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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  April 24, 2013
AACers Armaiti May and Marc Korgie

Note from Vegan Outreach

Huge Opportunity! You and Team Vegan 2013!

Vegan Outreach is preparing to enter our second decade of Adopt a College: a new decade of Vegan Outreach to the people who can, will, and do change – as the feedback we receive every day shows!

AAC activists have already handed our well-researched, detailed, and compelling booklets to over 13.5 million young people, with over 9 million distributed on college campuses and at high schools. That’s a lot of students!

And, as we noted, overall distribution recently passed 20 million!

But together, we can do more – much, much more! We can reach that tipping point where it’s just as easy to choose veg as to eat meat!

As you know, we’ve got the best team of activists and volunteers on the planet. If you give them booklets, they will enthusiastically deliver – in every state and in all kinds of weather.

This is where you come in!

Team Vegan 2013!

You can be a part of this world-changing activism by joining Team Vegan 2013!

Registration for Team Vegan 2013 is now open – check it out here:
If you have any questions, please let us know via this contact form.

What is Team Vegan?

Team Vegan is a fundraiser for Vegan Outreach. If you’d like to help raise money to help more people go veg, you can join the team. Every dollar you raise will help our activists and volunteers reach more students with Vegan Outreach booklets.

Team Vegan 2013 will begin on May 1 and run through the end of June. You’ll see at that some of your favorite activists are already on the team!

Team Green-Ball

How can I join Team Vegan?

Register now at! Post your “page” to your social network on May 1, 2013 and ask for donations to support Vegan Outreach. (See, for example, this team page:

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know via this contact form.

Do I need to run?

Nope! You can set another goal – like leafleting, or cycling, or pet sitting, or having a bake sale and donating the proceeds to VO.

You don’t actually have to have any goal or do any activity, besides raising funds for Vegan Outreach. The running, walking, leafleting, baking, etc. are part of the fun!

Why should I do this?

Good question! And your fellow VO members have a good answer:

Every dollar you raise for Team Vegan will be doubled!

That’s right – each dollar will reach twice as many new people!

Several generous donors have pledged to match money raised from May 1 to June 30, 2013 up to $100,000!

That means we can potentially raise $200,000 for this powerful and necessary advocacy!

The money you raise goes to Vegan Outreach to support the Adopt a College program – efficiently and effectively helping animals!

Being a part of Team Vegan will create more vegetarians!

Register for Team Vegan and create more vegetarians!

We hope you’ll join us for Team Vegan 2013!

Please let us know via this contact form if you have any questions or problems using the Team Vegan site!

We’d be thrilled if you could join with your fellow dedicated members and help make Adopt a College 2013–14 the best year yet!

Please join us!

Please click here to register for Team Vegan!


Notes from Our Members

Student at MVC

A great, four-school day, with two records! Some of the students at the State College of Florida were really excited to get a booklet. Ringling College of Art and Design and University of South Florida Sarasota were quick but good uses of my time. New College was the highlight – more veg folks per population than any other college I’ve ever leafleted. It even has a vegetarian café run by students. Most students were thrilled to get a booklet – next time I’m using Why Vegans, because it’s a better fit for this crowd. Lots of students thanked me for being there, and I met so many veg folks I ran out of Guides.
     The highlight at the University of South Florida, Tampa was a group of visiting high school students – they huddled together in two groups reading the booklets. One of the chaperones sat down and read the Compassionate Choices from cover to cover – she was visibly moved.
     The best conversation at Alabama State was with four guys, three of whom are athletes. They were totally into the info and all got Guides and we had a conversation about some of the things they can eat. One even said that he had the veggie burger in the cafeteria and liked it, and all expressed a real interest in making changes.
—Team Vegan member Dawn Ratcliffe, 2/7/13

Rachel and I had a great day at Richmond College. One veg student was exhilarated we were on campus: “These are my people!” he exclaimed to his friends. Saw many engrossed in the booklet and others discussing. Others had questions, and a student told Rachel she wanted to go veg! Feel great about these kids, I’m sure many went veg.
     While setting a new record at Texas Woman’s University, Rachel and I had one of the best days of outreach ever! Some of the booklets went to people before they got in line for the elevators; we saw loads of people engrossed in the booklets while waiting [below, left]. A history professor took booklets for her class. Also met a student who used to be veg; she said she would redouble her efforts to go full vegan.
     We also set a record at Mountain View College. Saw LOTS reading [below, center & right], and Rachel spoke with a student [above] who used to be veg friendly and now wants to go fully veg.

Student at TWU Student at MVC Students at MVC
Holly Huertas at Richland
Desiree Ortiz at TCU


     Despite torrential downpours, Ethan, Rachel and I headed over to Richland College, where we met Holly [Huertas, right]. She helped us leaflet even though she’s not veg yet; she said that she was going to go veg several days a week and work to being vegan. Over at the University of Dallas, a student spoke to Rachel and was so thankful we were on campus; she took an Even If and a Guide to show her roommate. I overheard one student make a disparaging remark, to which the other student replied, “No. Being cruel to animals is wrong.”
     Mieke, Ethan, and I had amazing interactions at the University of North Texas, where we reached over 3,500 students. Many thanked us for the info. Met someone who had gone vegan after getting a booklet before, but had lapsed. After speaking and giving her a Guide, she pledged to change her diet again. Another good conversation was with Miguel, a new vegan with lots of questions.
     Texas Christian is a smallish school, but Rachel and I reached nearly 1,400 students. One of the highlights was meeting Desiree [Ortiz, right], an affable soldier who strongly supports the fight against animal cruelty.
—Team Vegan member Vic Sjodin, 2/14/13

Jennifer and I had an amazing day at Stony Brook University; Max and Ted joined us, too! Jennifer had 3 skateboard pass offs, and I had 5! Good conversations as well; e.g., one student said she’d gone vegetarian from reading a Compassionate Choices her friend had given her last month. We got the names & emails of 20 people who want the campus food service to offer more meat-free options, and who might help get the student org off the ground.
—Team Vegan member Karen James, 2/7/13

Mark at CRC

Another great day with Jonathan at Hoover High School and Cal State Fresno! We reached more than 1,800 students today, and told interested people about activism possibilities.
     At Cosumnes River College, my last booklet went to Mark [left] – he got a Guide and is now Sacramento’s newest vegan! Speaking with him was a great reminder that it sometimes takes a second or third exposure for a concept to really click in someone’s mind.
     Great conversations at Cal State Sacramento, including a woman who is now going to stop eating animals. There was a huge and very receptive group of Air Force ROTC students.
—Team Vegan member Steve Erlsten, 2/15/13

Despite windchills in the low 20s, Dave [Doctor, below, left] and I had a great time at the Forward on Climate rally, and Pulin [Modi, below, right] joined us, too! I heard lots of “I’m already vegan” comments; I counted four in less than one 30-second interval. And many individuals thanked us for being there, told us they agreed with the cause, etc. But it wasn’t just speaking to the choir; I could tell that this was new material to a good many of the individuals we reached.
—Team Vegan member Jon Camp, 2/18/13

Dave Doctor and Pulin Modi at the Forward on Climate rally in Washington, DC
Stacy at OCU


As this was Valentine’s Day, I asked the students at Indiana University at Bloomington, “Have a heart for animals?” Reached over 1,350 students – and two vegetarians came back to get Guides right before I left!
—Team Vegan member Joe Espinosa, 2/14/13

Such engaging students at Oklahoma City University! With a huge smile and ultra appreciation, Stacy [left] said, “Ohhhh, this is PERFECT!” I overheard one student say to his friend, as they opened their booklets, “Well, I like meat, so let’s take a look!”
     At never-been-leafleted Rose State, I gave out 13 Guides to people very interested or already veg, and two AMLs to people very interested in getting active (e.g., “I want to get involved with animal rights!”).
     Great take rate at the University of Oklahoma. Three different guys came back to me to say they had read the entire booklet, and were happy to get a Guide. Logan, Aaron, and Mark joined me at different points during the day.

Dillon at UNL

     Oklahoma State in the snow was not quite as pleasant as a normal day of outreach, but still good outreach! Ran into Hayley, a student that had a “vegan means I’m trying to suck less” bag. She came back to talk and joined me for a class change. Another student said she had gotten a booklet before and altered her diet.
     Reached over 700 students at rural Fort Hays State in western Kansas. Some enthusiastic support, including: “Help animals? Yeah!” “Thank you for doing this. It really means a lot to me.” “My wife’s vegan.”
     Today’s highlight at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln was when Dillon [right], who had been leafleted earlier in the day, was riding my way on his bike and got off to ask some questions. After a good conversation, he concluded, “Well, I’m gonna have to say [no] Qdoba today!” I then told him he could still eat Qdoba, just choose the vegetarian burrito instead. We shook hands and he rode off.
—Team Vegan member John Oberg, 2/18/13


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865

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