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Vegan Outreach Enewsletter  •  October 30, 2013

Notes from Vegan Outreach

Student at Saddleback
After getting a VO booklet from Vic Sjodin at Saddleback College, this student wants to go veg!

Changing Lives, Every Single Day!

As you can see below, and on our blog, Facebook, and feedback page, Vegan Outreach’s incredible activists are handing booklets directly to new people every single day – powerfully exposing the animals’ hidden plight and convincing more and more individuals to make compassionate choices!

Every day, our efforts together are changing lives – and changing the world!

Each one of you – donors and leafleters working together – makes this possible!

Thank you so much for being a part of this powerful, necessary work!


From “Your Daily Dose of Vegan Outreach!” & Jack Norris RD Blogs

TJ’s cashews


Product of the Week

Barbara: “Have you had Trader Joe’s coconut cashews? I discovered them on my way back from leafleting yesterday. Quite tasty!”

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Notes from Our Members

Cyrus  at LHU
Heather at LHU

Chicago’s MFA team had another awesome day of outreach at the University of Illinois, Chicago, handing 1,400 Compassionate Choices to a diverse range of college students. What’s so fantastic about leafleting to students is how receptive and open-minded they are. Not only are they more likely to accept pro-veg lit, but they graciously accept with smiles on their faces. Most were excited to be receiving something that would help them on their journeys to becoming more educated, conscientious consumers. We also had the pleasure of running into a multitude of vegetarians and vegans who said they would share their Compassionate Choices booklet with their non-veg friends. John from FARM also joined team MFA today to help educate students on the ills of factory farming. Without MFA’s compassionate volunteers, we wouldn’t have had such a successful and positive day of outreach!
—Becki Markle, 9/13/13

Today was a really strong day of outreach at Lock Haven University! Set a new record and got to chat with some really cool students! Cyrus [above] was a friendly vegetarian, happy I was on tour hitting so many schools! Heather [right] said she went vegetarian in February, so I asked her if she’d ever considered a vegan lifestyle. It was a very positive interaction and I’m confident that the next time we hit Lock Haven she’ll be doing well as a vegan! Gave Guides to two young women [below, left] horrified by the images in the Even If You Like Meat booklet. At first, they told me that despite considering going vegetarian in the past, they thought the dietary change wouldn’t make any change in terms of the animals involved. I explained that as consumer demand drops, more and more animals will be spared lives of cruelty, to which they responded that they hadn’t really considered that. From there, they asked other questions; I ended by suggesting they try to eat veg a few days each week to get started – they seemed enthusiastic! Also met two vegetarian students [below, right] outside the dining hall who were happy to see me on campus leafleting. A very positive day out here!
—Chris Guinn, 9/17/13

Students at LHU Vegetarians at LHU

Lots of thank yous and positive comments at Hudson Valley Community College. One student in particular had trouble expressing himself because of a language barrier, but he seemed awed and really grateful that someone would be passing out lit promoting compassion. He finally blurted out, “I’m vegan!” and before walking on, “It is good you are doing this.” The look in his eyes will stay with me for a long time.
—Laura Hart, 9/17/13

Jessica Abbate and Melisa at Farmingdale State

Fabulous day at Farmingdale State College! So many great interactions! Joey walked by, held up his booklet and said that his girlfriend got a VO booklet from me last year, and she is now vegan! And he almost is!
     Shannon came back after reading the Compassionate Choices and wanted to know what she could do. We talked for a while, and she said she was going to start by cutting her consumption of animal products in half.
     Philip said the booklet was full of good information, and he is going to do Meatless Mondays.
     John came back and said sadly he couldn’t read the booklet anymore. I gave him a Guide and asked, “Perhaps you can help end some of this suffering?” He replied, “I will cut down. I want to end suffering.”
     Another student said she had been vegetarian since this summer’s Warped Tour. I gave her a Guide, and now she’s going to try vegan!
     I leafleted Jessica [Abbate, right] earlier in the day. She later came back to help leaflet, and returned later with Melisa [far right], who also wants to leaflet!
—Karen James, 9/12/13

Been a while since I got out from behind the computer and onto the street, so it felt great to join Team MFA at DePaul University. It was also Jessie’s first time leafleting. Thanks to some training from Becki and lots of online reading, she did great and got more and more comfortable as the event went on. By the end she was “pumped for next time.” Big thanks to Stephanie and Alan, too!
—Mikael Nielsen, 9/18/13

Kim Moffatt, Jessica Silva, Sarah De Munck, and Kassy Ortega at UMD
Above (clockwise from top left) are Kim Moffatt, Jessica Silva, Sarah De Munck, and Kassy Ortega with the Jim Henson statue at UMD.

This Friday the 13th was an extra special day for Kim and Jessica. Why? It was their very first time leafleting! Jessica was inspired by Vic at AR2013 to give it a shot. She was hesitant at first and watched Sarah and me. Then Jessica and Kim took that first step forward and asked, “Help animals?” The four of us [left] reached more than 3,000 students at the University of Maryland, College Park!
     Heard from many vegetarians and vegans on this campus. Kim could only join us for an hour, but she plans on leafleting at Bowie with me on Friday! Jessica also plans on leafleting again. She told me that it’s really exhilarating, and she feels like she is really making a difference for animals.
     And I forgot to say that at Towson University, Leslie met a student who has been vegan ever since Leslie handed her a booklet last February!
—Kassy Ortega, 9/13/13

Alan, a retired cop, joined me at Villanova University, and he was so amazing! So happy we were there – reached 1,000 students! At Bryn Mawr, a great take-rate! About 98% of people accepted a booklet and seemed genuinely interested! Met a ton of vegetarians, and I grabbed all of their email addresses and emailed them about our work. One of them now is applying for an internship with The Humane League! So excited!
—Rachel Atcheson, 9/18/13

Ackles at PCC Chris at PCC Beth at PCC
Students with Yvonne LeGrice at PCC

Despite the melting heat, Yvonne [LeGrice, in background at right] and I reached over 2,150 students at Pasadena City College. Met Ackles [above left], who now wants to go veg. Also had a good conversation with Chris [above, center], who is very interested in eating veg. Another Guide went to Beth [above, right], who is also very interested in helping animals.
     Today at Chaffey College, I spoke for a solid hour with a class full of interested students – very happy to see these kids light up. Several made it clear they were interested in veg eating. Another said that he had made fun of his sister for going vegan and thought it was weird but now feels dumb for mocking her, and was very kind.
—Vic Sjodin, 9/18/13

Ross, Jenny, and Laila joined me for a quick leafleting at the University of Toronto. Heard from a student who started off declaring how much he liked meat and would hunt if possible, but ended up saying he is already eating several vegan meals a week and would probably go vegan one day.
—Alex Greenwood, 9/16/13

Rachel Golusinski at Marquette

Pretty great day at Marquette University. Heard from a few vegetarians and vegans, and a few people stopped to see what organization I was with. Thankfully, Rachel [Golusinski, above] was able to join me for a few class changes, and we reached more than 1,700 students – a new one-day record!
     Today was a very positive and inspiring day at Winona State! I talked with a student who had just given a presentation on animal cruelty and was disgusted by factory farms. Met a man who thought the booklet was fantastic and that my being there was a great thing. A couple other people stopped to talk about the booklet and the organization. Finally, a young guy came over to shake my hand and tell me how amazing I was and that he admired my passion!
—Rachel Shippee, 9/16/13

Rebecca and Chris at LPC
Nikko at LPC

Reached 1,450 students at Contra Costa College, and had great conversations. One that started with “Will this make our bacon better?” turned into a very productive conversation about how it couldn’t ever be humane to kill a healthy animal! Definitely got those mental gears turning. Talked with another student who is now phasing out meat.
     Great conversations at Las Positas College. Chris [right, with Rebecca] had been thinking differently about animals since the death of a dog in the family. Then Nikko [below, right] stood nearby and read the entire booklet. He was immediately ready to make a change, so I gave him a Guide!
—Steve Erlsten, 9/17/13

Biggest day in Tennessee VO leafleting history – Lauren [Walker, below] and I reached 3,400 students at Middle Tennessee State. During a conversation with a young woman who said she didn’t think she could give up meat, Lauren covered how it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.
     I had interactions that started off negative and turned out positive.
     One guy said that he didn’t want my “propaganda.” I told him we’re just detailing common agricultural practices. We want to be honest with people; we want them to see what animals really endure. He then asked for a booklet, sat down, read it for about ten minutes. When he left, I thanked him for reading it and told him to have a good day.
     Another dude said we’ve been eating meat for centuries and we’re not going to change that. I told him there is a certain percentage of individuals willing to consider this message, and that VO’s outreach is having an impact on them. We accept that there are individuals out there that we’re unable to change at this point. He ended by saying that eventually, with resource depletion and such, more and more people will be moving towards vegan eating.
     Lastly, a young woman walked by and said, “I’m an ag student, and I don’t agree with what you’re promoting.” I told her it’s understandable that an ag student wouldn’t agree with all the goals of a vegan advocate, but to have a nice day. She walked back a few minutes later to apologize for being rude. We had a really productive conversation for about five minutes, and it ended with us shaking hands, her wishing me luck with my work, and me telling her to have a good day.
     I’ve been guilty many times of responding to rudeness with sarcasm. It’s often tough not to. But I continue to see that it doesn’t pay off. Our first interactions matter, and they can lead to a bridge forever burned or the very modest beginnings of a long and fruitful discussion. Each person is a potential ally, even though that might not be apparent during our first interaction with them. The goal is to act in a manner that would make a second interaction possible.
—Jon Camp, 9/16/13    Full post here.

Lauren Walker at MTSU


Prevent Suffering!

Vegan Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the suffering of farmed animals by promoting informed, ethical eating.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Vegan Outreach

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