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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  March 6, 2013

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Pig in gestation crate
Above: A pig is confined in a gestation crate (photo courtesy of Mercy For Animals). Below: Pigs hang on “the bleed rail” inside a slaughterhouse (photo courtesy of Temple Grandin).
Pigs on bleed rail

Links and Excerpts

  • Animal Advocacy for All, by Alex Bury
    “I find it doubtful that a pig crammed in a tiny crate – or hanging in a slaughterhouse – would want us to complain to Chipotle that their new vegan dish wasn’t pure enough. If mainstream America starts eating that dish, millions of pigs could be spared a life of intense suffering! I think she would want us to support the new dish and get all of our meat-eating friends to try it.” Full article.

  • To Quit or Not to Quit Veganism, by Jack Norris
    “Sayward Rebhal has an excellent post about her struggles to stay healthy as a vegan. When I got done reading it, I thought, ‘This is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying!’…
         “[I]t is not the leftover remnants of the spirit of the animal that is making [Jamieson] feel better. Her body might require some molecules, or mixtures of molecules, that she was only able to find in animal flesh. But if that same mixture of molecules could be reproduced outside of an animal, it would satisfy her body’s needs.” Full article.

  • Do Some People Need to Eat Meat? by Ginny Messina
    “[S]ome vegans struggle more than others to stay healthy. Nutrient needs vary among individuals so some people may need to work a little bit harder to obtain everything they need. And some vegans are not getting enough of what they need because they are eating diets that are too restrictive and/or they are not taking appropriate supplements.” Full article.

  • 5 Things You Can Do To Add More Vegan Foods Into Your Life by Jon Camp
    “Invoking author Erik Marcus, we should ‘crowd out’ our diet with new vegan foods and not just cut out the non-vegan foods we’re used to. When we have lots of new options to choose from, we won’t feel as though we’re missing something.” Full article.


Product of the Week

Bonnie combines our Cookie Correction with the Gluten Free Bar, finding these Chickpea Chocolate-Chip Cookies to be “seriously good.”

Yes, you read that right: chickpeas.

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Santa at SLO farmers’ market

Notes from Our Members

Mary, Jamie, Kevin, John, and I dressed up as elves to leaflet Christkindlmarket, and had good interactions. Mary had a wonderful conversation:
     A mother came back to me and said her daughter had a question for me. I knelt down on the pavement because she was so small. The little girl asked me if my booklet had foods in it that didn’t hurt animals. I said yes and that there were lots and lots of foods that are made that don’t hurt animals. She then asked me what I ate. I told her that I ate sandwiches, pizza, spaghetti, breakfast scrambles, desserts…but that I made them in a way that didn’t hurt any animals. She looked incredibly relieved and happy. Her mom told me that her daughter (she’s 6) was very upset about “chickens getting hurt.” I told her that she had an amazing daughter.
—Rachel Shippee, with Mary Jungenberg et al, 12/22/12

At the San Luis Obispo farmers’ market, we met a few former vegetarians who accepted a Guide to get back on the path. Once again, there were many who commented on wanting to be vegan and getting closer to being vegan, so Erika, Jill, Randall, Eron, and I were happy to help them in that effort. With the visit from St. Nick [above] and two new activists, it was a great night all in all!
—Barbara Bear, 12/13/12

NYC veggie
Casey snapped this pic while leafleting the Lycée Français de New York on 12/13/12: “A young woman passed by and said, ‘This is why I went vegetarian 3 years ago; just so you know it works – keep it up.’”

Many students at Lane Tech College Prep were interested in learning about what happens to farmed animals. Terry, Nicole, Mikael, Kenny, Jovan, and I reached nearly 700 of them before work.
—Leslie Patterson, 12/12/12

Six-hour round trip to Broward College was worth it, as I had some of the best interactions I’ve had this whole semester. For example, through the course of our conversation, one student became convinced of the benefits that would come if more people stopped contributing to the inherent violence of animal agribusiness. It was great to hear the thoughfulness these students put into their questions and comments. It was really obvious these kids already had been giving the issues some deeper thinking, and I have a strong feeling the booklets being giving out here today will only cause more to do the same.
     While leafleting Miami-Dade College, Medical Campus, many stopped just a few steps past me to read their booklet; others thanked me after accepting one and seeing how it was they could help animals by lessening their consumption. It’s the coolest thing ever, seeing the magical way these booklets help people make this connection!
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 12/17/12

Amy at ASU Tempe
Kathleen at MCC
Anthony and Torin at MCC

What what WHAT a day of outreach at Arizona State, my old stomping grounds! Together, Meggie, Joseph, Zubair, Chris, Dillon, Amber, and I reached 4,435 individuals – the most at any school in the state of Arizona! I met 5 people that want to get involved and probably 30 vegetarians/vegans. Had a great conversation with a student who had an issue with one part. I gave him credit and pointed out how the other 99.9% of the booklet is still information that he probably agreed with; he seemed really content and actually interested in the idea of vegetarianism. Thank you, Mr. Carnegie. Another great interaction was with Amy [right], a former vegetarian. Apparently she was anemic, so I gave her a Guide and pointed out the “Staying Healthy on Plant-Based Diets” section; she was ridiculously excited about it.
     Take-rate was super high at Mesa Community College, as was interest in the subject. This was excellent outreach, as evidenced by several standout interactions: Spoke with Kathleen [right], a woman that told me how she loves animals so much and is always signing petitions for the Humane Society, but she loved meat. We had a great 10-minute conversation about the mistreatment of farmed animals. She actually almost started crying when we were talking and guess what: “I’m going vegetarian right now!” Had a great conversation with Anthony and Torin [right], who were disturbed by our food system. I gave them both Guides, and they seemed keen on the idea of moving towards a veg diet, especially Torin who seemed to just need this reminder and a few answers to simple questions! Also ran into one person who walked out of the Student Union with a salad and pretzel bites in her hands. When I offered her a booklet, she said, “Oh, I already got one. I was planning on getting chicken nuggets but after reading it, I got this instead.” Score!
     More great conversations at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. Alanna [below] started crying while we were talking. She said she’s been “wanting to get into this” for a while and this was the perfect catalyst.

Alanna at CGCC

     Excellent reception at Phoenix College, a community college comprised almost entirely of minorities. Heard tons of awesome things like, “This is why I’m vegetarian!” “This is really sad,” “It’s pretty crazy stuff,” and “Lots of people in class are talking about this.” Had absolutely amazing conversations, including instant vegetarians. On a side note, the last three days I’ve met like 6 people who’ve said they’ve written research papers on the subject of farm animal mistreatment. The word is spreading!!!
     Reception was also super high at Glendale Community College. One student said, “Awww, they’re so mean!” (referring to those that abuse animals). Another said, “Are those bags?!?!” (referring to the trash bags male chicks are often thrown into). Another guy said, “I am so voting for this!” Others expressed their sadness and one student even brought me a water for my time out there.

Student at GCC
Above and below: GCC students are engrossed in Compassionate Choices.

     Headed to GCC for the second day in a row and it was excellent! These kids are super receptive. Met Cynthia, a video production major who thought the booklet was very well-designed and loved how it includes heartwarming pictures of animals at the end. She said she’s been thinking about this for a while and now thinks she’s going to do it. At first she told me she was going to start by cutting out beef, so I quickly guided her in the opposite direction, stressing the emphasis on chickens. She said their household eats a lot of bacon, so I gave her the idea of eliminating or cutting back on meat except for bacon and then, with time, incorporating Fakin’ Bacon (not Smart Bacon, which tastes nothing like bacon IMO) so she and her family could go at a sustainable pace. It’s amazing how simply handing her a booklet triggered her to finally commit to a meat-free life after considering it for some amount of time.

Students at GCC

     Had a great conversation with a dude who stopped in his tracks and was like “Yeahhhh, I hate animal cruelty. I feel very strongly about this.” He ate meat, so I verbally expressed the pie chart of animals that die yearly in the US. He was flipping through the booklet and muttered “son of a b**ch” to himself a few times (just to give you an idea of how upset this made him). He was under the impression that this was only going on outside of the United States, but when I corrected him and then told him how our purchasing power controls whether or not this goes on, he seemed pretty pumped up and happy to receive a Guide. Spoke with Freddy, who came up to me and asked what I was handing out – when I explained it to him, he told me he was actually pretty interested and that his stepmom was a new vegetarian, so I Guided him! Then I talked to Brandon – it was slow and he asked me to tell him more. He was pretty shocked. I gave him a Guide and pointed out some things he could buy next time he was at the grocery store, and he said he would. Another excellent conversation with Ken. He said, “but I love pork and chicken” after I mentioned “Help animals.” I gave him a 20-second spiel about still being able to get those same kinds of tastes, textures, and aromas from plant-based meat alternatives without supporting this kind of cruelty. He seemed to have never heard of meat substitutes before and when I mentioned he can get a lot of these where he currently shops, his eyebrows lifted up high and he excitedly said, “I’ll have to check it out, thanks man!”

MCC student at Phoenix First Friday Joaquin at Phoenix First Friday Ali at Phoenix First Friday
Above are a few of the people at the Phoenix First Friday Art Walk who let John know our booklets made an impact on them. Dave Hernandez, below, went veg after getting a booklet at a First Friday in 2010, then helped leaflet more of these events!
Dave Hernandez


     My first First Friday leafleting in exactly a year – I forgot how awesome the outreach is! Meggie, Clarrissa, Joe, Jacqueline, Joseph, June, Zubair, Erik, Rachel, Kimberly, and I reached over 3,300 people. As soon as I put my boxes down, a guy named Joaquin [above, center] walked up to me and asked, “Do you have any recipes? A whole year and still going strong!” He went vegetarian from getting leafleted by us at First Friday exactly a year ago! Later, I met a person [above, left] that received a booklet from Meggie at Mesa Community College on Tuesday. She recited some of the booklet word-for-word, and mentioned, “Yeah, if I cut my meat intake in half, I’ll still save a lot of animals!” She told me that after she read through the booklet, though, she doesn’t wanna ever eat meat again! Also spoke with Ali [above, right], whom I had leafleted at Mesa CC, and she told me the Even If You Like Meat had her crying. I handed her a Guide and she said, “Awesome!”

Brinley Suppes at ASU Tempe

     Great day back at Arizona State with Meggie. Ran into Brinley [Suppes, left], a student I leafleted here a week ago. Last week, when I said, “Help animals?” she said, “Yeah, definitely.” I mentioned how farm animals comprise 99% of animals killed in the US. I gave her my card and within the hour she had shot me an email and said how shocked she was about the statistic and that she is immediately going to make a change and encourage others to do the same. Turns out that change was her going VEGAN!!! She’s been vegan for a week (straight from eating meat), has gotten one friend of hers to go vegan, and is encouraging her family to look at their food choices. She even helped me leaflet for about 20 minutes before her next class and wants to start volunteering. Amazing!

Althea at ASU Tempe

     Had a student tell me, “You already made me cry once” when I offered her a booklet. She was happy to get a Guide, for sure! Also ran into Althea [below], with whom I had a quick conversation last week here. She told me she’s been eating less meat since we talked and that the other day, she was going to have chicken but decided not to because that’s the worst choice in terms of animal suffering!
     My last college leafleting of the year was Grand Canyon University. Handed a booklet to two ladies and as they walked away, I witnessed one hold it up to her friend and say, “This is messed up. It’s why I’m vegetarian!” Another student came up to me and thanked me for handing it to her – she informed me that she’s been vegetarian for four years and seeing this reinforced it. Similar interaction with Colt, who went vegan overnight two months ago, and was having a bit of a hard time of it. Useful conversation.
     Finally, a quick stop at Tempe High School. Made sure to get the booklets into the hands of a few uber-progressive looking kids. I wish someone had handed me one in high school – I think there’s a good chance it would’ve worked. Being unique comes from how we impact the world, not how we dress or how long our mohawks are.
—John Oberg, December 2012


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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