Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  NOV. 6, 2013
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Emily at NCC
Karen James: “Emily [above] received a VO booklet last year, and is almost vegetarian as a result. Her 10-year-old sister read it and went vegetarian immediately! They are now working on their mom, dad, and 7-year-old brother!
I like that chain reaction!”

I give to Vegan Outreach because you are 100% focused on the largest single cause of suffering in the world.

It’s great to know that I can support Vegan Outreach – and in turn increase the number of people who hear our message – by making a financial contribution.
     Leafleting requires not only the energy to physically hand out booklets, but also needs financial backing. I’m glad I can participate!

Accompanying a donation to the Matching Opportunity:

I have known Vegan Outreach for years. But frankly, this post on the Counting Animals blog made me see more clearly why the work you do is compellingly important and really urgently needed! Thank you for what you do!

Dollar Doubling
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You Can Reach the 49% Today!

49% of Americans Question Eating Meat & Dairy

Paul notes: “In its summary, ‘humane treatment of farm animals’ ranked higher than obesity, environmental sustainability in farming, global warming, and having enough food to feed poor nations.”

We must reach these people
as quickly as possible!

And today, your donation to Vegan Outreach’ work will be doubled, dollar for dollar, reaching twice as many of these interested people!

You can use a credit card to make a secure, tax-deductible donation online, or send a tax-deductible check or money order to:

Vegan Outreach | POB 30865 | Tucson, AZ 85751

Thank you so very much!

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From Vegan Outreach’s Blog

  • “I’m a carnivore all the way, and I swear to the Gods above if Souley Vegan was in my ’hood I’d been eating vegan more days a week than I’d ever eat meat.”
    The Vegan Future Is Here, Just Unevenly Distributed
  • If we choose to focus our scarce resources on expanding this advocacy, the growth of vegetarianism will accelerate to a tipping point, where vegetarianism and opposition to factory farms becomes the “norm” among influential groups.… At the same time, powerful economic forces will kick in.
    The Greatest Good


Site and Book of the Week

Artisan Vegan

Our friend Miyoko’s site Artisan Vegan Life has a wealth of artistic vegan recipes, cooking demonstrations, etc. And we were fortunate to be able to try some of her recipes from her book Artisan Vegan Cheese – amazing!

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Recent Feedback

John at UDC
Arniella at UDC

I support Vegan Outreach because I want to help create a truly different world.
     I’m aware of factory-farm horrors and the plethora of other ways people cause harm to our precious animals. It keeps me awake at night, and steals my attention during my commute to and from work – I think to myself that there is cruelty, mistreatment, and various forms of abuse occurring somewhere at this very moment, and it leaves me feeling helpless and terribly saddened. By donating to your wonderful outreach program, a small portion of the indirect pain that I experience subsides. Furthermore, reading the newsletter and seeing the results of the work fuels a personal fire for me to help in a more significant way. What you do helps me believe in my dreams for a new, kinder, loving world.

I just read your brochure Compassionate Choices, and I’m so happy I did. I’m vegetarian now and I know I’m never going back, because of this booklet!
—CC, 10/29/13

For such a small school, I met a bunch of vegetarians and vegans at the University of DC! It was fabulous – and great interactions! I handed John [above] a booklet, and he stopped and said: “Oh, thanks! This is actually one of the reasons why I’m vegetarian now.” He had received a booklet last year and dropped animal flesh. He is now working towards ditching dairy. VICTORY! Arniella [right] said I couldn’t have come at a better time in her life – she’s now planning on going vegan! Also gave Guides to current vegetarians and people interested.
     Met a number of vegetarians and vegans at American U, and many positive and grateful students eager for booklets. I watched students stop in their tracks and open the booklets – right in the middle of pedestrian traffic! Powerful.
—Kassy Ortega, 9/19/13

Lauren and I extended our record-breaking streak to seven at Austin Peay State – Megan [Holland, below] joined us, and together we reached 1,350 students. Had good conversations, including Consuela, who is now inspired to try more vegan eating. My day ended on a nice note with a Facebook message from a Penn State student who came to one of my talks there in the spring, liked my approach of taking it at your own pace, and now eats meat only every few weeks. We never know when we’re going to have an influence on others; we just have to continue reaching out to people where they are, and doing it repeatedly.

Megan Holland at APSU

     We rolled into rural Kentucky and extended our streak to eight consecutive days at Murray State, reaching over 1,550 students. Highlight was two happy, singing young women. When they saw what I was giving out, and said, “We’re vegetarians!” I told them that I appreciated their enthusiasm and gave them both Guides – they were thrilled.
—Jon Camp, 9/18/13

Sen and I had an epic day at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. Despite the rain, we met with very receptive students and vegetarians (who got Guides). At Hamline University, I met Leera, who wants to leaflet. One girl yelled back to me, “Thanks for doing this!” One of my favorite responses was, “I don’t eat meat, I eat MorningStar!” Talked to a really nice guy who used to be veg and is disgusted by the cruelties; he got a Guide.
—Rachel Shippee, 9/18/13

Jeremy at Clarion U Kate at Clarion U Rachel at Clarion U

Great interactions at Clarion University. Jeremy [above, left] and Alexis were both very supportive of our message and told me they’re considering eating veg after reading our booklet, so I was sure to get them each a Guide. I encountered a failed vegetarian who said that going veg made her gain weight. I gave her a Guide and told her it was “healthy veg eating 101.” I said, “Promise me you’ll read it!” as she ran to class. Kate [above, center] approached me from across the street to inquire about our lit; I also gave her a Guide. Rachel [above, right] is interested in volunteering; I gave her my email, so hopefully we’ll have another young activist on our side! Very rewarding day.

JD at IUP Student at IUP Stic.Man fan at IUP

     Today was an awesome day of outreach at Indiana University of Pennsylvania – I reached 1,750 students and staff, and had great conversations! JD [above, left] was psyched to see me on campus. Another student [above, center] approached and asked me to explain what our lit was all about. We had a really nice conversation about how cruel animal agriculture is and how easy it is to make compassionate choices. He was very perceptive and happy to take a Guide. Another student [above, right] recognized my T-shirt and we talked hip-hop for a minute. I told him he should delve deeper into Dead Prez’s catalogue to learn why Stic chooses to live a healthy vegan lifestyle. It was a cool connection to make! I even had an IUP professor stop to chat with me; he was also pleased that I was presenting students with this information. He was a pescatarian, so I spoke briefly with him about the cruelty of farmed fish and told him about other non-animal sources of protein. He was happy to take a Guide! All in all a very good day of outreach, really feeling that positive energy!
—Chris Guinn, 9/19/13

Student at UTA
Ethan Dussault snapped this UTA student engrossed in reading Compassionate Choices.

Reached 1,200 students at the University of New Hampshire. A biochemistry professor doubled back to chat after getting a booklet. At the end of the day, I offered CVA booklets to some religious people on campus. Two accepted, but another was very belligerent. A student who saw how the guy treated me said, “I’ll take one of your booklets.”
—Lana Smithson, 9/18/13

Highlights of the day at Miami Dade’s Wolfson campus were groups of culinary school students, with nearly all 30 taking a leaflet. One came back to talk and asked for more info.
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 9/17/13

Tremendous day at Sonoma State! Lisa joined me, and we handed a booklet to nearly 2,000 individuals – almost a quarter of the entire student body! So busy I didn’t have time for conversations, but great reception.
—Steve Erlsten, 9/19/13

Team MFA was excited to be able to leaflet the students at Roosevelt HS, getting them talking about the message in Compassionate Choices. We reached a huge number in just a short time – an amazing day of outreach!
     Today, we reached 1,800 students at Roosevelt U, despite the rain. One woman said she was on the verge of completely adopting a plant-based diet, so I gave her a Guide. She said this will definitely help her on her journey and thanked us for being out in the rain! Another man stopped to talk because his daughter in high school recently became a vegan. He wanted more information on why one would adopt such a diet. After I explained to him the suffering these animals go through, and that we have plant-based options for all of our favorite foods now, he understood more. Hopefully his daughter and our conversation inspired him to make more compassionate decisions in his own life as well! So happy about the positive interactions today!
—Becki Markle, 9/19/13

Jennifer Greene at NCC

At Holyoke Community College, five students gave me their email info to form a group and/or help leaflet. Jose got a Guide and is going to try going vegan. Alex accepted a booklet and asked other people near me to take them, too. After class, he came back to say that he is now nearly vegan. At Westfield State, Maurice [below, left] asked me to do an interview with the campus radio station, and Matt asked me to come speak with his spirituality group!

Maurice at Westfield State

     Jennifer [Greene, above], Ann, Jana, AnneMarie, Lauren, and I reached nearly 2,500 students at Nassau Community College. It was a sweltering day, and I nearly passed out in the heat! Glad I didn’t, because it was so productive. I met so many wonderful vegans and vegetarians, and so did the others! Mary read the booklet and came back to discuss how to help. She’s going to start by going veg; got a Guide. A student said she received a booklet from me last semester and went vegetarian. Many students came over to ask for a leaflet when they saw us handing them out. One unhappy-looking dude rushed past and called back over his shoulder, “I work on a farm, and you guys are ruining it for me.” Nick said he wanted to eat more meat-free meals. Jennifer pointed out the meal ideas on page 12 of Compassionate Choices, and gave him a Guide. Another student said he’d been vegan for six months and would like to get back to that. He got Guided, too.

Karen James at NCC

     Emily [top of page] received a VO booklet last year, and is almost vegetarian as a result. Her 10-year-old sister read it and went vegetarian immediately! They are now working on their mom, dad, and 7-year-old brother! I like that chain reaction!
     At the very end, one of Jennifer’s last leaflets went to Agada, who gave her a hug and said she’d been thinking she ought to go vegan. She was so excited and grateful to have met Jenn, it was the perfect way to finish the day. Or so she thought… because as Jennifer was going to her car, a student spotted her Kare-n-Wear vegan shirt and said loudly, “I’m vegan, too!” Jenn almost thought he was just clowning around to make his friends laugh, but no, he wasn’t kidding – he stopped to talk and was thrilled to give his email address to be in touch.
—Karen James (right), 9/16/13


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