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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  July 24, 2013

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Aspiring veg at Vegas Warped Tour
Elaine Vigneault sends this pic from the Vegas Warped Tour stop: “He said he agreed with the front cover quote, and he’s going to try to go vegetarian!”

Warped Tour Leafleters for the Animals

Amazingly dedicated activists are reaching thousands and thousands of young people all along the Warped Tour. Jon Camp sends this report from Scranton, where 8,800 attendees were handed VO’s special Warped Tour booklet:

“Big night in Scranton! It was nice to have Rachel Atcheson and Will Peji supplementing the traveling wolf pack of Ben Sylvester, Nathan Shin, Ali Pester, and me. Laura Hart and Audrey Caplan drove three hours (each way!) to help us. They were outstanding and played such an instrumental role in the success of our night. And they even left us with homemade chocolate chip cookies. What a family!

“Brian Zawacki is in Rosedale, a band that plays each day on the tour. He and Ben have become friends on this tour, and he joined us for leafleting last night! Brian and one of his bandmates have been thumbing through VO’s booklet throughout the tour, and it’s left a lasting impression on them. Brian plans to be fully vegan by the end of the summer.

“After the Scranton date, I drove us 5 hours to Pittsburgh, and we got to sleep around 4 am. As always, thanks to all the donors who make this vital work possible. We see the difference this is making each night, and we’re really grateful.”

Below are some of the amazing activists who reached 11,000 concertgoers at the Columbia, MD Warped Tour stop!
Activists at Columbia Warped Tour

From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs


Lydia’s Organics crackers

Product of the Week

Carolyn: “Lydia’s Organics crackers are some of the most delicious crackers I have ever tasted. Organic, raw, gluten-free, and, of course, vegan, you can eat them plain or dip them in your tea!”

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

Readers at Seattle  Warped Tour
Concertgoers read our booklet at the Seattle Warped Tour stop.

I received your booklet at the Warped Tour in Baltimore. It has changed my life for the better – I am now vegan forever!
—BV, 7/20/13

Good take rate at the Pitbull / Ke$ha concert; lots of people were genuinely interested in VO’s booklet. A worthwhile event that reached a lot of underexposed suburban kids.
—Darina Bockman, 6/9/13

It begins! Victoria, Ben, Jeremy, Sacha, and I put in long hours, handing booklets to 6,150 young people at the Warped Tour’s opening day. The Seattle crowd was pretty excited to see Oli Sykes on the cover of VO’s Warped Tour booklet.
     Kassy, Jonathan, Beau, Radish, and Michelle joined the five of us for the first date of the Pomona stop. Of the 9,000 people who attended today, we reached 8,000. So awesome!
—Ethan Dussault (below, leafleting the Pomona stop), 6/20/13

Ethan Dussault at Pomona Warped Tour

Big crowd at Hip-Hop night – very receptive. One man told me he read the booklet last time and it made him not want to eat meat. One young woman came up to me a while after I handed her a booklet and said that reading it made her want to cry.

Tina Radatz at Vegas Warped Tour
Tina Radatz (above), Felicia Pellegalle, and Emily-Angelica Derossi (below) leaflet the Warped Tour stop in Las Vegas.

     Perfect demographic at Bunbury Music Festival! Lots of young people, very receptive. I ran out of booklets before the concert was over.
—Jane Smiley, 7/13/13

John, Sandi, Alex, and I heard from many vegetarians and vegans while leafleting the FUN concert. One guy came back and told me he received a VO booklet five years ago and he has been veg ever since!!
—Rachel Shippee, 7/10/13

After the Warped Tour leafleters left my house, Angelica, Lizbeth, and I decided to leaflet the First Friday crowd. Met a number of very interested people, and met teens who said, “Oh, I got this at Warped Tour. Can I have one for my friend?”
—Elaine Vigneault, 7/5/13

Felicia Pellegalle and Emily-Angelica Derossi at Vegas Warped Tour

At Long Island University, Post, two separate students came back to tell me my timing was perfect, because they were each writing a paper about eating meat. They each got a Guide. Also had an extended conversation with a group of five students; at the end, four of them wanted a Guide!
—Karen James, 4/22/13

Erica at JMU

Alex and I met many vegetarians and vegans at the University of Toronto, where we each handed a booklet to 500 students, and gave out 10 Guides. One student wants to leaflet in the future.
—John Sakars, 4/22/13

Great Earth Day leafleting at Bergen Community College – one girl said she would go vegetarian and another guy promised to try it for a week.
—CL, 4/22/13

On their last day of classes at James Madison University, 2,500 students were handed a VO booklet about factory farm cruelty. The response was amazing – many constructive conversations about factory farms and quashing of myths associated with vegetarian and vegan health. Many students told us that they wanted to go vegetarian, and a couple students [including Erica, right] said they went vegetarian immediately after reading the booklet. It was an inspirational way to end the semester!
—Aaron Ross and Kate St. John, 4/23/13

Scout and I were joined by Jenell, David, and Anonymous at Georgia State, where we reached nearly 3,000 students, and handed out nearly 100 Guides! Solid conversations, too. No doubt many of these students will be making changes.
     Rob cranked out serious numbers in a short time at North Carolina State and was told, “Best booklet I got this semester.” I talked to a woman who now wants to go vegan.

Ernest at UM

     My mom joined me to table at Wake Forest’s Earth Day, next to the ARAMARK table, where they were promoting vegetarian and vegan dining options. We talked with vegetarians, vegans, and those wanting to go down that road, as well as many who vowed to slash their animal product consumption.
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 4/22/13

Great take rate – about 70% – at the University of Michigan. Was awesome to leaflet with Kate [Brindle, below]; we had our leafleting strategy down cold. Afterward, went to Jazzy Veggie, an all-vegan restaurant near campus, and the server told me, “It’s been a good day!” Hope our work played a role in that.
     Kate and I were back there today – over the two days, we handed a booklet to more than 4,700 students. One student said, “I got one of these yesterday and I’m just so happy you’re out here. It’s something that people really need to see.” She was definitely stoked on getting a Guide!
     Another student told me he got one yesterday, read through it and found it very informative; was happy to get a Guide. Met Ernest [right] – an awesome older man who said he read through the booklet and was in shock. “I’m definitely going to eat less meat. I can’t believe the way we treat chickens just in the name of profit!” He was definitely enlightened on this day.
     Kate met a vegan duo who were really excited to get Guides, and a professor told her she’s really happy we were out there. A student handing out free condoms told me Even If You Like Meat made her want to become vegan! Met a vegan named Spizzy who said he’s been vegan since June because of the cruelty in factory farming. He said it’s more difficult when he goes back home. He shook my hand when we parted. I think it was a really good thing that he saw us out there speaking up for the animals.
—John Oberg, 4/23/13

Kate Brindle at UM

I leafleted in front of the VO table at Montgomery College’s Earth Day. It was crazy how many individuals mentioned being veg or vegan, and how they ran the gamut in terms of appearance, ethnic background, age. We’re becoming more diverse and mainstream, and we’re gaining ground!
—Jon Camp, 4/23/13

Amerea at BGSU

Rachel and I had great interactions at Bowling Green State. Amerea [left] wants to go vegan, and her friend’s sister also wants to give it a go. Amerea then asked for booklets to distribute, and she will leaflet in the future! We met Laura [below, right] – she was vegan for a bit but for whatever reason went back to eating meat. She said after reading VO’s booklet, there is no way she will eat meat again. Rachel met Staci [below, left], who wants to go vegan and educate her family, too. We also met numerous veg folk, and others who want to leaflet next time someone comes to campus.
     What a change on campus we’ve helped to create since I was here in ’08, when people didn’t know what “vegan” meant and were far less receptive to the message.
—Vic Sjodin, 4/23/13

Staci at BGSU Laura at BGSU


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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