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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  August 21, 2013

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Readers at San Diego Warped Tour
Ethan Dussault snapped these women reading our Warped Tour booklet at the San Diego stop.

Rocking Summer Outreach for the Animals

So far in 2013, activists across the country and around the world have handed Vegan Outreach booklets to 504,340 individuals at concerts, festivals, parades, and other venues!

Over 300,000 of these individuals were reached at this summer’s Warped Tour, a concert series that travels across the country.

Well before the tour begins, Vegan Outreach designs and prints a Warped-Tour-specific booklet, using quotations and photos from veg members of the various bands who will be part of that year’s tour. Every summer, Vegan Outreach organizes the schedule, arranges housing, and ships hundreds of thousands of booklets for our crew traveling with the Warped Tour. Over the years, Vegan Outreach has worked with many individual activists as well as other groups – including FARM, The Humane League, Mercy For Animals, Action for Animals, Compassionate Action for Animals, and many others – to make sure we reach as many interested people as possible.

This year 162 activists took part in Warped Tour leafleting – with Vegan Outreach intern Ben Sylvester distributing 38,620 booklets at a record 37 of the 40 stops! Thank you so much to all the amazing leafleters who put in long days in the hot, hot sun.

And a special thank you to all of Vegan Outreach’s dedicated donors. If not for you, these booklets wouldn’t be developed, printed, shipped, and handed to all these individuals. Your support is changing lives every day, and we thank you for making this powerful and necessary work possible.

Chicago Warped Tour crew
From left: Mikael Nielsen, Ben Sylvester, Ali Pester, Chelsea Button, Jon Camp, Jeni Haines, Nathan Shin, Chad Berkobien, Brian Pietrzycki, Jennifer Pietrzycki, Sandi Swiss, Kevin Cooney, Rachel Shippee, John Jungenberg, Jamie Jungenberg, Tiff Bohn, and Mary Jungenberg reached 11,200 concertgoers at this year’s Chicago Warped Tour stop!


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Beyond Meat
Beyond Meat, Southwest Style.


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Notes from Our Members

Readers at Detroit Warped Tour
Above are concertgoers at the Warped Tour stop in Detroit, photographed by Chelsea Button, shown below at the Minneapolis stop.
Chelsea Button at Minneapolis Warped Tour

This year’s Warped was amazing. We were received so well, kids were really nice, and it bolstered our sense that the number one way to change the hearts and minds of society in regards to how we treat animals is to do outreach to youth. Amazing to watch so many people so engrossed in reading the booklet, to overhear so many conversations about veganism. This work is definitely a conversation starter; it gets people who otherwise wouldn’t be discussing this issue, discussing this issue. The hundreds of starter pack requests that have come in over the last two months are testament to the fact that leafleting youth gets the goods.
     Too many stories to relate from my time on the tour. Having Oli Sykes on the custom booklet’s cover has been huge. So many kids say, “It’s Oli Sykes!” or “Really? Oli Sykes is a vegetarian?” Brian from the band Rosedale – who play each day on the tour – became friends with Ben and helped leaflet as well; Brian now plans to go fully vegan! At the Minneapolis stop, a member from the band Silverstein walked up to Chelsea [right] to say that his band should have been featured in the booklet, since they’re veg. That was nice to hear – bands who care about this issue and who want to be in the booklet!
     In addition to the dozens and dozens of volunteers who took time out of your busy schedules to join us in your city or to travel along for several dates, this year’s Warped Tour wouldn’t have been the smashing success it was without Anne Green, John Oberg, Ali Pester, Nathan Shin, and Ben Sylvester.
     But none of this work would be possible without you donors on this list who work hard at your jobs and donate to ensure that today’s youth are reached with a message of kindness towards animals. We gave our absolute all this summer to guarantee that your generosity did as much good as possible. Once again, our most profuse thanks for making this happen.
—Jon Camp, 8/5/13

Phil Letten, Ali Pester, John Oberg, and Rob Stephens at Detroit Warped Tour Tommasina Dandelion, Ben Sylvester, Ted, Kimito Sakata, Hulya Johnson, and Zubair Hussaini at Denver Warped Tour
Above are Phil Letten, Ali Pester, John Oberg, and Rob Stephens at the Detroit Warped Tour stop; and Tommasina Dandelion, Ben Sylvester, Ted, Kimito Sakata, Hulya Johnson, and Zubair Hussaini at the Denver stop.
Stephanie Bay at Detroit Warped Tour

It was so good to be back on the pavement at the Detroit Warped stop. My buddy Rob (who isn’t even veg) and I showed up at 4:00, joined shortly by the Button. Within minutes we were joined by the all-star crew of the Pest, the Beast, the Shinbone, and the Camp. Philboy and Matt showed up a little bit after and we spread out. Stephanie [Bay, right], who I met at Michigan VegFest when I was tabling, joined later and the awesome Beau of FARM helped us out at the end. We offered a booklet to nearly everyone, and 7,900 accepted.
—John Oberg, 7/19/13

When the Warped Tour volunteers left my house, they couldn’t fit all their leaflets in their car. So Angelica, Lizbeth, and I leafleted Vegas’ First Friday event. We met lots of interested people, including teens who said, “Oh, I got this at Warped Tour. Can I have one for my friend?”
—Elaine Vigneault, 7/6/13

Elaine sends this photo from the Las Vegas Warped Tour stop: Jinal Shah, Tommasina Dandelion, Roy Rendahl, Ben Sylvester, Tina Radatz, Elaine Vigneault, Annoula Wylderich, and Emily-Angelica Derossi.
Las Vegas Warped Tour crew
Reader at Las Vegas Warped Tour
Above: Elaine spotted this woman carefully reading her Warped Tour booklet while waiting outside the Vegas venue. Below: Sandi Swiss snapped John Jungenberg providing a voice for the animals at the Chicago Comic Con.
John Jungenberg at Chicago Comic Con


Pulled in so many different directions at the Ventura stop of the Warped Tour. One enthusiastic first-time attendee now wants to get involved in leafleting! We were nearly trampled while leafleting the exiting mob, and I had to leaflet with a box between my legs to keep stocked with lit., but it was totally worth it to reach so many young minds! Thanks Ethan, Victoria, and Ben for a memorable night – and for your amazing work on the tour!
—Barbara Bear, 6/23/13

Solid night on Fountain Square during the Friday concert event. Most people were very receptive to the literature. I encouraged the vegetarians I met to take a leaflet and give to a friend. The highlight was a young woman, who got a booklet earlier in the evening, telling me the information was very enlightening and that it “had a great impact” on her. She thanked me for being out there and asked for a few extra leaflets to take with her.
—Rich Sheer, 6/14/13

The crowd was incredibly receptive at the Artscape festival. Sarah, Kate, and I had great conversations. For instance, a teenager, who said he went vegan recently, was excited to get a booklet; we had a good conversation about vegan health and weight-training. Tons of people were excited to get a booklet!
—Aaron Ross, 7/22/13

My second year leafleting the Bud Billiken Parade, the largest African American parade in the country; I was thrilled to team up with Jovan to hit it. Very high reception among the friendly and curious crowd. Lots of people stopped with questions about the leaflet, the treatment of farmed animals, and veg eating. Good outreach and a fun event to cover.
—Leslie Patterson, 8/10/13

Very good reception at the Grayslake Summer Days festival! Many people were asking questions and wanted to help stop animal cruelty. One person said that she was going to look into having her company donate to VO!
—John Jungenberg, 8/16/13

Nathan Shin at NYC Pride
Nathan Shin offers Compassionate Choices at NYC Pride.

At the Long Island Pride Parade, I combined my dance moves with the opener, “Info to help animals, widen your circle of compassion.” Outstanding reception rate!
—Jennifer Greene, 6/8/13

Brian, Alan, Haz, Chad, Stephanie, and I went downtown and handed out 886 Compassionate Choices around the Art Institute of Chicago area. Numerous people stopped to thank the team for getting out and educating people about the ills of factory farming. Among those people, many were either vegetarian or vegan. We had bikers, runners, and even those on Segways take a booklet. A woman who was standing in line to get into the Art Institute of Chicago told me to turn around because a cab driver wanted to read one.
—Becki, 7/9/13

Vic Sjodin at Dallas Warped Tour
Jeremy Minnerick snapped this pic of Vic Sjodin at the Dallas Warped Tour, where activists reached 10,000 people!

Today was Mark’s first day leafleting and he seriously rocked it, along with Ethan. Together, we reached 1,300 mostly 12-to-16-year-old young women at the One Direction concert with the case for compassion. Many were in long lines waiting to get in the venue, and the booklets started countless conversations. Epic outreach and a special day for many concert attendees who now are new vegans. Met several parents and concertgoers who were already vegan, and gave them Guides.
—Vic Sjodin, 7/22/13

Reached 300 people at the Beach to Beacon race. I was wearing my Team Vegan shirt and was happy to have a presence, speaking for the animals. One man said, “Team Vegan…tell me more.” We had a nice chat.
—Lana Smithson, 8/3/13


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865

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