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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  March 27, 2013

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Beyond Meat

Links and Excerpts

  • The Future: Bill Gates Hops on the Bandwagon
    “Animal liberation can be the future.… Change will not come by revolution, but through person-by-person outreach progressing hand-in-hand with advances in technology, leading slowly but inexorably to a new norm.… Now, the Gates Foundation is getting on the bandwagon!” Full article.

  • Feedback on A Meaningful Life
    “I often get very upset and want to lash out. Although it felt good to get things off my chest, I felt like I was the enemy. And I’m not. I have always sought to be peaceful and loving, even before I was a vegetarian (and now vegan). Who would want to listen to me if I could not listen to them?” Full quote.

  • “I had no clue it was so bad for the chickens” (and amazing map!)
    John Oberg: “I mentioned how giving up red meat is actually something that can cause a lot more harm to animals. ‘Yeah, wow, before you gave me that I had no clue it was so bad for the chickens; I only thought it was bad for the pigs and cows.’ Victory!” Full story, with animated map!

  • Dr. Oz on Soy by Jack Norris
    “[P]rocessed soy does not contain more isoflavones (the “soy estrogens”) per serving than unprocessed soy, so this doesn’t make much sense.… Nor is there any evidence that more than two teaspoons a day is problematic.” Full article.

  • Being Fearlessly Vegan by Ginny Messina
    “Why are some vegans eager to believe that certain plant foods, or sometimes, whole categories of plant foods are so dangerous that they need to be avoided at all costs?… Marla Rose: ‘We should be doing everything we can to remove the barriers to compassionate living, not putting up more arbitrary and personal hurdles that have nothing to do with it.’ This is it exactly.” Full article.


Frieda’s Soyrizo

Product of the Week

Carol: “I love Frieda’s Soyrizo. I make a crockpot of Brazilian black bean soup with it on the weekend and bring a cup to work with me every day. Filling and delicious!”

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

Andrea at UTPA

Rachel and I had a great start to the tour: despite the unusual cold, we reached over 4,200 students at the University of Texas–Pan American. So many highlights, including a student who had decreased his consumption of animals when he got a booklet in the past, and is now committed to going all the way. We also met Andrea [right], who was stoked to get a Guide and pledged to go veg from now on! Many came back to get booklets for friends, family, coworkers, and students, including two philosophy professors. Rachel was asked to be interviewed for the college radio station. We met so many interested students – a huge change from when I was first here in 2008!
     Who but Vegan Outreach would be speaking out for the animals in Edinburg, Texas of all places? I love the work we do!
—Vic Sjodin, 1/17/13

Was great to leaflet with Michelle at UCLA – we reached over 1,600 students. One guy said the last time he came across a Compassionate Choices, he and his wife almost went vegan. Hopefully this day’s booklet, conversation, and Guide will be the last push they need!
     Set a new record at Moorpark College – reached over 1,700 students. One of the Guides went to a 76-year-old civil engineer! After a long conversation, he’s going to talk to his wife about trying some vegan recipes!
—Steve Erlsten, 1/15/13

Student at PCC

Reached a total of 1,541 students at two Portland Community College campuses and Clackamas Community College, including giving out nearly 100 Guides!
     At both branches of PCC, vegans told me about non-vegan friends who gave them a hard time about being vegan, and they wanted to read A Meaningful Life and The Animal Activist’s Handbook. Other good encounters, including:
     A man [right] had cut back on meat since reading a previous booklet, and he wants to go vegetarian in the future.
     A man took a booklet and said, “(expletive) those factory farms!” so I gave him a Guide.
     A man whose wife is vegetarian said he feels unhealthy when he doesn’t eat meat himself, and he was happy to get a Guide.
     I also met a woman who had done a report on this topic, a woman who had done a Girl Scout project on this topic, and a man whose high school culinary teacher had encouraged the class not to cook factory farmed animals.
—Cobie deLespinasse, 1/9/13

The highlight at Miami-Dade College, Medical Campus came right at the end, when the security officer who passed me several times even returned asking why he hadn’t been offered one! Turns out he’d already been considering vegetarianism since his sister and an aunt had been eating mostly veg. A nice end to this great day of outreach!
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 1/15/13

Vegetarian at De Anza

Started off the semester big by breaking the record at CSU East Bay – Eleanor, Kitty, Rob, and I reached over 2,100 students. Supportive feedback and friendly students!
     Another record at De Anza College – Eleanor, Kitty, Rob, and I reached 3,570 students! I met a young lady [left] who went veg after getting a brochure from Mike last semester. Eleanor met a woman who went vegan over a year ago from a booklet.
     And yet another record at Santa Rosa Junior College – Kitty, Tim, and I reached 1,900 students. Students were friendly and receptive, despite temperatures in the 30s!
     And yes, another record, this time at Diablo Valley College, with Jeni, Kitty, and Jessica. Despite the freezing temperatures, we reached nearly 4,000 for the day (including Los Medanos College). Best for me was a young lady who came right back and said, “Thank you so much for this, I just made the decision to go vegan last week and this is really inspiring to see!”
—Brian Grupe, 1/15/13

New record at Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria. Ruth, a vegan of 30 years, stopped by to say that she really appreciated what I was doing and that she followed VO. She stopped by later with her 18-year-old daughter who has been vegan her whole life – great representatives of a vegan diet. I also came across a number of new vegans and those interested in eating more vegan fare. After getting the Even If You Like Meat, one guy said, “But I do like meat.” I told him that we’re simply asking people to cut back on it. He said, “That’s reasonable. I’ll give it a try.” A great day!
—Jon Camp, 1/14/13

John Oberg at ASU Meggie Townsend at ASU
John Oberg and Meggie Townsend leaflet Arizona State.

Meggie and I were joined by Molly, and we reached over 3,100 students at Arizona State. Early in the morning I handed a booklet to a student who replied with “I’m vegan! F*** yeah!” Clearly she was happy we were there. Also met a supportive 12-year vegan. In fact, I met 8 vegans by 10:30 am! Must be a personal record. Ran into a dude named Xavier who had gone veg before but got sick; he told me he’s now trying to get back into it and the Guide will be super helpful. Had a good conversation with a student who had gone veg but became anemic. Of course I handed her a Guide and pointed out the health tips! Highlight was meeting JJ [below, right], a student who received a booklet from us on December 3rd of last year. He exclaimed, “I haven’t eaten meat since you guys gave me this last month!” He made it clear we made an impact on him. Great stuff!!!

Bailey and Elisia at GCC JJ at ASU
Matt at ASU


     Glendale Community College is a hotbed of interested students – new vegetarians, people wanting to go vegetarian, people wanting to go back to being veg, etc. Had a great conversation with Bailey and Elisia [above, left]. Elisia is a vegetarian who is trying to keep on it and Bailey is her former-vegetarian friend that wants to get back on it. Both were inspired by the booklet; Elisia to continue and Bailey to give it a second shot! They were both totally stoked to get a Guide.
     Four different students – Netty, Kirsten [below], David, and Nick – stopped to help me leaflet during the day. Once we had saturated the campus, I returned to Arizona State for a bit. One of the first students I spoke with, Matt [left], said the booklet turned him vegetarian when we handed him one last semester! He was even interested in volunteering. Whoop whoop!
—John Oberg, 1/15/13

Netty Kinnz at GCC
Netty Kinnz (above) and Kirsten Schulte (below) leaflet GCC.
Kirsten Schulte at GCC

The Morrissey show in Bethesda was fantastic! He performed “Meat Is Murder” and projected Meet Your Meat on a huge screen as the last song of a set. Kimberly and I grabbed booklets and handed them all out in a short period of time. People were very receptive, so if there is a Morrissey show in your town, it’s definitely worth leafleting – the people will be primed by the show!
—Vlad Konstantinov, 1/16/13

Today’s leafleting at Clara Barton High School puts me over 500,000 reached, lifetime. Lots of work over the years but it’s very worthwhile. I’ve discovered that most students don’t share feedback unless we inquire. But I know from experience it works – when slow, I ask those who got the booklet before what they thought, and most state it’s bad / sad, and many go on to say they have made changes. Leafleting can educate / influence an entire school with very little time, effort, and resources.
—Casey, 1/17/13

Genuinely interested students at Eastern Illinois University, despite the cold rain. Heard from a dozen vegetarians / vegans – one of whom said it was receiving a booklet in the past that had prompted the change.
     Double-digit number of vegetarians and vegans at Illinois State; more importantly, many students with seemingly genuine curiosity about what modern farming does to animals. A good example: one of the first students I offered the booklet to initially declined, but upon seeing it was about animals, doubled back to get it, then walked a few steps, paused and turned around to thank me for the booklet.
—Joe Espinosa, 1/15/13

Great leafleting with Mark at the University of Illinois, Chicago. We were able to answer many questions from interested students, and met a number of vegans and vegetarians.
—Leslie Patterson, 1/16/13

A great start to the semester at the University of North Florida – we reached over 1,400 students! Met students who had just started to change their diets; and several students commented how many vegans there are on campus now compared to years prior.
—Jeff Boghosian, 1/8/13

Good conversations at Armstrong Atlantic State University, where I met several vegetarians and a couple of aspiring vegetarians and two folks who were going from veg to vegan. One woman I had spoken with before said she was still making steady progress toward being veg.
     Even more great conversations at Savannah State, including various people who had been influenced by booklets in the past. Loads of other great feedback. I love this school!
     Solid day at Georgia Tech, including a conversation with a faculty member who was going to read the booklet in her office. Lots of vegetarians, vegans, and people transitioning. Some students even came around after passing me several times before.
     Well worth it today at Rollins College, with lots of positive reactions. Veganism is really well known at this school; e.g., a recent newsletter profiled a student who went vegan after taking a class on food issues at Rollins.
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 1/17/13


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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