go back to being vegan. After a discussion and giving her a Guide, she joined me to leaflet! We got eight names of people who want to start a student group. Later, a teacher asked for booklets for her class!
—Karen James, 11/12/12

Students at BCC
Above are two of the students Vic saw studying their Compassionate Choices after the fire alarm rang at Bergen Community College. And below are Daniela Artiga at Passaic County Community College (left) and Quindaya Williams at Ramapo College.


Monday, I met Daniela while leafleting William Paterson University with Matthew Glover. Today, we had the best Friday of the semester, at Passaic County Community College, Bergen Community College, and Ramapo College. She also brought her friend Quindaya along. Both were filled with enthusiasm and were natural leafleters!
     At PCCC, had a great conversation with a professor, who requested booklets for her class. Many other good, quick conversations there, too.
     At Bergen CC, the fire alarm rang. OMG. Hundreds streamed out; Daniela and I quickly took position at one of the main exits and got hundreds out. Many read as they waited outside with nothing to do. Had some conversations, and then was able to walk among crowd and distribute more.
     Today was Daniela’s first full day eating vegan, and she is committed to helping animals! She’s a big score for the animals – as is Quindaya. I love the ripple effects of leafleting. Really rejuvenated by this great day and by their buoyant spirits, and also by the selflessness of Matthew Glover. It’s been a great week.
—Vic Sjodin, 11/9/12

Daniela Artiga at PCCC Quindaya Williams at Ramapo
Kitty Jones, Brian Grupe, and Ekaterina Moysov at UC Davis
Brian with Kitty Jones (left) and Ekaterina Moysov at UC Davis.


Great team at UC Davis: Jack joined me and Kitty, as well as Ekaterina, whom I met while leafleting her school (Skyline College) a month ago. Esther also helped leaflet, having read the booklet during her first class. Although not vegetarian, she wants people to know about the issues and she plans on cutting back a lot.
—Brian Grupe, 11/6/12

High reception rate and a number of vegetarians / vegans at the University of Toledo, where I reached over 1,000 students. One of the vegetarians let me know that it was getting a booklet from me in the past that moved her to become vegetarian. She lamented that she was not yet vegan; she got a Guide, and we had a constructive conversation.
—Joe Espinosa, 11/13/12

Student at WSU
Above and below, students are engrossed in Even If You Like Meat at Weber State University.

Diane and I reached 300 students at Woodside High School between 3:10 and 3:35. Some of the students came back to talk to us, and we heard many, many conversations starting as kids walked away after receiving the booklets. I saw one young man reading his leaflet on the bus, and a young woman reading it carefully while sitting on the curb waiting to be picked up.
—Jessica Hope, 11/6/12

Yesterday at the University of Mississippi, I had one of my best days of conversations ever, including a number of students who were interested in returning to veg eating. One student hadn’t eaten meat in two months since doing a report on the subject. Another student was just starting to eat veg, along with four friends. Other students were interested enough to start reducing meat, via Meatless Mondays or reducing 50%.
     Today at Alabama A&M, a bus full of people pulled over where I was (not a bus stop) because the driver wanted a booklet!
—Jeff Boghosian, 11/9/12

Student at WSU


Today Miguel and I voted 1,685 times – to get these kids to stop eating so many animals!
     Huge number of good interactions at Weber State. Met Genie, a woman that repeatedly told me that the booklet was “really good stuff” and that she would love to incorporate this information into future presentations. One older student read through a couple pages of the booklet, came up to me and said, “I’m with you in spirit…but I’m old. How do I do it?” Whipped out a Guide and landed it in his hands. Another student told me, “No, thanks. I read Animal Liberation and it made me want to slit my wrists.” So I gave her a Guide and told her if she wanted to make a difference for animals, this was a good starting point; she very happily accepted it. Had a great conversation with a group of three students who had been discussing the booklet. I gave two of them Guides, and one student said, “I think I’m going to do it.”
—John Oberg, 11/6/12

Within the first dozen booklets I handed out at Lamar University, I heard from a vegan and a vegetarian. In Beaumont, TX! And like I’ve continued to experience, even in TX, I heard from way more people who said this was sad or that they were veg than from those who questioned why I was there.
—Jon Camp, 10/30/12


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865

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