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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  October 9, 2013

Notes from Vegan Outreach

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From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs


Notes from Our Members

Amy at COC

Your book [The Animal Activist’s Handbook] gave me hope and strength. I was very depressed, did not think I am made for this world, could not get along with my meat-eating coworkers… Thank you and thank you! I share your recommendations with all of my activist friends.
—MP, 8/11/13

Student at COC

Another amazing day with Yvonne – set a new record at College of the Canyons, reaching 1,600 students. One woman stopped dead in her tracks on a busy narrow walkway and read the booklet cover-to-cover, not moving for 15 minutes, transfixed. We gave her a Guide. Amy [right] got a booklet and now wants innocent animals to stop being hurt. Met a vegan who wants to leaflet in the future. Others related they read the entire booklet and were moved by it [including the student at left, who will now eat less meat].
     Scorcher – thermometer said 102. Set a one-person record at Citrus College, reaching over 1,600 students before hustling over to Pomona College. Ran into Ellen [below], one of the top leafleters in AAC’s first year. Met a frosh student who went veg on his own at three – wow, precocious – once he realized his food had been a living animal, he stopped eating meat. I gave him a Guide and we had a nice talk.
—Vic Sjodin, 9/3/13

Below are Citrus College stuents reading Even If You Like Meat, and Vic Sjodin with Ellen Green at Pomona College.
Students at Citrus College Vic Sjodin and Ellen Green at Pomona College

At Catholic U, I talked with a man who is in the beginning stages of making the connection between animals and his “guilt” about eating them. He appreciated getting a Compassionate Choices and a Guide. I also met a 40-year-old whose husband just went veg a couple months ago after being hired to shoot photography for a campaign against a factory farm. They are now raising their children mostly veg (one of them who she claims was veg coming right out of the womb!). After answering her questions on protein and iron, I gave her a Guide.

Katie at Georgetown

     Quotes of the day:
     “I’m vegan! I love you and this is great!” – student on the way to class
     “I want one. Oh man, I love helping animals!!!” – 12-year-old
     And the winner for best quote of the day goes to: “Thanks, but you already gave me one – and I think it’s working, too.”
     Reached over 1,400 students at Georgetown University. Katie [left] ran back to me excitedly after receiving a booklet, asking how she could get involved. She is now transitioning to vegan, and was happy to get a Guide and my information. Another student, Annie, stopped to chat after a class change. She asked me: “Why vegan?” And I gave her the details. She happily received a Guide! I met a VO volunteer, Marie, who is staff at Georgetown. She was so grateful that so many students were receiving booklets today!
—Kassy Ortega, 9/5/13

Lauren Walker at WVU

Really big day at West Virginia U. Lauren [Walker, right] and I started leafleting at 8 and reached more than 4,000 students by the time we left campus at 4. Met many, many vegetarians and vegans – distributed more than 20 Guides. For example, I had two young women in a row, totally unaffiliated with each other, tell me no thanks to a booklet because they’re vegan (they both got Guided). Lauren had the best conversations of the day:
     A young woman told her that she read the booklet earlier and cried. She had companion animals, loved them, and never really made the connection that the animals raised for her meat suffered like they do.
     Later, a young woman told Lauren that she was previously vegan, but had slipped a bit lately. After reading VO’s booklet today, she recommitted to being vegan.
     Lauren and I crushed Marshall University, setting a huge new record by reaching 2,400 students. My two favorite interactions:
     Joshua initially told me he was interested in going veg. I talked with him for a while, telling him to take a pace that he’s comfortable with, to not stress out over minuscule ingredients, etc. He seemed much more resolved to go vegan after our conversation.
     A young woman told me she was now interested in going vegan, so I gave her the same advice I gave Joshua. A definite step forward.
—Jon Camp (below, leafleting Marshall U), 9/5/13

Jon Camp at Marshall U

Peggy joined me at Allan Hancock College, and we quickly reached 500 students. Many expressed that they like animals and were happy to get a leaflet. We also watched students reading them. Favorite quote of the day: “This is a powerful booklet!” And when I stopped for a moment to acknowledge her, she said, “Keep handing them out!”
—Johanna Andris, 9/4/13

Student at UNLV
A UNLV student is engrossed in Compassionate Choices.

At Suffolk County Community College, met a number of vegetarians and vegans. Also met Nicki, who took booklets to give to friends. At Dowling College, a guy looked at the Even If You Like Meat booklet and said: “Oh no, I am not going to eat dinner tonight!”
     Me: “Just keep animals off of your plate.”
     Guy: “OK, I can do that!”
     Another student got a booklet earlier, and as she passed me a second time, she said, “I am now going vegetarian!”
—Karen James, 9/4/13

Was lucky to have the Jungenbergs drive up to join me at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Met vegetarians and vegans, and John heard from someone who went veg from getting a leaflet in the past!
—Rachel Shippee, 9/4/13

Tina and Debbie joined me at Moraine Valley Community College. So many students said they are interested in changing what they eat and trying a vegetarian diet. Lots of students wanted to know what they can eat if not animals. Tina, Debbie and I offered lots of suggestions and encouragement. I was impressed with the ability of the students to stop in the middle of their day, encounter a difficult issue, and react to it with positivity and thoughtfulness. There is hope in the universe!
—Leslie Patterson, 9/4/13

Elaine Vigneault at UNLV Anne Green at UNLV

Even though it was nearly 100 degrees when we started, and a Friday, Anne [Green, above, right], I, and Vegas Veg – specifically, Elaine [Vigneault, above, left] and Angelica – reached 900 students at UNLV. I was two for two with skateboards, and Anne had a bike handoff. Later that evening, Elaine and crew reached 1,500 people at Las Vegas’ Pride Parade & First Friday.
—Matt Ball (below, leafleting UNLV with Angelica Derossi), 9/6/13

Angelica Derossi and Matt Ball at UNLV

The weather was hot, but Team MFA was hotter, passing out 1,500 Compassionate Choices at Harold Washington Library. High-fiving vegans and vegetarians (one of 40 years!) and encouraging Meatless Monday, we had an awesome day of outreach as the community expressed interest and enthusiasm in moving towards a more plant-based future!
—Heather Darley, 8/27/13

Steve Erlsten at CRC

Today was another phenomenal day! Jack joined me for the first three class changes at Cosumnes River College, and we set another school record, reaching over 2,100 friendly students. I talked to one vegan who thought government action was our only hope, but I brought him around to the idea of dollar democracy and multiplying our personal impact by influencing others…by leafleting, naturally. Late in the day I had a lengthy conversation with a student from Russia whose grandparents have a small farm. She is comfortable having animals killed for food, but wants them treated better. Traffic was slow, so I talked to her for a while about the quotation from J.S. Foer’s Eating Animals from a factory farm operator: “You hear about free-range eggs and grass-fed cattle, and all of that’s good. I think it’s a good direction. But it ain’t gonna feed the world. Never. You simply can’t feed billions of people free-range eggs. And when you hear people talking about small farming as a model, I call that the Marie Antoinette syndrome: if they can’t afford bread, let them eat cake.”
—Steve Erlsten (above, leafleting CRC), 9/5/13


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Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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