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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  September 18, 2013

Notes from Vegan Outreach

October 2 – the Biggest Leafleting Day Ever?

FARM’s World Day for Farmed Animals turns 30 this October 2nd. This would be a great opportunity to get out there and leaflet as part of this national day of outreach!

If you have never leafleted before, check out the Adopt a College site for details on the How! If you have leafleted before, try to schedule an outing for Wednesday, Oct. 2. Report your numbers to info (at) VeganOutreach (dot) org, and we’ll see if we can set a new record!


Milagro at Mt SAC

Why Vegan Outreach? A Day in the Life

Vic Sjodin, the animals’ Gentle Giant and VO’s SoCal coordinator, has been continuing his amazing work. Here is just one example, from Mt. San Antonio College last week:

“Special day; many interactions with people after getting booklets. Overheard students saying things like, ‘this is horrible,’ and discussing the booklet with friends.

“Veronica [below, left] came back, said she wants to stop eating and hurting animals, and asked for lit to show her friends. Also met Milagro [right] who was horrified by the treatment of animals and wants to go veg.

“Three students [below, right] were also horrified by the treatment of farmed animals; they said they wanted to work with VO for their mandatory 8 hours of volunteering for one of their classes.

Veronica at Mt SAC Group at Mt SAC
Pedro at Mt SAC

“Another student [below, left] stopped by and told me she was an animal lover and related how she had saved dogs and a duck. I mentioned that the animals who suffer the most abuse are those confined and mutilated and killed for human consumption; I gave her a Guide and gently related that to be an animal lover means not to eat them! Another student [below, right] came by and said she was deeply affected by the lit and wants to go vegan.

“Also met Pedro [right] who was in haste going to class but related how it was just horrible what happens to farmed animals; he wanted to help and hoped to connect in the future. Many other interactions [including Jordana, below, center] and quick bro downs, a very solid day here.”

Animal lover at Mt SAC Jordana at Mt SAC New vegan at Mt SAC

Thanks so much to everyone who makes Vic’s work possible – and the work of hundreds and hundreds of other leafleters – with your support! It really makes a difference: all these lives changed are because of your donations!


Hotel Vegan Outreach in the Southeast!

VO’s SE coordinator, Dawn Ratcliffe, is looking for housing while touring this semester in: Myrtle Beach / Conway, SC; Augusta and Statesboro, GA; Jackson and Hattiesburg, MS.

If you can help Dawn out, or would like to potentially house an activist in your area in the future, please email info (at) VeganOutreach (dot) org. Thank you!



Free E-Book of the Week

To celebrate the International Day of Peace on Sept. 21st, Ken Beller’s Great Peacemakers e-book is being offered free of charge from Sept. 21 through Sept. 23. Note: Ken’s marketing firm, Near Bridge, has consulted (pro bono) on the content of VO’s booklets.

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

John Sakars at RMIT

A nice start to my 21st semester of leafleting for Vegan Outreach – I reached nearly 1,500 students with VO’s booklets at Illinois State. Heard from two vegans, 17 vegetarians and one student who let me know that getting the booklet from me last year moved him to drop meat. I gave him a Guide and thanked him for sparing animals.
—Joe Espinosa, 8/20/13

It was a cold and windy day at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, but we were overwhelmed with the response. People were really receptive and the take rate was quite high. Some people went out of their way to come and take a booklet, and others stopped for a chat. Kristin, Liz, Rachael, John [Sakars, right], Eliza, and I handed out all our booklets in 42 minutes. At the cafe we found a long line and a few people were reading their booklet, and many many more reading them at the tables.
—Chelsea Collins (below, reaching a student at RMIT), 8/9/13

Chelsea Collins at RMIT
Karla at VSU

I kicked off this fall with Virginia State. These open-minded students weren’t even a little hesitant to grab a booklet that was offered to them as “info to help animals.” Had two conversations with a vegetarian [Karla, right], and then with a pre-vegan who wants to go meatless every day for lunch. Baby steps, folks! Had a long, wonderful conversation with a biology student who was told every veg-myth I’ve ever heard. She was so wide-eyed when hearing the truth, nodded in agreement (many “that’s true”s and “never thought of it that way”s), and was excited to get her Guide after asking how she can get started in reducing her meat consumption. AND…I broke my first record today – the new all-time high at VSU is 1,334!
—Kassy Ortega, 8/22/13

Cold wind at the Pismo Beach farmers’ market earlier this month, but a receptive crowd. I targeted the booklets to young adults, but quite often they ended up in the hands of kids. I watched a boy and girl [below] read the booklet cover-to-cover. The girl sat on a curb and read it for the longest time, and when her mom told her it was time to move on, she kept right on reading as she walked.

Reader at PB farmers’ market Reader at PB farmers’ market

     At the Pismo Beach Car Show, I saw many people reading the booklet and sharing the info with others. A few people asked what the literature was about. My standard reply today was, “It’s about how animals suffer to become food and what we can do about it.” Everyone still took a copy!
     A guy came back with the booklet in hand to tell me he had worked in a slaughterhouse and how it caused him to swear off animals’ flesh for a while, though he currently eats some birds. He said he’d like to be vegan if he could figure out good sources of protein, so, of course, he got Guided.

Readers at PB farmers’ market
Barbara also sends this pic of two young men reading our booklets at the Pismo Beach farmers’ market.

     Great interactions back at the Pismo Beach farmers’ market today. Three young men walked up, and while two of them joked about liking bacon, the third stopped and asked what the booklet was about. I told him the brochure was specifically about how animals suffer to become food. He paged through it, then said, “I appreciate you,” and shook my hand sincerely before we parted ways. Another guy came over purposefully to see what I was handing out. As I answered his questions, he paged deeper into the booklet and kept shaking his head saying, “This is just wrong.” We shook hands and he left with a Guide in hand. The way his opinion changed during the course of the conversation, I think he’s going to be cutting back on his animal consumption.
     Finally, Gavin said he’d been all sorts of things – macrobiotic, raw, vegan, then slipped back to “the dark side.” I said it was never too late to come back to the light. :) He spoke of having “vices” that he is haunted by – eating sugar, etc. I said as long as my vices don’t hurt anyone else, then I’m O.K. with them. He thought it was important to free oneself from suffering first before trying to free others from it. I said “compassion” means “to suffer with,” and that if I didn’t feel the animals’ suffering, I probably wouldn’t be out there leafleting. He took that to heart.
—Barbara Bear, 6/26/13

Another great day leafleting at University Center. MFA volunteers Brian, Jen, Alan, Heather, Stephanie, Glenn, and I reached 1,600 people. Multiple people asked me about what was in the leaflet and wanted to know where they could get more information. Not only did it seem like people were receptive to learning about the suffering of animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses, there were tons of pro-veg people on the street thanking us for the amazing outreach. It really seems like, slowly but surely, change is happening.
—Becki Markle, 8/8/13

Tonja Robertson at Gen Con Indy

Good convos at Miami Dade College – probably met a good half-dozen happy vegetarians. Several others stopped, saying they’d been wanting to try going veg but were asking for pointers on how to get started. The several who felt especially challenged in the past were really receptive to trying the incremental approach. Felt good seeing people feeling recharged and ready to give vegetarianism another go.
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 7/15/13

Wendy and I had good interactions at Gen Con. For example, Wendy spoke with one man who said he really liked bacon but after hearing how pigs are treated he said he would try some of the vegan alternatives she suggested. One girl in a pig costume [right] saw the booklet and said she loved pigs, and thought it was awful that they suffer such cruelty and abuse.
—Tonja Robertson, 8/16/13

Today the Finrymple bunch (Sky, Elsa, Bodhi, Alek, Sen, Anna [Dalrymple, below, left], Fin, and mom Alissa) headed over to the University of Oklahoma Freshman Orientation Fair. After spreading out, we shared 400 booklets in no time!
—Alissa Finley (below, right, leafleting OU with Fin), 8/18/13

Anna Dalrymple at OU Alissa Finley and Fin Dalrymple at OU

We reached 200 people at the Foggy Bottom Metro station. When we were about to hand out our last one, a woman said, “I read this last year and stopped eating meat. And since I cook, my husband doesn’t eat meat at home anymore.” I said, “The cook has the power!”
—Gary Lowenthal, 8/20/13


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

POB 30865, Tucson, AZ 85751-0865

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