Vegan Outreach ENEWSLETTER  •  NOV. 27, 2013
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Lana Smithson and Fiona at Peace Ridge Sanctuary
Dennis Morelli snapped this pic of Lana Smithson and Fiona at Peace Ridge Sanctuary.

I support Vegan Outreach because VO has a thoughtful plan and is efficient, practical, and rational.

We contribute to Vegan Outreach because we want to be involved in a cause we care about, and involved as effectively as we know how to be.
—CT & VT


Giving Thanks Every Day

Every day, we’re thankful to be working with all the amazing, dedicated people who have the vision and determination to strike at the root of animal exploitation.

Every day, because of all of your contributions, the brutality of modern agribusiness is brought to light for thousands and thousands of new people.

Every day, we are creating a generation for whom making compassionate choices isn’t rare and odd, but common and admired.

Please Double Your Donation Now!


If you, too, are thankful to be a part of this work, please consider a special Thanksgiving donation to the Matching Opportunity.

Your contribution will be doubled,
dollar for dollar!

I support Vegan Outreach because I believe when we do charity, we should pursue causes that have the best “bang for buck.”

We are deeply thankful to work with you for a better world for all, and will always strive to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Thank you so much for being a part of this work!


From Vegan Outreach’s Blog

  • As you know, Vegan Outreach is dedicated to creating as much real change as possible; to that end, we study widely – marketing, psychology, sociology, etc.
    Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard
  • “[W]hen the numbers go up, the amount of sympathy people feel goes perversely down. And with it goes the willingness to donate money or time to help.”
    Big Numbers Hurt Animals
  • Our good friend Brian wrote us that he really liked this video: “The reason for choosing college campuses, the choice to leaflet, the direct relationship between dollars and leaflets, etc.”
  • Obviously not news to anyone who has read Vegan for Life (or spent much time at, but this talk by Dr. Michael Greger is important for anyone who wants to be as healthy as possible.


Recent Feedback

Karen Oberg at Dalhousie

I love you guys, and so admire what you’re doing. You chose to focus on farm animals above all else because their suffering amounts to the greatest single tragedy in the history of the planet, far exceeding any suffering that has ever, or hopefully will ever, occur.
     Also, I feel strongly that the animal rights movement needs a better understanding and appreciation of human psychology. I really appreciate that in addition to your outreach, you focus on activist behaviors that are most effective. It is hard not to get emotional when we care so deeply, and the level of suffering is so unimaginable, but we need to learn to compartmentalize and share our emotions with each other, then put on our optimistic, forward-looking face for the masses.

The University of New Brunswick is the first school in NB ever leafleted by AAC! Every student I offered a booklet took one, and many were genuinely interested. Mom [Karen Oberg, above] and I also had a great time at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia – hasn’t been leafleted in a decade. Again, great response! Third booklet went to a vegan, and we met other veg folks!
—John Oberg (below, leafleting Dalhousie U), 9/27/13

John Oberg at Dalhousie

Mixed leafleting and tabling at UNLV for World Day for Farmed Animals. Had a number of great conversations with people who were pescatarian, part-time vegetarian, vegetarian, or vegan. They were all glad to see a veg presence on campus and wanted more. Everyone was positive – every single person.
—Elaine Vigneault, 10/2/13

Student at SAC
Above is one of the students Jon Camp saw engrossed in reading Even If You Like Meat at San Antonio College, and below is one of the students Lauren Walker spotted studying the booklet at UTSA.
Student at UTSA

We only had a half day in El Paso, so I went to El Paso Community College and Lauren hit UTEP. It was her first solo outing, and she destroyed it, reaching 1,000 students in a short time! At EPCC, Cynthia said that animal cruelty broke her heart, and she would sincerely consider the information. Her genuine concern was touching, and it reminded me that if you just get out there and reach out to people, many will listen.
     At San Antonio College, we broke the record, reception was great, and we saw several people reading [one at left] and talking about the booklet.
     Solid leafleting at the University of Texas, San Antonio, especially for a Friday – we reached 2,600 students! Many productive conversations, including discussions of small farms, transitioning to vegan, etc. For example: Marissa read the booklet and was very moved. She ended up looking up VO’s site on her phone, and went back to ask Lauren a bunch of questions about what to eat.
—Jon Camp, 10/4/13

Nettie and I had two great days at Chemeketa Community College and Portland Community College! Becky joined us at the latter, did great, and wants to leaflet again! Very interesting conversations. One woman asked what the booklets were for. I said they’re about compassion for animals. She replied that Americans care about animals too much. An hour later she came back over and apologized to me for what she had said.
     A man said that he’s kept trying to go vegan on and off, and asked how vegans can build muscle. I suggested reading Robert Cheeke’s vegan bodybuilding website and He said he’s tried to convince others to move toward vegan, but hasn’t gotten them to listen. I gave him an A Meaningful Life. Becky met another guy interested in vegan bodybuilding!
     One man was skeptical of our work. He said, “You’re going to have to convince an awful lot of people.” I said, “Convincing even one person will save hundreds of animals and make a difference.”
—Cobie deLespinasse, 10/3/13

Handed 1,666 students an Even If You Like Meat booklet at Western Michigan U. Heard from lots of vegetarians, vegans, and interested people who got a Guide. One of the vegans let me know that getting a booklet from us is what moved her to make the change.
—Joe Espinosa, 10/3/13

My Ethics and What We Eat class and I had a great day yesterday on the campus of Georgia College handing out VO booklets. Went very quickly, and we ran out!
—Mark Causey, 10/2/13

Lana Smithson and Ani Quigley at UVM

Ani runs the animal advocacy group at the University of Vermont, and yesterday was her first time leafleting. She did a wonderful job and helped smash the record – we reached 1,650 students! Alyssa, also in the campus group, stopped to help as well. I met another Alyssa here who wants to get active for animals. I’m putting her in touch with Ani. A young man held up a booklet and said, “I’m going to get a veggie wrap for lunch because of this.” A man took a booklet and said, “I’m an animal science professor here and want to see what you’re handing to our students.” Just before he got his booklet, he heard another faculty member thank me for doing this important outreach! I also had a productive conversation with someone who “only eats chicken” about how bad things are for birds in agriculture.
     Good leafleting at Middlebury College and Castleton State today. I heard from two young women who used to be vegetarian. The first said she had been anemic. I gave her a Guide and suggested she check out Jack’s online information. She thanked me. I also gave the second former vegetarian a Guide and encouragement. She seemed interested in trying again.
—Lana Smithson (above with Ani Quigley at UVM), 10/3/13

Melissa MacDonald at UC Irvine
Caitlin at UC Irvine

Another great day in Reno! Truckee Meadows Community College was buzzing. I got two high fives, both right after hunters walked past! Rushed down the hill to the University of Nevada, Reno. Quite a few students already had booklets from yesterday, but I still reached 250/hour. These students are hungry for this info!
—Steve Erlsten, 10/2/13

Janelle joined me and we reached 1,380 students at the University of North Dakota. Luckily the rain wasn’t too hard and students gave us props for being so dedicated. Kathleen stopped to help at North Dakota State, and we reached over 900 students there. Students were really nice and the take rate was great. Had good conversations, even with farmers – all very positive. One of the farmers told me that I answered everything very well; hopefully I planted a seed!
—Rachel Shippee, 10/3/13

Greg, Helen, and I reached over 2,400 students at the University of Cincinnati. Helen had the best conversation of the day with a couple of young men who got a booklet earlier in the day and now want to go vegan.
—Kevin O’Connor, 10/2/13

Had many productive interactions at UC Irvine. Melissa [MacDonald, above, right] and I reached 2,350 students and saw many reading. Also met Caitlin [right], who is now interested in going vegan!
—Vic Sjodin, 10/3/13

New record at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, North, and great interactions. Also met a teacher who was glad to see me. I put her in touch with The Humane League’s Andrea Gunn, who will give a presentation in her class.
     At both Allen University and Benedict College, I ran into students who wanted to go veg. Other students are going to ask for more veg options at the cafeteria.
     Great reception and interest at prestigious Emory University; we’ll be sure to hit it again this semester. Was wonderful to leaflet with Mukang at Georgia State, where we handed a booklet to over 1,500 students in two class changes. Very good conversations, too; we’ll be back here as well!
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 10/3/13

Marissa at UB Leena at UB Laura at Buffalo State

Big day at SUNY Buffalo – reached 1,400 students with a VO booklet! One of them was Marissa [above, left], who told me that she’d previously had a brief stint as a vegetarian. She told me that she wanted to try again because she was very much opposed to the cruelty of factory farming. We spoke about making the transition sustainably, and I gave her a Guide. I’m confident the next time we’re here, she’ll be going strong! Also great to meet Leena [above, center], a VO donor – she was excited to see me leafleting.
     Reached 825 students at Buffalo State, and met several cool vegetarians like Laura [above, right], who went vegetarian only a few months ago after being inspired by her longtime vegetarian partner! So cool!
     My first day of outreach in Canada was great! John and I reached 2,000 students at Brock University. Good conversations, met lots of vegetarians, and many thanked us for being there!
—Chris Guinn 10/4/13

Austin at Shepherd U

Boom – another record! Jessica joined me at her old stomping grounds, and we reached over 800 students at Shepherd University. Just a few of the highlights:
     Jessica spoke to a student who is now going to give being a vegetarian another shot, thanks to her new Guide! One woman analyzed the cover for a moment and then looked me dead in the eye: “I received one of these once, and I love chicken – but the photos of these chickens here makes me sick to my stomach.” She has been eating less chicken because of the previous booklet – yay! I gave her a Guide and showed her all the great chicken alternatives available. She wasn’t aware there were even chicken alternatives and is now going to give them a try. Jessica also offered a booklet to another woman who said she received one before: “It really got me thinking.” Jessica gave her a Guide and they had a great conversation!
     Finally, I met Austin [right], a proud West Virginian who grew up hunting. He opened the booklet and agreed that factory farming was causing a lifetime of unnecessary suffering. He even referred to it as “slavery.” By the end of our conversation he agreed to buy less from factory farms. He came back to me later and said, “I took your advice. Instead of going to the diner for lunch, I went to the vegetarian joint and had a portobello mushroom burger.”
—Kassy Ortega, 10/3/13


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