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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  May 29, 2013

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Amanda at CSN Cheyenne
Team Vegan’s John Oberg reports from CSN Cheyenne: “Had a great conversation with Amanda. She told me the booklet made her really sad, and is now on her way towards going vegetarian despite the fact that she hates vegetables.”

Go, Vegan, Go!

Team Vegan members have now raised over half of the $100,000 matching challenge! Thanks to everyone for your efforts to help the animals!

This week, we’d like to highlight some of the outstanding leafleters on the Team:

Barbara Bear, Brandon Becker, FAST, Power Couple Bockman, Joe Espinosa, Alex Greenwood, Eric Griffith, Laura Hart, Lisa Hines, Tamara Hubbard, Yvonne LeGrice, Connie, EarthSave Miami, Kassy Ortega, Lesley Parker-Rollins, Leslie Patterson, Ali Pester, Sean Scherer, Nettie Schwager, Lisa Shapiro, Team Triangle, Vegas Veg.

These dedicated volunteers are working hard to make sure that, during next semester, they and other VO activists reach as many new people as possible!

You can make a tax-deductible contribution to any of these members (or the people in the feedback section below, or via the Team Vegan general donations page).

And your donation will be doubled, dollar for dollar!

So please, click over to, support a Team member, and help take the animals’ message to more people!

Thank you!

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Jon Camp, VO’s Director of Outreach, will be speaking at the Chicago Veggie Pride Parade on June 1st.


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs


Product of the Week

Lip balm

Team Vegan member Anne Green: “My lips were so dry they were flaky. Fortunately, sample lip balms (lavender, clove, orange, lemon, and unflavored) from Anna’s Potions and Lotions arrived for Vegan Outreach to review. Within 2 days – I kid you not – no more flakes. I like the clove and the unflavored best; Matt likes the lavender and the lemon. Okay, I’ll take the orange. A little goes a long way. And if it can protect two lips in Tucson, it can protect yours, too.”

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

Amber Smith at Marquette
Above: Amber Smith reaches another student at Marquette University. Below: UWM students read an Even If You Like Meat together.
Students at UWM

Click on any Team Vegan member to donate and have your dollars doubled!

Despite a slow start, I set a personal best at UNC Chapel Hill, reaching over 2,300 students. I happened to overhear one student say they are going veg as a result of the booklet. The highlight was a conversation with a student about free-range, etc.; after she said she was going full vegan.
     This leafleting outing was done in memory of my beloved kitty, Toonces, who recently passed away at 21 years old. She was such a fixture in our lives and will be missed terribly.
—Team Vegan member Dawn Ratcliffe, 2/28/13

At Quinnipiac University, the head of security took an Even If You Like Meat; and another security guard said that he agreed with what I was doing. His ex-wife is vegetarian, and he knew a bit about the horrendous conditions on factory farms, and he is against them. I asked him if he would like a Guide with health info, and he took it. He said he would try to cut back even more on his consumption of animal products.
     At Yale, I handed a booklet to a doctor of internal medicine who read it and came back to talk. “What can I do?” he asked. We discussed the cruelty of animal agriculture, and discussed reducing consumption of animals. He was very happy to accept a Guide when I told him that it had a lot of health info in it. He said it was good, and he was going to research / learn more, and start toward becoming vegetarian!
—Team Vegan member Karen James, 3/6/13

Heard lots of great feedback at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater – both on the idea of helping animals and general support for the work that VO does; e.g., “Thank YOU for helping animals!” “Keep up the great work!” One student was very moved when she got a booklet a few semesters ago; I made sure to whip out a Guide for her. At the end of the day, a student walked out of the University Center holding a booklet and as he passed me he said, “I’m reading it! It’s really sad stuff.” I handed him a Guide and told him, “It is, but luckily there’s something you can do about it.”
     Beautiful day at Marquette with Amber [Smith, above], who met Joe Espinosa and then got involved. Really receptive students and good interactions. Two students even brought me a coffee with soymilk, with “Thanks for all your hard work!” written on the side of the cup.
     Amber was back again today at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, along with her mom! We reached nearly 2,500 students, and had many meaningful interactions. For example, a biology professor told me he had a slightly heated discussion with a student in his class who had received a booklet and dismissed it based on religious grounds. He expressed his displeasure at her dismissal of the issue based on ancient principles out of touch with the world we live in today. Hopefully he’ll bring up these points in coming days with students of his that may have received a booklet today.
—Team Vegan member John Oberg, 3/4/13

Lisa Drapkin at Lehman College
Team Vegan’s Lisa Drapkin hands out Even If You Like Meat at Lehman College.

Had a good day at Kean University – good thing I was inside because the weather outside was absolutely awful. I had three people tell me they were very interested in going veg and all took Guides; we had good conversations about finding new foods you like and making it easier that way. One guy gave me a not-so-nice remark passing by. I replied in a friendly manner, and he stopped by again on his way back past, and we had a short conversation; he left saying he respects what I’m doing. Also, one girl came back after reading the leaflet to thank me and tell me how informative it was.
—Team Vegan member Lisa Drapkin, 3/6/13

Snow and drizzle, but solid leafleting – reached over 2,000 students. I did not have a single negative comment. At West Virginia University! And I was really enjoying the leafleting, and I think it showed, and people were smiling back at me, and saying nice things. While a number of people mentioned being veg or vegan, one vegan in particular stood out. She came up and said in such a sweet and sincere manner that she was really happy to see me out there. “It actually made my day,” she said. Awww. I then met Jill [below], who got a booklet from us when John Oberg, Joe Gonzales, and I were on campus a year ago. She’s been veg since.
—Team Vegan member Jon Camp, 3/6/13

Fellow Team Vegan member Steve, Cobie, and I reached over 1,600 students at Portland State. Of the three food carts there, two were totally vegan. They also have lots of vegan food on campus.
     Three memorable conversations. One with a woman who buys “humane” animal products; we discussed marketing and also about making choices which cause the least suffering (avoiding bird flesh and eggs). The second was with someone who took a booklet and then came back to thank me and tell me how meaningful this was to her. She is vegetarian but her husband isn’t and she was happy to have the Compassionate Choices and Guide to show him. The third was with someone who got a booklet 2 years ago and started off telling me how the pictures in the booklet affected her kids. She just wanted to chat with someone who understands.
—Team Vegan member Nettie Schwager, 3/4/13

Jill at WVU

Off to Harold Washington College after work. I was also curious to see if the slightly warmer temperature and lack of falling snow increased reception…it did. Heard from four vegetarians and two vegans, and talked harm reduction (avoiding consumption of birds and fishes) with two people.
—Team Vegan member Joe Espinosa, 3/6/13

San Jacinto College was awesome. Very receptive students. Saw many reading and discussing booklets. We met a student that wants to go vegan after getting a booklet. Also met a vegan who was happy we were on campus. Overheard one girl say “I want to go veg” to her friend.
     Some encouraging feedback from our host Professor Ramiri in Corpus Christi, after I wrote to thank him for housing us, he wrote back:
     “I’ll have you know that one of my professor friends in political science walked into her class this morning to find several of her students with your pamphlets in hand. They ended up changing the day’s lesson plans and talking about animal rights and activism. So, yeah, I’d say you not only awakened hearts and minds – but also changed the teaching plans for today in some classes.”
     This happens often – I’ve heard of classes discussing the booklets in the past.
—Team Vegan member Vic Sjodin, 3/6/13


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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