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This donation is to acknowledge the person who passed out leaflets at Temple University. I was inspired to start eating vegan then, a choice I feel good about every day.

Here is my donation to the matching. It really is basic: The more people who receive a booklet, the more lives are saved.


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All That Matters: Results

As you know, Vegan Outreach’s singular focus is reducing as much suffering as possible.

Our work together may not get glitzy media coverage, but it does get results!

As Harish has documented, the consumption of animal flesh has been in striking decline, starting when VO first distributed a million booklets.

We can literally see the arc of history bend!

This is the bottom line for Vegan Outreach: Results!

This is why activists across the continent use Vegan Outreach’s booklets: Results!

This is why donors contribute to Vegan Outreach: Results!

Jennifer at UCSB
After receiving a VO booklet from Vic Sjodin at UCSB this semester, Jennifer wants to go vegan!

You can see it in polls and surveys and the daily feedback!

You can see it in the numbers:

  • 21.7+ million booklets distributed since 1993.
  • 15.1+ million young people reached through the Adopt a College program since fall 2003.
  • 2.4+ million young people handed a detailed, documented booklet in 2013!

These booklets efficiently and effectively cut through the lies and deception of modern agribusiness.

Every dollar saves animals, further bending the arc of history toward justice.

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The bottom line:
Your contribution creates concrete results!

And through December 31, you can take advantage of the matching challenge to double your donation, dollar for dollar, and multiply your results!

With your donation today, you’ll reach twice as many people and save twice as many animals!

Please join the hundreds of dedicated members who have already contributed to the matching challenge:

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Every single dollar you can give is the perfect gift: real action and real results!

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Rosa Moreno at SBU

From Vegan Outreach’s Blog

  • Jennifer Greene on Leafleting and Life
    “I shared with everyone why I’m such a fan of leafleting: it provides a productive outlet for my energy and passion. I take heart, especially during trying times like the holidays, knowing that even if my relatives don’t seem reachable right now, I can reach hundreds of other potential vegans when I leaflet.”
  • The Era of Heroism Is Not Over
    “Most important of all, you will know that you have not lived and died for nothing, because you will have become part of the great tradition of those who have responded to the amount of pain and suffering in the universe by trying to make the world a better place.”


Recent Feedback

Given that nonhuman animal suffering accounts for the largest portion of suffering on earth, and given that Vegan Outreach’s program is one of the most economical and efficient means of addressing this suffering, I support Vegan Outreach.

Michael at ECC Raj at ECC Shari at ECC

At El Camino College, I met Michael [above, left], who is now interested in going veg; we had a long amicable talk during slow times. Met an older student who did not eat beef, and had a meandering conversation that ran the gamut of pigs, number of chickens, some environment, grain inefficiency, and more animal suffering. He left with a Guide, saying he was thankful for the info and excited to try more veg foods. Met Raj [above, center], who was also interested in going veg. We had a nice convo; he got a Guide and thanked me for being out there. Also met Shari [above, right], who came up to me as soon as she heard from her friends it was about animals. She got a quick spiel and a Guide.

Teresa at SMC
Gerald at SMC

     Thank you, Yvonne, for being such a good soldier and generally wonderful! Up at 5 am for a great day at Santa Monica College, where we reached 2,250 students. At 7:31 am, who did I see coming toward me? None other than the NBA’s all-time leading scorer and awesome dude, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. So I sky-hooked him an Even If You Like Meat!
     Massive veganization and so many wonderful conversations. Saw many reading as they waited for the bus [two below]. Overheard the beginnings of many conversations: “It’s terrible how they treat animals…” “Seeing this makes you never want to eat…” “It’s straight f-d up what they do to these creatures…” and so on. Met Teresa [right], who has been vegan since getting a VO booklet at Warped Tour years ago! Reminds me of when I spoke to two girls and eventually asked if they were veg friendly, and they said, “We both went vegan after getting a booklet last year at Warped.” I was pumped.
     Also met Gerald [right], who says after reading the booklet, there is “NO WAY I am eating meat ever again.” We had an epic bro-down about his life as a soldier, basic training, animal suffering and so on. I gave him my info and invited him to a potluck. Yvonne [LeGrice] also had a good convo with another student [below, right] and Guided her. Another student came back and asked for 10 booklets to show friends, family, and church. I ran to the car not too far away and got her some CVA lit too, and she was stoked. Another student also asked for booklets to show her friends. It is a social revolution. Each one teaches others.
—Vic Sjodin, 10/16/13

Student at SMC Yvonne LeGrice with student at SMC
Student at SMC

At Broward College’s Central Campus, one woman was dismayed by what she was reading and wanted to know what she could do. I talked to her about working her way to veganism incrementally and gave her a Guide. Several others pledged to reduce their animal product consumption.
     Was great to leaflet Miami Dade College’s Kendall Campus with Yuri! Highlight for me was talking to a student from a small Venezuelan town in a rural area. Starting with two days a week of veg meals sounded reasonable to him, and he promised to read both booklets.
     Since I had not saturated Florida International University, Yuri and I went back – student response was even better than it was the day before. Some students who had gotten one from me on Wednesday wanted more info – they were all Guided. Yuri had a nice conversation with a woman who will undoubtedly make some changes.
—Dawn Ratcliffe, 10/12/13

At Montana State, I was extremely fortunate to have Jennifer join me for leafleting! She is so nice and a great leafleter! Together we were able to dominate a very large walkway where many students come through. She even brought me snacks! We ran into Corey [below], who wanted to know how he could donate! Later, at Montana Tech, the highlight was a guy who said, “Thanks for handing these out, it’s really great.”
     Good take rate at the University of Montana. Supportive comments, and heard from a girl who had been given a booklet previously on campus and went veg! I had a guy give the booklet back saying his dad was a rancher. But then after talking, he decided to take it and said he would really look into it.
—Rachel Shippee, 10/11/13

Rachel sends the pics below from Montana State: vegan Corey, and a student engrossed in reading Compassionate Choices.
Corey at MSU Student at MSU

High take rate at Portland Community College. Nettie met countless vegans and vegetarians, a number of people who are trying to go veg, and many people who were glad we were there. I met a woman who is vegan because of a booklet she got in Ohio seven years ago! A man told me the booklet made him decide he will eat vegetarian two days a week. Another man said the booklet will cause him to eat less meat.
     I had the “humane” meat conversation with a number of people today, and varied the reply according to what questions and such the person brought up. One man asked whether I opposed all meat, and I told him that while I appreciate people who make a genuine effort to find meat from animals who are treated better, I think it’s really best if we move away from eating animal products.
—Cobie deLespinasse, 10/14/13

Alex Greenwood, John Sakars, Jenny McQueen, and Chris Guinn at Ryerson U
Caitlin at Ryerson U

Our day at Ryerson University started off pretty slow in the morning but fortunately picked up after an hour or so, and Alex [Greenwood], John [Sakars], Jenny [McQueen], and I [above] reached 3,088 students! I had the best conversation so far on tour with Sam – it was just great, made my day! Later, met Caitlin [right], a member of Ryerson’s vegan & vegetarian club, and ran into several other Ryerson veg students! Some asked about getting involved, so I told them to contact VO for lit and organize through their club! Another solid day!
—Chris Guinn, 10/10/13

Started slow at Triton College, but picked up! Talked with a number of students interested in going veg – they all got Guides.
     Kevin joined me at the immigration reform rally, and everyone was very receptive! I met a vegan trying to convince her friends who were there to go vegan, too, so I gave them all Guides. There was also someone documenting the event for a class at Northwestern. She said that she had thought about going veg before, but thought it would be very hard. I explained that it was actually a very easy thing to do, and gave her a Guide. She said she would definitely read the booklet and consider it!

John Jungenberg at Triton

     Really good day at UW Milwaukee! Ran into a bunch of vegans, which was really awesome! We also heard from a lot of people who read the booklets and are now interested in going veg as a result! They all got Guides. We also had a number of great conversations!
—John Jungenberg (left), 10/15/13

The University of Wisconsin, Superior was my first college leafleting, and the students were very receptive and interested. I saw a lot of people reading the booklets as they went to class, which was very encouraging.
—Elaine Wiggins, 10/16/13

Jovan and I were up at 4:30 am to leaflet Kenwood Academy HS before work. We could definitely see curiosity and concern on many faces as the students heard our statements to help stop violence and cruelty.
—Leslie Patterson, 10/15/13

At Johnson C. Smith University, the students I did see were very receptive. I had the pleasure of meeting some vegans and vegetarians; and one student, Johntá, read the leaflet then told me he is giving up chicken and pork and will begin to phase other animal products out of his diet.
—Andrea Gunn, 10/15/13

At New Jersey City U, people said that I definitely “ruined” eating meat for them with the booklet. I replied, “The animals will thank you for it and please keep it up – you’re only doing good by your decision.” I ran into a faculty member who applauded what I was doing. He is a vegan and gave me his email – I will reach out to him for help with getting the leaflets officially on campus and possibly setting up a talk for one of his classes.
—Anthony Rodriguez, 10/14/13

Suzeii Sierra and Oscar Martinez at UTPA
Lauren Walker snapped this pic of UTPA students Suzeii Sierra and Oscar Martinez.

At CUNY Hostos Community College, Gail and I gave booklets to a lot of very interested and curious students. We saw a bunch reading them. One said, “Thanks. This will probably make me want to become vegetarian!” Another was happy to get the information in the Guide.
—Lisa Drapkin, 10/15/13

At Shasta College, I had a great conversation with three women who were shocked by the photos of debeaking and discarded male chicks. They wanted to know which companies to boycott, and I let them know it’s standard industry practice.
     At Gavilan College, I met a teacher who wants to have me talk to his environmental science classes. At Hartnell College, I ran into Mely, who has been lacto-ovo vegetarian for nine years, but is getting pressure from friends to eat chicken to get healthier. We talked about going fully vegan instead, and she’s going to give it a try!
     At Monterey Peninsula College, I had a beautiful moment where a student came back to tell me she had just gone vegan while reading the booklet. We talked about vegan food. I also met Heather and Susie, who want to get involved! Then went to California State University, Monterey Bay, which has some of the most receptive students I’ve ever met!
—Steve Erlsten, 10/15/13

Lauren and I set a new record for college leafleting in Texas at the University of Texas–Pan American. We were once again blown away by the sheer number of students asking what they could do to help, giving us props for staying out for so long, for working for such a good cause, etc. And it was awesome having the help of Suzeii [above], who helps run the student AR group on campus – she’s the type of individual others will gravitate towards. I’d guess she exchanged contact information with at least ten students who want to get involved in her group. It was touching to see so many of today’s youth excited to play a role in bringing about a better world for animals.

Ram Kumar at UH

     We set a new record at the University of Houston, getting into the 4k zone for the first time there, and we heard from a ton of interested people, as evidenced by the dozens of Guides we distributed. Ram [Kumar, above] and Dan made their leafleting debuts and were great!
     Many positive interactions. We heard from two people who have been vegetarian since getting a booklet from VO in the past, and one guy who is now eating meatless days as a result of a VO booklet [below]. A young woman said she “didn’t eat for two weeks” after last getting a VO booklet. I told her that eating veg food was a lot more fulfilling than fasting, then Guided her.
     Talked with Anthony, who told me the CEO of Tyson said if they could meet demand with a painless system, they would. I told Anthony that I realized Tyson did what they did for the sake of efficiency, not to be cruel, but efficiency causes real suffering to animals. Anthony said he was going to get a salad for lunch. I thanked him for his concern, told him that fortunately, he could find much more filling options other than a salad, and gave him a Guide. I got contact info from students wanting to get involved – something that’s been happening virtually every day. In short, an utterly fantastic day of outreach.
—Jon Camp, 10/15/13

Below (from left): Andrew is eating less meat since getting a VO booklet at UH last school year; Kiernan has been vegetarian for two years since getting a booklet on campus; and Precious, who went veg last year as a result of receiving a VO booklet, is now taking the last steps to being vegan!
Andrew at UH Kiernan at UH Precious at UH

We support Vegan Outreach because you help people open their minds to learn that it is very easy to help animals by just making a change in their eating habits. Vegan Outreach helps people realize that they can make this world a more compassionate and better place for all animals.
—NS & ES


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