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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  June 5, 2013

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Angelo at U of M
Vic Sjodin leafleted University of Memphis student Angelo (above) and University of Louisiana student Michaela (below) – both now want to go veg!

Amazing! New Spring Record!

Adopt a College activists have now handed booklets to a spring record 905,056 students at an incredible 956 schools during spring semester!

A special shout-out to John Oberg, who, in the past 12 months, has handed a VO booklet directly to more than 250,000 young people!

Thank you so much to everyone whose incredible hard work made this record possible!

We know our efforts together are not the “sexiest” or the most immediately rewarding. But you and fellow thoughtful, dedicated individuals have chosen to be a part of it because it has the greatest long-term payoff for the animals.

Michaela at ULM

And you know that, like you, we’re always looking to have the absolute biggest impact per hour spent and dollar donated.

This new record is a testament to the incredible efforts of our amazing leafleters, but also to all the donors who contributed to 2012’s end-of-year fundraising. Your contributions are what printed and shipped the 905,056 booklets that have made their way into the hands of students all across the country.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of this amazing accomplishment.

905,056 isn’t something Vegan Outreach has done – it’s literally the work of all of us, leafleters and donors!

And thanks to everyone who has joined and / or given to Team Vegan! Your dollars today will reach more students tomorrow, creating the fundamental change we all want!


Team Vegan Works for the Future

Melissa Swanson

This week, we’d like to highlight some Team Vegan 2013 members who were also on a previous Team Vegan:

Rachel Donovan

Laura A, Quinn Attika, Cathy Berlot, Audrey Caplan, Kristi Capone, Rachel Donovan (left), Baby Emily, Lauren Farnsworth, Erin Gaines, Jimmy H, Zubair Hussaini (below), Caroline Jones, Heather Leughmyer, Michelle Lukasiewicz, Amanda Malligo, Desiree Mehrez, Callie Ray, Sandy Rees, Melissa Swanson (right), Brian Tomasik, Queenie Tsui, Team Tucker-Kuzma, Team Vegan-Cat.


You can make a tax-deductible contribution to any of these members, or the people in the feedback section below, or simply click here to make a direct donation!

And your donation will be doubled, dollar for dollar!

Thank you so much for your support!

Zubair Hussaini


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs


Product of the Week

McFarland Designs

Longtime VO supporter Tamara McFarland offers custom jewelry in line with your values!

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

Marcela at UTEP
John reports: “Marcela is a vegetarian for the animals and very excited to get in contact with other veggies at UTEP so she can become more active.”

A record day at Elon University; good reception for a Friday. Highlight was when a woman came back to me and said that she read the booklet I had given her earlier and is now a vegetarian.
     Love Salem College, a private women’s school. And the best thing of all is that administrators want me to distribute booklets, since more and more of their students are going vegetarian / vegan. In fact, this has the largest percentage of veg*ns that I have encountered outside of New College.
     Philip, Loren, and I set a new record at Winthrop University. We all had great conversations. Met people wanting to get involved and connect with the new Charlotte group; watched many others reading their booklet. For example, Loren reports a student liking that the booklet doesn’t take an all-or-nothing position. Connor, who was vegan for a year before “giving in” to his girlfriend’s meaty diet, was excited to take an Even If You Like Meat and a Guide for her to consider.
     Curt joined Loren, Philip, and me at Central Piedmont Community College, where we shattered my old record, reaching over 2,300 students! Loren reports a vegan student who asked for extra booklets to distribute; a student who had been persuaded by her mother not to become vegetarian earlier in her life, and now wanted to make the change. Hiren, a student who was so impressed with the booklet that he visited the website and then made a point of returning to chat. A student passed by after having read the Even If earlier in the day, saying with a smile, “There’s good information in there.” As we finished leafleting for the day, I was on a natural high, knowing that our efforts are making a real difference in addressing animal oppression, climate change, and other life-and-death issues. Thanks to all who make this outreach possible.
—Team Vegan member Dawn Ratcliffe, 3/5/13

Emily at Marshall U

A great day at Marshall University! Good conversations, including with Emily [right], who has been veg since getting a booklet from me during my stop at Marshall in the fall. Oh yeah!
     At York College, I had a productive conversation with Jimmy, a student who (correctly) didn’t envision the world going vegan overnight, but heard me out on the importance of piecemeal change. And it was nice to talk with April, who attended a talk I gave at York last semester and left as a vegan. In three of my last four days of outreach, I’ve had someone come up to say they’re now veg or vegan as a result of our past outreach on their campus. Woohoo!
     I was floored by how many people at Montgomery College mentioned being vegan, veg, consumers of vegetarian meats and tofu, etc. A number of the people expressed genuine enthusiasm for going veg as a result of our conversation. Amazing.
—Team Vegan member Jon Camp, 3/12/13

Friday afternoon at Oregon State. Highlight of the day was talking to a guy who went vegetarian as a result of a VO booklet he got two years ago. Had a great conversation with him and he got a Guide. When I was back, I met one young woman who was really excited when she saw what I was giving out. She will end up being a voice for the animals.
—Team Vegan member Nettie Schwager, 3/15/13

At the University of Southern Maine, an older man told me he used to have a small farm but factory farmers put him out of business. A woman said the booklet will be helpful for a project she’s doing in an environmental class. She said, “It’s very important to get this information out to the community.” A student thanked me for being there and said, “This is very important to me.” Another student said, “This will be perfect to show to my family.” A vegetarian woman said she had been thinking lately about starting to eat meat again, but getting the booklet was a good reminder of why she should stay veg! Whooo!
—Team Vegan member Lana Smithson, 3/13/13

Aspiring vegan at UL Lafayette
After receiving a booklet from Vic at UL Lafayette, this student wants to go vegan!

Constant snow at Western Michigan University, but one of the highest reception rates! Heard from 4 vegans and 11 vegetarians and one gentle giant of a student who stated that he felt very strongly about animals and wanted to stop eating them.
—Team Vegan member Joe Espinosa, 3/12/13

Thousands of people at the San Luis Obispo farmers’ market – got out a ton of booklets. And great conversations; e.g., a sweet teenager who went veg in 5th grade and really wants to go vegan now – she took a “vegan” button and we loaded her up with info. Also a boy of about six and his mom; he didn’t want to eat animals anymore – they got the info needed.
—Team Vegan member Barbara Bear, 3/14/13

At the University of Arizona, the first five people turned me down, but then it picked up. Highest percentage of “already have that” or “already veg” I’ve ever encountered. Right when I had to leave, a huge group of maybe 50 middle school kids were coming right toward me. I let the front group (with the adults) go past, and then started offering booklets. You would have thought I was Santa offering Xboxes! Seriously – they all flocked to me as though I was the Pied Piper! It was unreal.
—Team Vegan member Matt Ball, 3/8/13

At CUNY Staten Island, met students who said they were thinking about this already and were happy to get a booklet. Also met a teacher who was a longtime vegetarian happy to see this work being done.
—Team Vegan member Lisa Drapkin, 3/11/13

Despite the rain, good conversations at Seattle Central Community College. For example, talked to a woman who wanted to go vegan; gave her a Guide.

Justin at UL Lafayette
Jolie at LA Tech
Krystal at GSU
Jairon at GSU

     Great morning at Everett Community College. Talked to two people who have been working on going vegan; one wants to get involved because she loves the work we are doing!
—Team Vegan member Steve Erlsten, 3/14/13

Georgia and I had a hard time keeping our fingers functioning at Truman College, with three-degree windchill. One woman stopped and said she cares about animals and only buys chickens from Perdue because they treat them well according to the commercials. I filled her in on what Perdue actually does and how chickens suffer due to their genetics, and she said she is going to try giving up chicken. She was excited to receive the Guide.
—Team Vegan member Leslie Patterson, 3/20/13

Great day at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, with excellent feedback. Met a student who has been veg after getting a VO booklet last year and is still excited. Spoke to Justin [above, right] for a long time, who concluded he cannot support the abuse of animals in factory farms, so wants to go veg and also discuss issues with wife. Rachel spoke to a cowboy who loved to eat meat but didn’t want to support factory farm conditions and said he was considering the issues.
     Rachel and I also set a record at Louisiana Tech. Watched many reading their booklet. Highlight was meeting Jolie [right], who wants to go vegan and leaflet in the future!
     Big impact today! At Grambling State, spoke to Jalen who is now interested in eating veg: “It is all kinds of cruel how they are treated.” Had a long talk with Jasmine; then spoke to Krystal [right], who now wants to go vegan. Best part of the day was meeting Jairon [below, right], who stopped in his tracks to read the booklet. He was very thankful for the booklet and the info, and we had a moving discussion; he concluded by saying he never wants to eat meat again!
     Outstanding day at Murray State – great conversations. Met Garret, a vegan who wants to leaflet in the future. And one of the highlights of the tour was meeting Jeremy [Cleaver, below, left], a brave vegan freshman. I gave him a Guide and invited him to leaflet with us at any point the rest of the day. We talked for a few minutes and I wished him well. In 15 minutes, he came back to leaflet. He is so supportive of our cause, so kind and intelligent and brave. He was very happy to do activism and will leaflet with VO in future. I fail to describe how inspiring he is and what a friend he is to animals! So thank you, Jeremy!
     Frigid and murky at Indiana State, but fantastic outreach – Rachel and I reached over 1,200 students. Two vegetarians were stoked to see us on campus. A student came back after reading the entire booklet in class. He said he was an animal lover and that he would eat less meat.
     Astronomical outreach at the University of Memphis, where we were joined by a volunteer and reached over 2,000 students, topping the previous record by more than 300. One student [below, right] said she had gotten an Even If previously and drastically reduced her meat consumption; asked for a Compassionate Choices for a friend. A sociology professor took booklets for her students. One student said she was going to do a report on factory farming after reading the booklet, another had a similar story – she was going to use it for a presentation. Another student took two Guides, for herself and her mom. A vegan student thanked us emphatically for being out there; I explained how handing out 60–100 leaflets will double the amount of animals his personal veganism saves, so he joined us. Rebecca [below, center] wants to go veg, and said the Guide was “exactly what I need!” Then her friend came up to me and asked me if he, too, could get a Guide.
     Solid day and massive impact at Ole Miss, where we beat the previous best mark at this school by 620 booklets. Great interactions: e.g., a professor grabbed 15 to give to her class; another student asked for 25 to show friends and family; and Taylor, who has leafleted before, came to say hello and took 100 for her on-campus activist group to distribute. Another student had many questions; we had a 10-minute talk that centered around animal cruelty. Met another woman who wants to go vegan; gave her a Guide.
—Team Vegan member Vic Sjodin, 3/21/13

Jeremy Cleaver at Murray State Rebecca at U of M Student at U of M
Santana at MATC

Great interactions at Central Connecticut State. For example, a student stopped and thumbed through the booklet, and he said slowly, “Oh…I just had a steak.” I said that he could read the booklet, it might change his mind about animals used for food and perhaps he could reduce suffering by reducing his consumption of animals. He said, “I can do that!”
     At SUNY Westchester Community College, I met a guy who initially had a negative view of animal rights groups, but after talking to me, he calmed down, shook my hand, and said that he was glad that I was out here speaking out for what I believe in. Seven students want to help leaflet. One student raised her fist in the air and yelled out, “I don’t eat meat! I don’t eat meat!”
—Team Vegan member Karen James, 3/13/13

Cheryl Abbate at MATC
Unny Nambudiripad at UMNTC

So great leafleting Milwaukee Area Technical College with new leafleter Cheryl [Abbate, right]. Despite heavy snow, take rate was really high. Rachel joined us for a bit, too! Cheryl was told by someone that they’re really thankful we were out there, that he’s been thinking about going vegetarian; so she Guided him. Another guy said, “It’s pretty interesting stuff. I never thought about it like that, it’s like you get a meal and it’s just sitting there and you don’t really think twice about it. Thanks, brother.” I offered a booklet to Santana [above] and she said, “Oh! I got one of those, it’s so scary!” We then talked for a minute and I gave her a Guide. As we parted she yelled out, “This makes me want to be a vegetarian!” Also met Phil who said, “I’m never going to eat meat again!”
     Unny [Nambudiripad, right] organized an amazing day at the University of Minnesota. Mike, Sen, Fred, Jeff, Dustin, Jacque, Jennifer, Kealy, Markus, Unny, and I reached over 5,000 students! Much support for us being out there in this weather, lots of people moved by the literature, and we met tons of vegetarians and vegans.
     Out the door at 4:50 am this morning to get to the University of Minnesota, Duluth, but man, was it worth every minute! From 7:45 to 8:00 I was able to hand out 360 booklets. That’s a booklet every 2.5 seconds for 15 minutes straight – it was nuts. I met a bunch of vegetarians / vegans, and ran into Taylor, who wants to get involved. Met Ian, who was the “knocker” at a slaughterhouse straight out of high school – he’s been vegetarian ever since! He shook my hand and thanked me for doing this good work.

Fred Tyler and John Oberg at UW Stout

     Snowing at the University of Wisconsin, Stout, and it was the last day before spring break. But nearly a 100% take rate, and Fred, Sen, and I had occasional snowball fights. We met a ton of vegetarians!
     Despite the continuing snowstorm, amazing feedback at Michigan Tech. Brendon told me he read through it and agreed that animal cruelty is bad but that he just loves meat too much. I told him how nearly every vegetarian I know was in the same boat but we’ve all made it and actually love all the vegetarian meats on the market. Looking at them in the Guide, he said, “Great! I’ll check some of these out!” Also met Armando, a gangster-ish lookin’ dude that took a look at the cover and sincerely said, “Oh yeah man, I like this.” I gave him a Guide and he said how they treat animals is terrible. I told him it is terrible but luckily there’s something he can do about it. We parted ways and he said, “Thanks for being out here, raising awareness!”
—Team Vegan member John Oberg (shown with Fred Tyler, far left, at UW Stout), 3/19/13


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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