Vegan Outreach SPECIAL ENEWS  •  NOV. 26, 2013
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Your pamphlet helped turn me vegan 11 years ago. I have absolutely loved Vegan Outreach’s work since then. I’m in a position right now to give [to the matching], so I want to help you guys help the animals.


Together Today for Better Thanksgivings Tomorrow

Photo courtesy of Animal Acres.

Every month or so, a new investigation comes out, exposing a specific new case of cruelty.

But we all know that for every atrocity exposed, there are innumerable others that go unseen.

We are rightly outraged when we see the latest example of barbarism.

But outrage isn’t enough.

The animals need our action!

They need us to pursue effective and efficient advocacy to create real change.

This is why we are out there for the animals, every single day.

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I support Vegan Outreach for several reasons:
1. I share Vegan Outreach’s goal to put an end to animal exploitation, veganism being the most effective and efficient way to reach that end.
2. I like its methods (i.e., providing reliable information in attractive booklet form to promote the cause).
3. I appreciate its “demographic” – focusing mainly on college-age students.
4. I respect its competent staff for their ethics and for the quality of the work they’re doing for the animals.
5. I have seen the results – and that is the proof of the pudding!

I thought I might have brought too many booklets, but I ended up handing out every single one long before I had planned to finish! I plan to go to the University of Minnesota Duluth next week. After that, I will be ordering more! There are three other colleges nearby and a high school I would like to leaflet. Thank you so much for providing me with these booklets and for all the information you have on your website to help make this easier for me as a new activist. I am really excited to be part of a larger cause to help fight for the billions of animals out there still suffering right now who need our voices! Leafleting is nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be at first, even though I am a very shy introvert. It is the least I can do!
—Elaine Wiggins, 10/1/13

Lindsay Rubin and Riley at UC Davis
Lindsay Rubin and Riley reach UC Davis students with Compassionate Choices.

Lindsay [above] and I met many vegetarians at UC Davis today. Then I took a deposit to the bank (thank you to the donors who made this possible) and, as is almost always the case, when the teller saw I’m with Vegan Outreach, she started talking to me about it. So I Guided her!
—Jack Norris, 10/2/13

Madeline at SUNY Plattsburgh

At Yale, Wendy and I reached 669 students. Met many vegetarians and vegans! At Gateway Community College, Mike said he will start cutting back on his consumption of animal products after getting a VO booklet and our discussion. Janet told me she does not eat any beef, pork, lobster, so we discussed the suffering of chickens; she was surprised and disgusted, and said she would have to start cutting out eating them, too. I thanked her for her compassion.
     Evangelita made my whole day wonderful! She works at the hospital next door, and came to talk with me after reading Compassionate Choices. She has really been wanting to go vegan, and has been thinking a lot lately about food, the animals, and the poor health conditions she sees, even in young people. I gave her a Guide, Jack Norris’s website, and my business card. She hugged me and thanked me for being there today!
—Karen James, 9/26/13

Reached a record 900 students at SUNY Plattsburgh – take rate was very good! Met Madeline [right], who went vegetarian as a result of getting a VO booklet here two years ago. I received two high fives today; one from a young woman who’s been veg since 10th grade. After the high five, she said (almost sang), “We…don’t need…to eat animallllls!”
—Lana Smithson, 9/30/13

I spent the morning leafleting at San Jose State for World Day for Farmed Animals – I reached over 600 students! The highlight of my day was when a woman came up to me and said I had given her a leaflet last year, and after reading it she decided to become vegetarian. A couple of months ago she went vegan. She said she wishes she would have learned the truth years ago, and that she loves being vegan.
—Diane Gandee Sorbi, 10/2/13

Nicolas Tomas at Cal Poly Pomona
Nicolas Tomas provides a voice for the animals at Cal Poly Pomona.
Orlando and friend at Cal Poly Pomona
Mey-Sung and Courtney at Cal Poly Pomona

Nicolas [above] and I had great interactions at Cal Poly! Ran into Orlando [right] showing his friend pictures in the booklet as they walked and explaining the horrors. Orlando wants to go vegan; we spoke and he got a Guide. Met Courtney and her friend Mey-Sung [below, right]. Courtney had walked by and originally not taken a booklet, then heard it was about animals and grabbed one. Later I ran into her standing in the shade showing it to her friend – it turns out she had been considering going veg. I explained a few things and gave her encouragement – and her friend was now interested as well. Then met Hugo [below, left], who had seen a video on the internet. He was disturbed by how animals are treated in society and interested in eating more veg meals. We had a good convo and he left with a Guide and encouragement. Then had a conversation with Melinda [below, left], also now interested in going veg.
—Vic Sjodin, 10/1/13

It was so great that Team Jungenberg drove up to leaflet with me at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire! We reached 2,647 students, and had great conversations. Mary, in particular, met students going vegan after talking with her. I ran into a girl who took a booklet and now wants to transition to veg. We talked and I gave her a Guide!
—Rachel Shippee, 9/27/13

Great morning of outreach at the College of Lake County today! The students were very receptive! We met two people who had received booklets earlier and thought that it was sad – they both wanted to go veg! I gave them Guides. I also met a professor who had been vegetarian for 40 years. She got a Guide as well. Right as we were about to leave, there was a fire drill so hundreds of students were coming out of the building and we couldn’t hand the booklets out fast enough! Great way to spend World Day for Farmed Animals!
—John and Mary Jungenberg, 10/2/13

 Hugo at Cal Poly Pomona
Melinda at Cal Poly Pomona

At CUNY Hunter College, I was joined by another new leafleter! Nathan really enjoyed leafleting. We reached 800 students. I gave a Guide to one aspiring vegetarian. Gave another Guide to a student who was at first very disbelieving of how people could be vegan. He asked many many questions, and left with the decision to start eating more plant-based meals.
     Interesting day at LaGuardia Community College. I met some high school students who wanted to know how they could hand out leaflets as a service project. A vegetarian stopped to say I was doing a very good job. Gave Guides to an interested guy who really loves animals and to a newish vegetarian who was extremely happy to see what I was passing out, and got a menu from a vegetarian whose friend just opened up a fast-food vegan restaurant in Harlem. I also met a student who took a bunch of leaflets for his classmates because his environmental ethics class is currently talking about factory farming.
—Lisa Drapkin, 10/1/13

Take rate was somewhere in the 99% range at Miami Dade College’s Homestead campus, without a single throw down. Many students stopped to talk; the questions included “humane” labeled meat, dietary preferences of blood types, protein, and Arian Foster. Two students ending up interested in volunteering (both got Guides and promised to visit the AAC site). At different times, students approached me skeptically, asking if the point was they had to go 100% vegan; all were surprised and showed renewed curiosity when I suggested that just beginning by eliminating poultry was an entirely respectable place to start. All left vowing to read the leaflets and give it a try. Met a vegan faculty member very happy to see me there. On her way back later, she stopped again saying how great she thought VO was.
—Yuri Mitzkewich, 10/2/13

Three schools and 900 students in Erie, including Mercyhurst U, a never-before-leafleted school! At Penn State Erie, I met Bri [below, center], who was happy to see me passing out leaflets because she had just gone vegetarian. I was sure to give her a Guide and thanked her for her compassionate new choice.
     Great day at SUNY Fredonia! Curry [below, left] told me that she was vegetarian and interested in veganism and activism; gave her a copy of A Meaningful Life. I also met Harry [below, right], another veg student here who was also curious about veganism and getting involved as an advocate for animals. It’s always a pleasure talking to veg students but it’s SUPER AWESOME hearing from students looking to get engaged in activism!
—Chris Guinn, 10/1/13

Curry at SUNY Fredonia Bri at Penn State Erie Harry at SUNY Fredonia

Rob, Amanda, Sara Beth, James, and I had a great day of outreach at NC PrideFest in Durham! Met the executive director of nutrition at Durham Public Schools, who wants to implement Meatless Monday in the school system (yay!), and a chef who wanted a recipe for vegan sausage (provided) because so many students are veg (double yay!). Also gathered pages of email pledges from people wanting to try meat-free one day a week to start.
—Eleni Vlachos, 9/28/13

Below are two of Eleni’s photos from NC PrideFest – the man went vegan two years ago and lost 150 lbs! More pics here.
Compassion fans at NC PrideFest Vegan at NC PrideFest

Despite the steady drizzle at Bethune-Cookman University, I beat the record by quite a lot, and reached over 25% of the student population. Great interactions, including folks who committed to give vegetarianism a try again after struggling with it previously. Others promised to reduce their animal product consumption. Highlight of the day was a student pledging to go vegan!
     Since even heavier rain was forecast, I also hit the University of North Florida for a few hours. Lots of positive feedback, and gave a bunch of Guides to students and staff / faculty who had already gotten a Compassionate Choices and wanted more info.
     Although it rained the entire time and I looked ridiculous totally drenched, I still had a high take rate at Armstrong Atlantic State University. A number of students who were thrilled to get a booklet, and some pledged to reduce their consumption. Then I set a new record at Savannah State. Highlights included different conversations with lapsed vegetarians who wanted to go vegetarian again, or students who wanted to go veg*n but were having trouble. We talked about starting again by going veg*n a few days a week and building up to more days as well as asking for more veg options in the dining halls (the ones they have are tasty) and setting a goal to be totally vegetarian or vegan when they are no longer on a meal plan. They all loved this idea.
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 9/25/13

Student at NMSU

Lauren and I reached nearly 1,900 students at Arizona State – a great day for a Friday. One guy came up to me and said, “This is crazy.” He was amazed that we do this to animals. I gave him a Guide. Met other people interested in getting involved, too.
     A dude said, “I have chickens in my backyard. I like them.” I said, “That’s good.” He said, “And they’re tasty.” I smiled and said, “Meat is tasty. I’m not saying it’s not.” And that led into a decent chat about how there are other good tastes that come through vegan foods, that animal suffering mattered, etc. I’m glad that I just responded to his comments in a fact-based manner, as opposed to getting offended and moralizing everything.
     We reached 1,800 students at New Mexico State. Good interactions, and watched many reading the booklet [one at right]. Samantha, a mom who, along with her husband and two children, recently watched some documentaries on veganism, has been transitioning more and more towards a wholly vegan diet, with her 11-year-old son leading the way. She was really interested in what I ate, nutritional concerns I might have, etc. We had a fruitful discussion and she got a Guide. Damon, a guy who teaches rhetoric, really liked the opening pages of Compassionate Choices – he raved about how good they look. I also chatted with Laura. She went veg four months ago, had tried vegan, but it didn’t work for her. We talked about ways to transition towards this and harm reduction in the meantime – that, say, reducing egg consumption would do more good than reducing her consumption of cookies with a trace amount of animal products in them.
—Jon Camp, 10/1/13


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