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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3)
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reducing the suffering of farmed animals
by promoting informed, ethical eating.

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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  July 3, 2013

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Team Vegan-Cat Power Couple Bockman

Team Vegan 2013 ROCKED!

We are incredibly grateful to all the members of Team Vegan 2013. We’re still putting in all the donations, so you can check the Team Vegan page for the up-to-the-minute total. As of this writing, though, over a quarter million dollars was raised to print and distribute our booklets!

Joe Espinosa Leslie Patterson

We’d like to give extra-special thanks to Team Vegan-Cat, Power Couple Bockman (above), Joe Espinosa, Leslie Patterson (left), Laura Hart, Audrey Caplan, Barbara Bear, Catherine Berlot, Brian Tomasik, Lauren Farnsworth, Nettie Schwager, Vegas Veg, and Johanna Andris.

And Team Vegan couldn’t have succeeded without our generous group of matching donors – especially Steve, Mark, Brian, Steve, Yvonne and David, Peter, Ari, and Anonymous! Your matching challenge magnified everyone’s impact!

Again, thank you so much to all the great Team Vegan 2013 members
and the wonderful donors for making this possible!


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs



Books of the Week

Those new to VO might not be familiar with our books: The Animal Activist’s Handbook and Vegan for Life. You can order either from our catalog.

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

Maria at UK
Vic Sjodin reports the highlight of leafleting the University of Kentucky on 4/10/13 was meeting Maria (above), a student who went veg as a result of receiving a booklet last year!

Leafleting gets better and better at the Homestead Campus of Miami Dade College; I met more vegetarians / vegans than ever before. One called back: “I’m vegan! It’s so awesome you’re out here doing this!” Not only was this really encouraging, but also got the crowd much more interested. Watched dozens of students intensely studying their booklet, and overheard others discussing the booklet. One student told me how she’d been unaware of the cruelty involved in our farming practices, and said she wouldn’t be looking at her food choices the same again. Just a few of the great things that happened on this day of awesome outreach here.
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 4/8/13

At Western New England University, Joseph stopped and asked me if I was trying to make everyone a vegetarian. I said I would love that, then explained what we do at VO: that we are trying to reduce suffering as much as possible, and it is something that EVERYONE can do! He said he would read the booklet and reduce his consumption of animals.
     Lauren, a student I met last semester, joined me today, and we reached over 1,100 students at Southern Connecticut State. MaryEllen read the booklet, and said she wanted to stop eating animal products altogether. The most difficult for her would be chicken; I advised that she try Boca chik’n burgers and try the Gardein BBQ “wings.” I also told her about Beyond Meat. Then, Robert said he was now going vegan after reading the booklet!
—Karen James, 4/16/13

Terrible weather at Syracuse University, but a good spot made the day successful. I got a group of nearly 100 high school kids to take the booklets; they were all excited to read it – heard from 2 girls who really want to go vegan and said the booklets helped.

Gail Mayer at CSI

     Hail, snow, and rain at SUNY Oswego, but Constance and I reached 2,500 students. Met so many people already veg that we collected their information to put them in touch with each other. One girl came back after class to leaflet and took a couple dozen to her next class.
—Nathan Shin, 4/11/13

At CUNY City Tech, one lady said she got one last time and it made her not want to eat meat. Another girl was interested in how the food pics in the back went along with the animal pictures in the front. I explained the connection, and went on to tell her that it’s best to try many different foods and find the ones we like the best because there are so many options available.
     At CUNY Staten Island, met several people now interested in going vegan. A girl asked what she could do, and Gail [Mayer, far left] and I explained that everyone could help by even making just gradual changes in their diet.
—Lisa Drapkin, 4/16/13

Rochelle and BF at Miami U

Great conversations at Miami University, where Rachel and I reached 1,600 students, despite the rain. Also heard a number of students discussing the booklet. Brianne was enthusiastic and got a Guide. Karin wants to volunteer with VO in the future! Rochelle said she doesn’t see how she could eat meat again after reading the booklet, and asked about what to eat, etc. As she was encouraging her boyfriend to eat less meat, I took a quick pic of them with their Guides [right].
     New record at the University of Dayton, where we reached 1,450 students. Emily now wants to leaflet; Brigitte [below, center] now wants to go veg and was thankful for the Guide. Long conversation with Sammy [below, right], who ended up with a Guide. Great day.
     Rachel and I reached over 1,600 students at Sinclair Community College, with fantastic interactions. Also watched many students engrossed in their booklets. Met Tyson [below, left], who had questions and wants to stop supporting the cruelty on factory farms; he got a Guide. We also met an ethics professor who took 20 to give to her students. An older student said she supported us and wanted to go veg; also took a Guide.
—Vic Sjodin, 4/16/13

Tyson at Sinclair CC Brigitte at UD Sammy at UD

The highlight at Castleton State was when a young man said he and a friend had been looking through the booklet and were disturbed especially by the photo of the piglets. He went on to ask me some thoughtful questions, and we had a good discussion. He said he really liked VO’s approach, and the information will definitely have an impact.
—Lana Smithson, 4/15/13

Tina Czerwinski at SSC
Tina Czerwinski (above) and Leslie Patterson also reached 650 students at South Suburban College on 4/24/13.

Great to have my mom’s help at Utah Valley University and Weber State. Brittany joined us at UVU, and we reached 2,400 people – a new record for the school! The students were among the most receptive I’ve ever encountered, and one professor wants someone to speak to his classes next semester. Watched lots of students reading their booklets – especially at Weber, where we reached another 1,400 students.
—Steve Erlsten, 4/12/13

Tina and I had great conversations at Moraine Valley Community College. We heard from a couple different students who had tried but failed to be vegan, so Tina gave them some good tips and Guides. One student said our visit last semester led her to go veg. Another woman told us receiving the booklet caused her to change what she got for lunch. One student asked for a few leaflets to pass on. Other students stopped with questions, to express support, or to ask how they can help animals. Wonderful!
—Leslie Patterson, 4/17/13

John Sakars at York U

Gave a booklet to the school president at Niagara College. Reached nearly 600 people, including an interested security guard; and answered many, many questions from interested students.
—John Sakars (left, at York University), 4/17/13

Marley joined me at Central Piedmont Community College, where we met Jessica who wants to get involved. We talked for quite a while, and she said she had goosebumps up her arms just talking about what we are doing here! Marcele, a security guard, was excited about us being there. She recently rescued a turkey that fell off of a slaughter truck, and showed us pictures. She asked for more booklets and I gave her a Guide. She said she wanted to cut meat out of her diet, and she hoped we would come back!
—Curt Albright, 4/17/13

Sharon at McMaster U
Vidhant at Western
Student at St. Clair College

John and I reached over 3,000 students at Brock University, and had great conversations! Spoke with Sierra, who told me this was some heavy reading. I mentioned that as bad as it is, it is fortunate there’s something we can each do about it; this cheered her. She thanked me for doing this and left with a Guide in her hand. Also had an excellent conversation with Beata, who told me that she never wants to eat eggs again. As she walked away she turned back and said, “Thanks for turning me off eggs!” Win for the chickens! Later, one student said, “You already gave me one and you convinced me!” Made sure to Guide her!
     I reached over 2,100 students at McMaster University, and had good interactions. For example: a semi truck drove by and a guy rolled down the window and requested a booklet. When I told him it was to help animals, he said, “I love animals!” I handed two friends each a copy of Even If You Like Meat…You Can Help End This Cruelty, and as they walked away one pointed at the title and said, “This is sooo true!” Later I spoke with Sharon [right], who told me she’s definitely going to eat less meat after getting a booklet earlier in the day! She hadn’t eaten meat all day as a result of reading about how farm animals are treated!
     Poured at the University of Western Ontario, but good conversations. Handed Moe a booklet; he read it for a bit, then walked back to me and asked more about it. Turns out he tried going vegan once before but couldn’t keep up. Because he got this booklet, he now actually promised to give it another shot! Ran into Steve, an awesome vegan dude who told me about the recent outpouring of interest in animal activism in London. He told me that two years ago there was nothing going on and now there are 4 groups with 300+ people! Assan told me he really liked the “meat reduction” approach and was appreciative of the Guide I handed him. Best story of the day goes to Vidhant [right], whose sister received a booklet two years ago in Ottawa. He ended up reading it and went vegetarian as a result and has been for two years! Go, Vidhant!
     At St. Clair College, I saw tons of people reading the booklet [one at right] – got a real sense of interest from the student body. Had a real good convo with Jonathon, who said he read through the booklet and it’s really shocking stuff. He even asked for some more copies to give to his friends. His grandmother owns an egg farm with over 22,000 birds, and he said he knows it’s wrong. I actually recited the story from Joe Espinosa’s post about seeing the turkeys on their way to slaughter in the cold, and it really touched a nerve with both of us.
—John Oberg, 4/11/13


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865

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