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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  April 10, 2013
Armaiti May and Marc Korgie

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Team Vegan 2013!

Because of all of your donations to VO’s end-of-year fundraiser, Adopt a College activists are able to be out there every day, reaching thousands of new people. Already, hundreds of leafleters have handed a VO booklet to over 600,000 students this semester! The feedback we receive every day clearly shows the impact of your past donations.

Your next big opportunity starts on May 1, with Team Vegan 2013!

We’ll have more details later this month, when registration opens. For now, we’d like to thank John and Fany for being such an important part of every Team Vegan to date.

We hope you’ll be a part this year – you can really make a difference!


Links and Excerpts

  • Vegan Outreach and Global Warming
    “VO recently received a donation from a couple who had previously purchased carbon offsets to fight global warming.… Ben West calculates the cost per one ton of carbon removed, via Vegan Outreach, to be approximately $7.40, lower than the offsets by Carbonfund ($10/ton) and Terrapass ($13/ton). Of course, this calculation ignores the direct and intense suffering (and other environmental destruction) offset by everyone who follows a more ethical diet because of Vegan Outreach’s work; also ‘Vegetarians on average create more vegetarians, while carbon offsets don’t create more carbon offsets.’” Full article.

“Cruelty is wrong, whether the victim is an eagle or a chicken, a wolf or a pig.”
Photos courtesy of Gary Kramer/USFWS (wolf), MFA (pig), COK (chicken), USFWS (eagle).
  • The Pros and “Cons” of Veganism
    “I’m sure you can find a few vegans who think they don’t cause any deaths in the world, but the vast majority of vegans know a vegan diet isn’t ‘perfect’ in that (or any) regard.… In short, a vegan diet causes many fewer deaths, and much less suffering, than an omnivorous one.” Full article.

  • Of Meat and Mortality by Jack Norris
    “I have tried to steer clear of writing about papers comparing high meat intakes to low meat intakes and the association with various diseases because…I don’t find them particularly relevant to vegan nutrition. But…”
    Part 1: “Red meat and poultry were neutral [for all-cause mortality] in the fully adjusted models, though red meat had some trends towards increased mortality and poultry had some trends towards decreased.” Full article.
    Part 2: “As red meat intake went from ~6 times per week to over 45 times per month, BMI went down in men and women, the percentage with a history of high blood pressure went way down in men and women, the percentage with diabetes went way down in men and slightly up in women, and the percentage with high cholesterol went way down in men and women!” Full article.
    Part 3: “A China study showed red meat intake positively associated with total mortality among men, but not among women. No statistically significant associations were found for poultry intake.” Full article.

  • Iron Deficiency in a Vegan: Cured by Jack Norris
    “She just got her iron tested again and it was 28 ng/ml. A big increase which puts her well above iron deficiency! As fate would have it, Ginny Messina has also written an article today about iron in vegan diets, Iron Nutrition: Why the Rules are Different for Vegans.” Full article.

  • Want more? The BBC seeing a “meat-free” future, Jasmin’s essay on commitment, Martha Stewart’s new Meatless book, and lots more! Recent News | Even More News


US VegWeek

Week of the Week

Jaya reminds us of a nice promotion that can get more people thinking about changing their diet: US VegWeek 2013 starts April 22.

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

Kate St. John at Inauguration
Kate St. John (above) and Jaime Hecht (below) hand out Compassionate Choices at the Presidential Inauguration.
Jaime Hecht at Inauguration

At the Inauguration, Jaime, Kate [right] and Aaron, our friends from FARM, and I reached 2,750 people with a VO booklet. Various reactions, but a solid use of time; there were definitely a number of individuals who were enthused about receiving a booklet, especially younger individuals.
—Jon Camp, 1/21/13

Set a new record at Florida Atlantic University – one of the best leafleting experiences I’ve had! I literally ran out of Guides – I could have exceeded 50. Tons of conversations and friendly students. Talked to several new vegans who were thankful for the conversation / advice. One guy said he didn’t think he could be vegan, because he had heard you have to be 80% raw. I quickly squished that rumor and we had a nice conversation. Later, I was approached by a woman who wanted a Guide, and several others groups of students (and staff) who wanted more info. Fabulous day and extremely productive outreach!
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 1/23/13

The MLK parade drew a great crowd, with many genuinely interested in learning more about factory farming. Bianca, a first-time leafleter, commented later how surprisingly effective she felt our few hours of outreach had been. Especially surprising to her was how interested the younger members of the crowd were in getting the info, many who kept catching up to us to get a leaflet after seeing others with them from locations we’d already passed.
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 1/21/13

Brian and I had a productive day at Canada College and the College of San Mateo. First-time leafleter Judy joined us at CSM, and did a great job. The highlight of the day was a woman who came up to me about an hour after I gave her a leaflet to tell me she’d looked through it and decided she doesn’t want to eat meat anymore. She said she knows being vegan would be even better for the animals, but she isn’t ready for that step yet. I congratulated her and told her most people go vegan in stages. She said she hoped to become vegan someday.
—Diane Gandee Sorbi, 1/24/13

Vic Sjodin at UTB Rachel Shockey at UTB
Vic Sjodin and Rachel Shockey offer Compassionate Choices at the University of Texas at Brownsville.
Sony at UTB

Rachel and I had a solid day at the University of Texas, Brownsville, and South Texas College. Highlights of the day include Sonya [right], now going veg. Also spoke with a student who wanted to go vegan, and had two professors come back for booklets. One student exclaimed, “Aww, what a cute piggy!” and we heard him discuss issues as he walked away. Another student has been veg for six years and was very inspiring; she educated her friends and they too went veg. She had many questions and was worried about becoming pregnant while veg, so we had a long talk, and she said she was excited to read a Guide. Another veg student took a Guide to show her mom, who thought eating veg was unhealthy.

Paige at STC

     Back at STC the next day, met two more students now planning to go veg after getting a booklet; Rachel had a very nice conversation with one of them [Paige, left].
—Vic Sjodin, 1/23/13

At the College of Lake County, we had one person who read the leaflet and said that he decided to go vegetarian on the spot. We ran into Jamie’s former swim coach and he took about 25 to distribute at the hospital where he works.
—The Jungenberg Clan, 2/5/13

Dwight at York College
While leafleting York College on 1/30/13, Lisa snapped this pic of Dwight, a new vegetarian and aspiring vegan!

At CUNY Brooklyn, a guy asked why it would matter if just one person stopped eating meat. I explained that as more and more people stop eating meat, fewer and fewer animals will suffer. He really started to get it, and did actually say he’s going to cut back on eating meat and research more information.
     Despite the freezing wind, new record with Paula at CUNY Queensborough! A highlight was when a teacher passed by with his class, saw what we were giving out, and told all his students that they needed to take one so they could discuss it in class.
—Lisa Drapkin, 2/4/13

Jennifer, Ted, and I had a solid day in the snow at Suffolk County Community College. Good conversations, including with a student who said he went vegan for a week, but could not stay with it. Told him about new products, and gave him a Guide. He said he was going to try again. Also got the names and emails of five people interested in learning more about going vegan and getting active.
—Karen James, 2/5/13

Fantastic to work with Angela and Eva at Harold Washington College, even with the temperature in the low 20s. Many students expressed interest in vegetarianism or concern for the animals. One student told me he is trying to go vegan and was happy to receive a Guide.
—Leslie Patterson, 2/4/13

Student at SCC
Above: After Santa Ana College, Steve leafleted Santiago Canyon College, where he spotted this student engrossed in his copy of Compassionate Choices. Below: Rachel reaches another student at Leeward Community College in Pearl City, HI.
Rachel Shippee at Leeward CC

At Santa Ana College, I had two separate amazing conversations with soon-to-be vegans who both want to volunteer with us! I gave them each an AML. I also talked to a former military man who doesn’t buy into veganism because of vegan stereotypes. I used the “if you wouldn’t do this to an animal, why would you pay someone else to do it?” angle. In the end, he said he would try some of the vegan meats!
—Steve Erlsten, 1/31/13

My friend and I had good outreach throughout Hawaii this last week – we reached 1,500 students. At Kapiolani Community College, had a great conversation with a woman trying to reduce her meat consumption; we discussed meat alternatives and she left happy and motivated. Another student said she’ll never eat meat again.
—Rachel Shippee (left), 1/29/13

Erika, Jill, Kimberly, and I had a great time at the San Luis Obispo farmers’ market! Some fav encounters:
     A couple who’ve been vegan just 4 days and were excited to get more info.
     A couple who came to the table with their 2-year-old daughter who refuses to eat animals. They seemed relieved to see healthy vegans and get some info on what to feed their little girl. We clapped for her and praised her for her choice.
     A philosophy student who has been thinking a lot about his food choices and said he would “sleep better at night” if he could stop eating animals. His main sticking point is that he’s an athlete, so he thought that would make it hard to go w/o animal protein. I showed him the pic of Robert Cheeke in the booklet (he said, “Whoa!”) and told him about, good sources of vegan protein, etc. He left with a new can-do attitude.
     A 20ish girl said she tried being veg for a year, but became anemic. Gave her a Guide and chatted for a bit about giving it another try. She was very excited about the possibility of being able to go veg again.
     Later, Jill was at a local vegan restaurant and the owner told her a college student had come in and told him our table at the farmers’ market is what influenced him to go vegan.
—Barbara Bear, 1/17/13

Brinley Suppes at ASU Downtown Natalie at GateWay CC
Molly Lansdowne at Phoenix College
Emit at Phoenix College

At GateWay Community College, I heard, “You’re doing a good thing, keep it up!” and “I’m already on board.” Handed Natalie [above, right] a booklet and she entered the building. An hour later she emerged: “That little booklet you gave me made me so sad. I want to go vegetarian now.” She wants to start getting involved in animal issues and cut meat out of her diet. Awoooooooo!
     Brinley [Suppes, above, left] joined me at Arizona State. I leafleted her last semester; she went vegan, got a friend to go vegan, and wanted to get involved. Turns out she’s since turned her dog vegetarian and another friend vegetarian. How awesome!
     Was great to be joined by Molly [right] and Meggie at Phoenix College and by Zubair at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. I met Emit [right], who got a booklet last semester and said he’d definitely be transitioning towards vegan. Another student mentioned this stuff is “really messed up.” Another said the stories in the booklet are intense. Max told me that he really likes the “reduce approach” because in the past he’s gotten info like this and felt like they were asking too much.
     Reached more than 2,500 students at the University of Arizona; some favorite feedback:
     “This is what I believe in!”
     “Hell yeahhhh!”
     “If I look at that I’ll cry for hours.”
     “Oh my god! I’m never eating meat again!”
     “Awwwww it made me really sad.”
     “This made me go vegetarian for six months!” (Now only a part-time veggie so I gave her a Guide and some encouragement.)
     “That’s really good information you’re handing out.”
     “I’m going to start following some of those guidelines in there”
     “Awww this is too sad.” (Handed her a Guide; then her friend asked for one, too. Her friend said, “Yeah, I used to be a vegetarian. Maybe I should be vegetarian again.” I told her how easy it is in 2013, and we parted on a very good note. Glad to have provided some encouragement!

Below: Three of the 1,980 Phoenix College students reached by Meggie Townsend, Molly Lansdowne, and John Oberg.
Student at Phoenix College Student at Phoenix College Student at Phoenix College
Student at MCC
Above: A Mesa CC student studies an EIYLM from John and Meggie (below).

     And a solid day at Mesa Community College with Meggie! Heard tons of great feedback like, “This is gruesome stuff,” “Oh, I’m already vegan!” and “Yeah, I love animals.” Had a good convo with Mike who asked when I was first exposed to this issue. I told him about four years ago and then asked if it was his first exposure to it. “Yes, this is pretty crazy, man.” I handed him a Guide and my card; he was keenly interested in moving away from this kind of cruelty! Also had a good convo with a student named Paulina who wanted to cut back on meat. Unfortunately she was just thinking about cutting back on beef, so I informed her about the numbers of chickens raised and slaughtered vs. cattle.
     Best part of the day, and actually of the week, was when I reached out to hand Cortni [below, right] an Even If You Like Meat and she told me, “Oh, you guys already got me! I’m vegan now.” When I inquired, she told me that on 9/21/11 (she remembered the exact date!) she was handed a booklet by a leafleter (Dawn Ratcliffe!) and instantly went vegan from her then-current meat-eating state! She seemed super excited by us being out there on her campus again. Epic!
—John Oberg, 1/22/13

John Oberg and Meggie Townsend at MCC Cortni at MCC


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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

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