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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  May 15, 2013

Notes from Vegan Outreach

While leafleting the University of Texas at El Paso, John Oberg found out that Sarah (above) has been veg since getting a booklet from Jon Camp on 3/30/11 – and now she wants to start leafleting her campus! And Anna (below) said she was so heartbroken by what she read in Even If You Like Meat that she’s never eating meat again!

Holy Chicken!

Adopt a College activists have been having an absolutely amazing semester, having already reached 883,163 students as of May 14 – with many more reports still to enter!

We’ve been able to reach these individuals because of the donors who stepped up and contributed to the end-of-year matching campaign.

Even as activists are still reaching new people every day, we’re looking ahead to the fall semester. The number of new students we reach depends on how many booklets we can print and ship.

And that depends on you!

Do you want more people to learn the truth and to start taking action for the animals?

Do you want to create more and more vegetarians standing up for what’s right and providing the animals a voice? If so:

Please donate to Team Vegan 2013!

Your contribution will be doubled, dollar for dollar!

You can click here to give straight to the Team.

Or support any of the amazing Team members. Today, we’d like to highlight the Team Vegan pages of some of our key personnel:

Jon Camp; Lisa Drapkin, New York City Coordinator; Steve Erlsten, Southern California Coordinator; Brian Grupe, Northern California Coordinator; Karen James; John Oberg; Dawn Ratcliffe, Southeast Coordinator; Vic Sjodin; Lana Smithson.

Please click here to be a part of the Team today! Thanks!

John Lisa Team Vegan Karen Jon
Lana Dawn Brian Vic Steve
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From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs

Karen Oberg


Notes from Our Members

Mark Turner at NU

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I really like to leaflet Western Oregon University. Standout conversations! One was with a young woman who is trying to go vegan. She was into it, enthusiastic, and really wanted information. Also talked with a guy who eats meat but is interested in and concerned with how the animals are treated. It was a good conversation aimed at getting him to take the first step.
     Cobie met a man who told her that his friend had worked on a construction project in a slaughterhouse. The day after the construction project started, his friend went vegetarian: “He didn’t like to talk about it a lot. He said that they were brutal to the animals. He said that there was blood dripping from the ceiling.”
—Team Vegan member Nettie Schwager, 2/18/13

Normally I’d be disappointed with reaching only ~800 students at the College of Charleston, but this college has been leafleted hard every semester. Amazing stuff is happening here – I noticed a big difference in the number of vegans and vegetarians since I leafleted here five years ago. In fact, the people who told me they were vegan outnumbered those who reported being vegetarian. Too many good comments to count. Heard from a student who was thrilled they are opening up an all-vegetarian cafeteria in 2014!
—Team Vegan member Dawn Ratcliffe, 2/12/13

Headed to Northwestern for my day off, and Mark Turner [above] met me there. So much snow that my mascara ran as it melted – I looked like Alice Cooper! We heard from TONS of vegetarians and vegans. One student told me she had received the booklet in the past and had gone vegetarian as a result!
—Team Vegan member Leslie Patterson, 2/27/13

Students at TSU

Tough weather at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign – my feet were the only thing dry by the end of the day. Did hear from three vegans and six vegetarians!
—Team Vegan member Joe Espinosa, 2/27/13

Good take rate at CUNY Medgar Evers. Met four vegetarians, including one who took booklets to distribute to classmates not yet vegetarian.
—Team Vegan member Lisa Drapkin, 2/26/13

Three-school day for Rachel and me – Houston Community College, Rice University, and Texas Southern University. Met one student [far right] who had gone vegan from getting a VO booklet in the past; now, her friend [right] wants to reduce his meat consumption. Had a long, productive conversation with a history professor who at first said he didn’t care about animals. By the end, he agreed to read through the booklet. Another woman thanked us for the information, said she now wanted to quit eating meat.

Vic Sjodin with UH students

     Phenomenal day of outreach at the University of Houston, where Rachel and I reached nearly 4,000 students! Great conversations. Spoke to two fraternity members who were disturbed by the treatment of animals; [Patrick, left, center] is going veg today, the other [far left] will reduce consumption and wants to learn more about veg eating. Also met John, a bio student who want to go veg now. Rachel met a girl who now wants to go vegan; she got a Guide. Another student asked for a stack to show friends and family. Also, a poli-sci student [below] read the booklet and now wants to go veg. Met many veg folk, which is encouraging. As usual, the booklets were a conversation starter for many folks walking by. Saw a multitude of others reading. I get excited thinking about all the students we reached and the lives we saved today.
—Team Vegan member Vic Sjodin (above with UH students), 2/27/13

Student at UH

The first student at the University of Connecticut said he got a booklet from me the day before at Eastern Connecticut State! Delaney, Amy, and I reached over 1,700 other students. An interesting and productive conversation with a woman who had gone vegan in the past but got sick. She said she really liked talking with me because I was very approachable and nonjudgemental. Another student told me he received a booklet from me last semester and went vegan!
     Rained all day at Three Rivers Community College. Talked with Kevin, who said he and his girlfriend were just transitioning to being vegan! One professor read the booklet, came back out of his office, and spoke for about 15 minutes. He said he wanted to experiment with vegan eating with his family for a month. He was very in tune with learning about ending animal suffering.
—Team Vegan member Karen James, 2/27/13

Quite a few vegetarians at Southern Oregon University. One student is interested in getting involved; got an AML. University of Oregon was great, despite the rain! Yet another vegan wants to get involved, also got an AML.
—Team Vegan member Steve Erlsten, 2/28/13

At Chabot College, Jessica met a lot of vegetarians. She also leafleted a young woman who said she wanted to go veg – perfect timing!
—Team Vegan member Brian Grupe, 2/11/13

Epic, record day at the University of Iowa with my wonder of a volunteer, Patti. A long, fun day chasing [Team Vegan members] Darina and Jon’s record at this very receptive school. We each met tons of vegetarians, vegans, and I even met a dude named Carl who wants to get involved. Another student informed Patti that she didn’t need a booklet because slaughterhouses prompted her to go vegetarian two days ago! I handed a booklet to one guy, Malcolm, who walked a few yards then came back my way and said, “Man, I don’t need this because I’m vegan.” Turns out he’s been vegan for a month because of the cruelty done to animals! It’s definitely encouraging for new veg people to see us out there, promoting a message that they’ve just recently begun to embrace themselves.
     I leafleted one guy who walked up to a friend and they began talking. I could tell both were definitely opposed to cruelty, so I chimed in and Guided them each. “Wow, before you gave me that, I had no clue it was so bad for the chickens; I only thought it was bad for the pigs and cows.” Victory!
—Team Vegan member John Oberg (leafleting UI below), 2/25/13

John Oberg at UI

At Salisbury University, a young woman came up and gave me a big hug for being there. And at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, a young woman told me I had pretty eyes. I like this job!
     Dave and I saturated Anne Arundel Community College, with good conversations. One athlete was concerned about protein; I Guided him, and told him he could read more in detail about protein at I told him that I liked Jack’s approach to nutrition because he just looks at what the science says about a vegan diet, and responds in an impartial manner, even telling vegans findings that aren’t always flattering to veganism. By doing this, you know that the good things he reports are really good. This seemed to be exactly what this guy wanted / needed to hear – that there’s a credible source out there.
     This whole issue of trust reminded me of an interaction I had last week. I did an online Q&A, and a fellow vegan criticized me for admitting that before being a healthy vegan, I was a healthy meat eater. I guess I was supposed to say that I was in the hospital, on my last breath, and then I found veganism, and I’ll now live to be 150 years old (minimum). But I think that when we just speak honestly, more people will hear us out. We’ve got a compelling enough case that we don’t need to exaggerate the truth. We’re trying to have a long and extended dialogue with society, and the thoughtful individuals we’re trying to convince aren’t dupes. When we concede to one point, the other will often concede to another point, and will then give us more attention.
—Team Vegan member Jon Camp, 2/27/13


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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