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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  February 27, 2013

Notes from Vegan Outreach

No Concession to Weather: Adopt a College Powers Ahead!

Leslie Patterson and Laura Sabo at IU
Above: Leslie Patterson and Laura Sabo brave the bitter cold to reach students at IU Bloomington.

Even with a steady string of winter storms sweeping across the country, Adopt a College activists have been on fire for the animals.

Regardless of the weather, these dedicated individuals are exposing the animals’ plight – reaching thousands and thousands of new individuals every school day! So far this semester, 134 leafleters have handed a booklet to 316,167 students at 357 schools!

Congratulations and thank you to all the activists and donors who are changing lives – and changing the world – every day!


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs



Product of the Week

Jessica: “WayFare pudding comes in chocolate, butterscotch, and vanilla. I discovered this vegan, non-GMO pudding at my local Whole Foods store. It’s tasty and I don’t feel guilty eating it as it contains ingredients such as millet, lima beans, rice, oat bran, and oats. Yum! They also recently came out with ‘Pig Out’ – vegan, whole-grain bacony bits.”

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

Gwen at HCC
Miguel at NCC

We set two new records because I had my secret weapon with me today: Gwen [right], one of the cutest vegan 6-year-olds ever! At Housatonic Community College, we met a bunch of vegetarians. Two students exchanged emails to start a group on campus next semester. Two different students came back to ask for more booklets to give to friends and colleagues.
     At Norwalk Community College, we exchanged emails with five students who wanted to start a group. A girl came up to me after reading the booklet and asked me where this is happening. I let her know that this happens in almost all states. Miguel [below] stopped to talk about these horrid conditions. He could not believe it, and agreed that this needed to end. He already stopped eating beef, and said that because of the booklet and our discussion, he was going to stop eating chicken and pork. Gave him a Guide.
—Karen James, 12/4/12

A great day at Montgomery College. A number of vegetarians, and I got the contact info for two interested in joining me for outreach in the DC region. The highlight of the day was meeting Maggie, who let me know that getting a VO booklet in Boston in 2007 gave her the push needed to go vegan.
—Jon Camp, 12/3/12

Great day at Cal State, San Marcos! All day when I offered a booklet, I heard “OOOooh!” “AAAaaah!” and “I love animals!” I met a number of happy vegans and vegetarians who gave props to outreach.
—Kassy Ortega, 12/6/12


Students at AIP Students at AIP
Student at AIP


Phenomenal day at Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Point Park University, and Duquesne University! At AIP, folks queue for 5 to 10 minutes during class changes waiting for elevators. Thus most got booklets and then had to stand and wait. I was pumped to see so many engrossed in reading [above] and discussing with friends. One woman [above, far right] said she didn’t think she could ever eat meat again; she got a Guide. Another woman [right] wants to go vegan and help leaflet in the future.
     Giannina [Gonzalez, below, right] was so bright and positive and we had a pretty good take rate at Carnegie Mellon. One student [below] told us he got a veggie burger for lunch because of the booklet. Several expressed support for our cause and thanked us for leafleting. Heard others discuss with friends. One student said he was very disturbed by the treatment of animals and wanted to help; he got a Guide.
     Icy rain in the morning for the last day of the tour, but still reached well over 700 students at Wilkes University and Luzerne County Community College. Saw lots of students reading cover-to-cover, and got good feedback. Met a former vegetarian who, after reading the booklets, said she’s going back to being veg.
—Vic Sjodin, 12/7/12

Student at CMU Giannina Gonzalez at CMU

Lois – an 82-year-old vegan who looks much younger [below] – continues to inspire me with her energy and activism for animals. At the farmers’ market, we met many more vegans than normal, and had good, productive conversations. One guy refused the booklet at first, saying, “I don’t have any pets.” I told him it was about the animals people eat and then he readily accepted it. Another guy handed the leaflet back saying, “I’m a meat-cutter.” I said he could still look over the material. He smiled genuinely and kept it after all, telling me that a coworker is vegan.
—Barbara Bear, 12/8/12

Lois Barber at AG farmers’ market
Above is Lois Barber at the Arroyo Grande farmers’ market; below are Emily Burton and Alijah O’rourke-Marquez at MHS.
Emily Burton and Alijah O’rourke-Marquez at MHS

Darina and Mikael joined me at The Story Tour Concert, where we reached over 700 Christians with Would Jesus Eat Meat Today? We met nine vegetarians, and gave a Guide to eight – the ninth already had one!
—Jon Bockman, 12/4/12

Christine and I reached 450 students at UNLV and met a number of vegetarians. Had a good “meat reduction” conversation with one woman. Met one professor who said he incorporates animal issues into his English course. He said he even shows Earthlings to his students! Wow, things have changed!
—Elaine Vigneault, 12/10/12

The students at Cal State, Monterey Bay were really great yesterday! I met a faculty member who came and found me and told me how thrilled she was that I was spreading this message around campus. My pal Alijah made her college-leafleting debut between classes; then she and her roommate drove to Monterey High School later to help [right]. Both plan on doing some more leafleting before the year is up – yay!
     Overheard quite a bit of discussion about the booklets at Hartnell College today, and reception was around 98%. I gave a Guide to a veg student and, after my brief explanation, her friend said, “Oh my god, I need that really bad!” One woman told me she read it in class and wants to give up meat now. Gave her a Guide.
—Brian Grupe, 12/4/12

A quick 48 at Scarborough High School. One student said his job is selling meat. I said this pamphlet is important information about the industry. He kept it. A student who said he hunts also kept a pamphlet.
—Lana Smithson, 12/11/12

John Oberg at UA Student at UA Student at UA
Matt sends these pics of John Oberg and a few of the thousands of UA students they reached with Even If You Like Meat.

Was great to hit the University of Arizona with John [above]! We reached over 3,400 Wildcats; and Haybe, whom John had met at Arizona State before, also stopped to help. John met one woman who had gotten a booklet from me earlier in the semester and is now going vegan!
—Matt Ball, 11/30/12

Maria Goller at USU Students at USU
At Utah State University, on-the-spot leafleter Maria Goller (above, left) hands out Even If You Like Meat, a couple of students share a Why Vegan? booklet (above, right), and Luribel Gonzalez (below) starts her “path toward a veggie life” after reading a Compassionate Choices from John.
Luribel Gonzalez at USU


Beautiful day at Utah State – another 2,300+ students reached. Had several high points during the day. For example: leafleted Maria [above], Guided her, then she came back a few minutes later and offered to help. She was awesome.
     At the University of Denver, a professor took a booklet and said, “I love this! Thank you for giving me this!” About 15 minutes later, she came strolling back my way and I handed her a Guide. We got to talking and she thanked me several times for being out there and told me I was “magical.” She was really touched by our work and even said she’d like to donate to VO. Had a great conversation with a student who had been vegetarian. Fortunately, the booklet and our conversation led to her really considering giving it another shot.
     Despite being right by the biggest slaughterhouse in the Western Hemisphere, the University of Northern Colorado was good leafleting! One dude said, “Hey man, that’s pretty interesting stuff.” A student told me, “I’m vegan and glad to see somebody’s out here doing this.” Another said, “You’re doing good work, man.” One more told me, “it’s pretty gruesome stuff.” They all got Guided. I also had a nice conversation with Gina; by the end, she seemed committed to start eating differently!

Bill at CU Boulder

     Despite it being a slow Friday right before break, had good interactions at CU Boulder. Two students wanted to get involved. Had a great ongoing conversation throughout the day with a guy named Bill [right]. After I had handed him a booklet early in the day, he told me he thought it was great and was considering going 75–80% vegetarian. So I handed him a Guide. An hour or two later he came back over and told me, “Wow, I read that and I’m now convinced to go 100%!” Tony read through the booklet and seemed impacted, but didn’t see how “a few students in Boulder” could make a difference. As we talked, he seemed to become more convinced and was really impressed with the amount of vegan food there is on the market. Good times!
     Central New Mexico Community College was a blast! One woman came back and asked me, “Is this really happening? How can I help?” Then, at the University of New Mexico, amazing interactions! I gave one student a Guide, saying, “It has good veggie recipes,” and another student piped up, “Good veggie recipes?!” as if she had just heard I had been handing out free $20 bills.

Melanie at UTEP


     The outreach at New Mexico State was some of the best of the semester. Nearly every student accepted a booklet (I’d say a 95% take-rate, the highest of any public school I’ve ever been to) and the reception was top-notch. One dude told me, “That changed what I ate for lunch today.” A student told me that she was vegetarian before but got sick; now wants to go back. I gave her a Guide, pointed out the health tips in it, and wrote down the link to One student told me he read it and that it made him sad and feeling guilty while another football player-looking guy gave me a sincere “thank you for that flier” after he had read it. Perhaps the highlight: Two students walked up to me and the guy said, “Know that what you’re doing is making an impact.” He then shook my hand. I asked if he was veg and he replied, “No, but soon I will be. Thank you!”

Tom Linney at EPCC
Alex at EPCC

     At the University of Texas at El Paso, the first 52 students in a row accepted a booklet. I heard lots of oohs and awwws from many an enthusiastic bunch. So many people told me how sad it was. A big dude that probably played on the football team told me it made him cry. Met an exchange student from Africa who said, “This is very important!” after I handed him a booklet. We talked for a few minutes; he said “pain is real.” One student, Melanie, came up to me and said, “It got me.” She explained how she read it in class and it made her decide to be vegetarian now. Snapped a pic [above] after giving her a Guide!
     What a day at El Paso Community College! The first 120 students in a row accepted a booklet, and I was fortunate to have the super-cool Tom Linney [right] join me for a couple hours! I overheard students saying, “Aww, this is so sad” to each other and saw many, many students reading the booklet cover-to-cover. One student said, “I’m vegetarian and I’m so happy that you’re out here!” I had a good conversation with Cesar, who wanted to cut his meat intake in half. He said he’s excited to read the Guide. Another guy brought up concerns about dolphins being harmed in the catching of tuna. I related this back to farmed animal suffering and he really seemed empowered by the idea of saving many chickens per year and then convincing others to do the same! The highlight of the day was a conversation with Alex [right], who loves animals but eats meat. She was interested in the idea of eating vegetarian but had no clue what to eat so I ran over a few things with her and gave her a Guide. By the end of the conversation, she said, “I’m going to go vegetarian.”
—John Oberg, 11/29/12


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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