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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  May 8, 2013

Note from Vegan Outreach

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Vic Sjodin
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Notes from Our Members

Tonja Robertson at IUB

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Up at 3:30 am to get down to Indiana University, Bloomington, where it was 6 degrees with subzero windchill. On my way there I saw transport trucks driving predawn, can’t imagine how much the poor pigs were suffering.
     Tonja [Robertson, left] made her leafleting debut and did an awesome job. She plans to do more leafleting at Indiana schools! My dear friend Laura also drove over from Cincinnati to join us for the last hour and rocked it; together, we reached nearly 900 students. One of the Guides went to a vegan girl to share with her sorority house.
—Team Vegan member Leslie Patterson, 2/20/13

Patti Rogers-Engelby at UNI

Snow was so bad at the University of Northern Iowa that classes before 10 were cancelled. That didn’t stop Patti [Rogers-Engelby, right] and me, though – and good thing! Such amazing reception – one of my top five universities in the country. One professor said he has his students read the VO booklet in class. He loves how open the message is, how it isn’t, “Hey, you’re a bad guy for eating meat.” Loads of other great interactions, including one guy who said his sister has been veg ever since getting a VO booklet there.
     Despite the pushback from the ag community, I had a great time at Iowa State. Many productive and satisfying conversations, even with ag students, whom I treated with friendliness and seeking common ground. For example, with one group, I pointed out we’re not there to demonize farmers; we understand that there are reasons these practices are done, but at the cost of efficiency comes a lot of cruelty. Their wall of hostility quickly turned into genuine curiosity about my opinions versus a complete dismissal of whatever I thought.

Kelly at ISU

     Ran into Alex, who got a VO booklet last year and hasn’t eaten chicken since. Met Sam who has been vegan for two years and has never met another vegan before! Kelly [left] said she’s now going vegetarian because the booklet reminded her about how they treat the animals. She asked, “What can I do? Is it really as simple as cutting out meat?” She told me that she tried and failed before, so I Guided her. Right at that moment, Emilie walked up and said, “Hey, my friend said you were over here! I’ve been vegan for a while and I’m happy you’re out here!” I told Emilie about Kelly wanting to go veg, and Emilie sold the ease of being veg better than I ever could’ve. I’ll be putting all three of these lovely people in touch with each other – which is crucial in this aggiest of ag schools in the middle of Iowa!
—Team Vegan member John Oberg, 2/22/13

Vegetarian at Hostos CC

Good interactions at CUNY Hostos Community College and CUNY Baruch. Met one student [right] who has been veg since getting our booklet in high school! One person mentioned the horse meat scandal; I said it was no different than cow meat. He took a booklet and agreed we should all be vegetarian. One woman stopped to talk, mentioning her fur coat. I commented that even though I wouldn’t buy a fur coat, I focus my advocacy on food animals because ~99% of animals suffering are killed for food. So, instead of me criticizing her coat and her possibly being turned off, she left with a really good impression and knowledge to spread to others.
—Team Vegan member Lisa Drapkin, 2/25/13

Good day with Joan at Wesley College and Delaware State. Marissa was the highlight – she was thrilled we were there, said this was a passion of hers and she wanted to give me a big hug. It’s always heartening to come across those so enthused about helping animals.
—Team Vegan member Jon Camp, 2/25/13

Quick outreach today with Toronto Pig Save. One student came back to help leaflet!
—Team Vegan member, and feature of Leafleting for Introverts, Alex Greenwood, 2/24/13

Dylan at SFA Olivia at SFA Chase at SFA

Students showed so much interest at Stephen F. Austin State. Rachel, Ethan, and I had so many great interactions, and received / overheard so much positive feedback (such as “I think we should go vegetarian”). I love how many conversations are started by the VO booklets!

Kat Garcia at SFA
Student at UT Tyler
Joanna at El Centro

     We met Chase [above, right], who went vegan after getting a booklet at the Dallas Warped Tour! Third Dallas WT veggie we’ve met in two days!!! Also ran into Dylan [above, left] – we spoke last year and now he’s mostly veg. Olivia [above, center] came back to say she was horrified at the treatment of farm animals and now wants to go veg and talk to her fiancé to try to get him on board. Gotta love the ripple effects of outreach! Ethan gave a booklet to a student who said, “Animals taste delicious.” He came back after class, apologized, said he could see we’re “fueled by goodness,” and that he disapproved of factory farm conditions. Ethan spoke with him for a long time. Lastly we met Kat [Garcia, left], who was stoked to see us; she encouraged her friend to go veg, took extras to show other friends, and briefly leafleted with us. This school was definitely veganized!
     Heavy rain at the University of Texas at Tyler, but still worthwhile outreach. One student came back wanting to change her diet; she got a Guide. I had a long, involved conversation with a Navy veteran [left] who read the Guide cover-to-cover after we spoke.
     Compassion rang out today at El Centro College, and loads of support. Ethan met Joanna [below, left], who went veg after getting a VO booklet in the past! Rachel and I met Tina [below, right], who said she thought factory farming was just awful, “My heart can’t take it.” And pledged to go full vegan! At Whole Foods, one of the cashiers at a side cafe saw my shirt and started asking questions. Gave her a Compassionate Choices and a Guide; I believe she will go veg as well. Many thanks to Ari for providing us with housing and solidarity.
—Team Vegan member Vic Sjodin, 2/25/13

Almost every student at Middlesex Community College took a booklet – and I got good feedback, including people who want to form a group on campus. One student looked at the booklet, said he had just written a paper about factory farming and wished he had this booklet then! A professor said he was going to use the booklet in his business class!
     Productive conversations at Eastern Connecticut State. One guy asked, “Can I still eat meat?” I said that it was up to him, but it would be nice if he learned the truth. He said he would read the booklet! Another came back and said he received a booklet earlier from me, thought it was very good information, and said he was cutting back on animal products as of right now!
—Team Vegan member Karen James, 2/25/13

Evergreen Valley College was Judy’s second outing, and she’s really psyched on leafleting! Once again, Diane met a student who went vegetarian the day she got a booklet from us last semester and vegan a month later and is slowly convincing her best friend to be vegan too. Woo!!
—Team Vegan member Brian Grupe, 2/5/13

Tina at El Centro

Lots of interested students at Florida State College, including one who exclaimed, “Oh, my god” when he saw what I was handing out. He even ran back to get extra booklets. At College of Coastal Georgia, my most productive conversation was with a legally blind student. He was excited to hear about vegan chicken and other products since he likes the taste of meat but also loves animals.
—Team Vegan member Dawn Ratcliffe, 2/20/13

Charlotte, Brittany, and I had great conversations with the students at Butte College. One student has been vegan since getting a VO booklet last year! Another student surprised Brittany with his enthusiasm. Charlotte had handed him a booklet, and he was muttering profanities as he approached Brittany. She was expecting some of those profanities to be directed her way, but she found out that his ire was all directed toward the animal abusers!
—Team Vegan member Steve Erlsten, 2/21/13


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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