Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  NOV. 20, 2013
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Liz at SRU
After getting a booklet from Chris Guinn at Slippery Rock U, Liz is now interested in going veg!

I support Vegan Outreach because of their single-minded focus on saving as many animals as possible from the horrors of modern agribusiness. Every day, Vegan Outreach strives to be more efficient and effective; every day, Vegan Outreach activists are out there, creating real, lasting change.
—Rory Freedman, #1 New York Times best-selling coauthor of Skinny Bitch


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From Vegan Outreach’s Blog – Holiday Meal Edition

Veg Thanksgiving



More Products & Recipes for the Holiday Season

Gardein & Field Roast

In addition to the above links: If you want something other than a Tofurky Feast, Celebration Roast, Gardein Holiday Roast, or Trader Joe’s Turkey-Less Stuffed Roast, you can try the standard seitan recipe (which we have fed to many non-vegetarians for Thanksgivings and Christmases past).

Homemade seitan not enough? Constance sends this seitan recipe that starts with the actual wheat berries, and this recipe for gravy and roast.

Please submit your nominees for product of the week via this page; previous entries here.


Recent Feedback

Dave and Mario at RHC
Gabby and Jennifer at CSULA
Angelica and Katy at CSULA

VO is the only organization I support. Why? VO aims to stop the most animal suffering. VO gets me the most bang for my buck. VO concentrates on the young, who still can be persuaded to change. VO does not push political or ideological views. [VO’s writings are] sincere, smart, dedicated, focused, persuasive and honest.

Deep gratitude to Yvonne for joining me at Rio Hondo College! Watched loads of students reading their booklets cover to cover. One student said, “This is a sign!” Dave and Mario [right] said, “Wow, this is crazy,” as they had just seen Earthlings in class! They got Guides and encouragement.
     At UC Riverside, I met Julianna [below, center], who went vegan after getting VO’s booklet last semester. Also met Anya [below, left], who quit eating chicken and almost all other meat since getting VO’s booklet last semester!
     Back with Yvonne again at Cal State Los Angeles – beautiful to watch as we reached 3,150 students! Met Gabby and Jennifer [right], nutrition and nursing majors. They had an hour-long discussion about health and factory farming and veg eating after getting booklets earlier. The three of us had a solid convo, and both were interested in going veg. Later met Angelica and Katy [right]; Angelica want to go vegan and is interested in volunteering with VO in the future. Her friend asked for a Guide also, and is interested in veg substitutes for meat. Then met Mariana [below, right], who read a booklet in class and wants to go vegetarian; she got a Guide and encouragement. Lastly, met an animal lover, Maria, who already volunteers for animals and is very interested in vegan eating; her friend requested a Guide as well.
—Vic Sjodin, 9/30/13

Anya at UCR Julianna at UCR Mariana at CSULA

Dawn Ratcliffe, Philip Woods, Lyric Antio, Cathy Anderson, and I reached over 4,100 students at Central Piedmont Community College and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Awesome feedback, too. For example, two girls read the booklet and yelled, “IS THIS REALLY HOW THEY TREAT THE CHICKENS? I LOVE CHICKENS!” and swore they’d stop eating chicken forever. Another student passed me and said, “I got one of those this morning and read it. I’m going vegetarian.”
—Andrea Gunn, 9/26/13

Cheyenne Huaracca at NAU

At Texas Tech, Lauren and I extended our record-breaking streak to 12 schools in a row, reaching over 2,200 students. One guy said he was in the meat industry, so I told him we promoted more vegetarian eating as a way to reduce the suffering that animals endure on farms. I said that we didn’t think farmers were intentionally cruel to animals, but the practices inflicted on animals for the sake of efficiency did cause suffering to animals. He mulled things over, then left.

Vegan student at NAU

     Thanks so much to Tamara for organizing the troops at the University of New Mexico – we reached a total of 3,000 students! A young woman told Lauren that she received a booklet last year on campus and has been veg since. Also met someone who wanted to donate, and another who wanted to get involved locally.
     Cheyenne [Huaracca, above] leafleted for the first time with me and Lauren at Northern Arizona University, and did a great job! NAU students are great – I heard many, many “I love animals!” One jockish looking dude went by on crutches, then said, “Wait: Did you say animals?” hobbled back, and got a booklet. One guy said, “I read that. It’s very informative.” Once again, Lauren heard from a young woman [right] who got a booklet a year ago (from John, Matt, or Anne) and stopped eating animals as a result.
—Jon Camp, 9/26/13

Today at McGill University, Lara [Mackenzie, below] joined me. She had never leafleted before but did an awesome job, reaching 600 students! And I just learned that she had been in the latest Miss Universe Canada pageant. In her pageant bio, she talks about advocating for animals and encouraging a vegetarian / vegan lifestyle! Yay, Lara! Even though leafleting is always a bit tough at McGill because of a low take rate, it does seem to be getting better – people stopped to ask questions.
—Lana Smithson, 9/27/13

Lara MacKenzie at McGill U

Watched many students reading booklets at Barry University. Met four vegetarians, plus two high-fiving vegans, all so enthusiastic when seeing me. Discussions going on around me were promising, too: many telling their friends how horrible factory farming treatment was. Twice I heard students commit themselves to going vegetarian. Very happy I made the extra effort to make it out today!
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 9/30/13

Brenda, Tina, Nancy, Lynn, Sidney, and I quickly reached 300 University of Colorado students during our lunch hour. All of us are women in our 40s and 50s and and it was the first time leafleting for Tina and Nancy. Everyone said they want to do it again!
—Lisa Shapiro, 9/24/13

Nick at Cal U Melissa at Cal U Kristen at Cal U

Such a great day at California University of Pennsylvania – set a new one-person record! Early in the day I met Nick [above, left], who had reservations about going veg because of health concerns. So I reassured him that eating veg can be super healthy and gave him a Guide – he was very receptive and enthused. After he walked away, he jogged back over to me to grab an Even If You Like Meat for his roommate. I also met Melissa [above, center], who now wants to go vegan; I told her I was confident she’d make an awesome vegan! Kristen [above, right] is also looking to go vegan now – she recognized our work from the Vans Warped Tour. She thought it was awesome that VO does so much outreach. I made sure she left our conversation feeling confident about making the change!

Shannon at Cal U Idéa at Cal U

     Cassandra [below, center] said she was interested in vegetarianism so I gave her a Guide and told her to check it out after class. Savannah [below, left] told me she wants to start eating less meat, so I gave her a Guide; she was excited to learn about some veg alternatives! Shannon and Idéa [right] were already vegan, but Idéa’s friend was interested in vegetarian eating so I gave her a Guide! Lastly I spoke with Tyler [below, right], who told me that since receiving a booklet from Jon Camp last semester, he has drastically reduced his meat consumption! Tyler said that he was concerned about getting enough protein through his college meal plan, so I assured him that this was totally doable and gave him a Guide.

Savannah at Cal U Cassandra at Cal U Tyler at Cal U

     Excellent day at Slippery Rock U, especially for a Friday! I reached 1,100 students. I met three different students – Liz [top of page], Taylor, and Robin [below] – who were each appalled by what they saw in our Even If You Like Meat booklet, and expressed an interest in going vegetarian. They each got a Guide, and I took time to speak with each of them about how to get into veg eating in a way that’s healthy and would stick. They were enthused!
—Chris Guinn (below, with Taylor and Robin at SRU), 9/27/13

Chris Guinn with Taylor and Robin at SRU

Great take rate at the Bite of Las Vegas food and music festival tonite – reached 1,000 people in just 90 minutes. Many people said, “Awwww” or “Cute!” after receiving Compassionate Choices and looking at the cover. I got a couple woo-hoos and yeahs from people who said they’re vegan or they love Vegan Outreach. One woman came back to me and said she received a booklet 3 years ago and went vegetarian as a result. She’s still vegetarian and just wanted me to know that what I was doing was working. As usual, a great leafleting experience.
—Elaine Vigneault, 9/28/13

Rosie made her leafleting debut yesterday at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. She watched for about five minutes, and went to a different spot and handed out all of her booklets in about 40 minutes. She was surprised so many students thanked her and really seemed interested, some stopping to talk. She went off to class very excited! Wyley made his debut in the afternoon. I leafleted Wyley a year ago, and introduced him and a bunch of students to each other – they are now very active in the UConn Veg Huskies. Wyley laughed at how I was buzzing and spinning, running backwards for the skateboard and bicycle pass offs, and having fun. He said, “You’ve heard of the angry vegan? Well, you let people know that you are fun, believe in what you are doing, and are full of energy!” Had 15 bicycle, skateboard, and motor scooter pass offs, and many excellent conversations! And 12 more students gave me their names for the Veg Huskies!
     Ashley remembered when I leafleted her last year – she went vegan! Michael stopped by to say that he also received a booklet from me last year, cut back and is now working to go entirely veg. He got a Guide and also joined the Veg Huskies! All together, met about 20 vegetarians and 12 vegans! Change is happening folks!
     Today at UConn, West Hartford, one student said, “I got one yesterday at Storrs.” I asked if it made a difference. She said, “Definitely, I am now going vegetarian!” More students want to form a group on this campus, so I collected emails. One of them, Jaida, came out of the school after reading the CC, and said, “What can I do? This is so disturbing. I didn’t know it was like this.” I thanked her for her compassion. She said she had no idea that there was so much cruelty involved in producing animal products, and that there was a lot to learn. I gave her a Guide. She said she really wants to do more, and will start with changing her diet, and wants to leaflet with me next semester! Proof we change lives!
—Karen James, 9/25/13


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